Friday Update on Young Love 21th August 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 21th August 2020

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The villagers gives statement against Akhiraj. Defence lawyer tells them that the villagers are given money to give statement against Akhiraj. Kailash comes and says they might lie for their advantage, but there are two people who will never lie. He says Gopal’s parents want to give testimony against Akhiraj. Gopal’s parents show the jewellery which goons gave them after threatening them. Gopal’s mum says it is actually Harki’s jewellery. Harki comes to the witness box and says it is not her jewellery. Prosecution lawyer shows the video footage where in the goons threaten Gopal’s parents to leave the village, and not give statement against Akhiraj else they will kill them. The video shows the goons beating them. Prosecution says this video is taken by brave Kailash. The goons agree to sent his men to kill Mangla and Nimboli and accepts to have threaten Gopal’s parents on Akhiraj’s order.

Judge says new perspective have been shown in this case. Anant comes and says one more witness want to give statement. He tells Kisna is the killer who had killed Mangla’s husband on Akhiraj’s orders. He says he had left Jhalra and have changed the name. He says they have taken help from Jodhpur police and found him. Kisna comes in the witness box and says he had killed Akhiraj’s brother on his sayings. He had helped Akhiraj in his many crimes. A flashback is shown. Kisna says he wants to do penance, and when Anant found him, he agreed to give statement and accepts all his crimes. He asks the judge to punish Akhiraj.

Akhiraj asks him to tell the truth and says you have taken money from them for lying. Judge says there is no doubt that all the accusations on Akhiraj is true, and declares him guilty. He gives him rigorous life imprisonment and asks Police to keep Akhiraj hand and feet cuff for the betterment of other prisoners. Akhiraj gets angry and says he will kill everyone. Akhiraj fumes seeing his hand cuffed. Anandi gets emotional and happy. Mangla thinks she has fulfilled her promise and got his killer punished. Mangla thanks Anant for finding Kisna and bringing him to court. Anant says he has done for truth. Harki asks the Police to leave her husband and cries. Akhiraj holds Jagya’s collar, but the Police takes him. Akhiraj warns Jagya that he will return and will kill them. Akhiraj tells Mangla that he will kill her and send to her husband.

Akhiraj asks Harki not to cry and asks her to take care of their son Kundan. Harki cries. Akhiraj asks her to trust on him and says nothing will happen to him. He is taken by the Police. Harki sits down cryingly. Mangla and Kamli rush to her. Harki asks them not to touch her. She asks Kamli and Mangla if she is happy seeing her husband in jail. She breaks her relation with her, and says you are my enemy now. I will never forgive you. Kamli says you didn’t understand till now about Akhiraj’s mistakes. She asks her to understand reality now. Harki tries to press her neck and picks the stone to kill her, but Anandi stops her and holds her hand. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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