Friday Update on Young Love 21 February 2020

Friday Update on Young Love 21 February 2020

Nandini crying in the night. Akhira Singh’s wife gets angry. She goes to her and asks her to sleep quietly. Kundan tells her that she cries a lot. She asks Kundan to sleep with his jiji. She calls her with bad names. Akhira Singh wakes up and asks her to make her sleep. His wife pats on her and goes to sleep. Nandini cries miserably. She tells Akhira Singh that she is making her mother in law take care of her. She says she is even cleaning her loo. Akhira Singh gets angry at her and asks her not to call her bride as he didn’t get any dowry. His wife says we shall get the dosh out of kundan and asks them to take to Bhairov baba for the blessings. Akhira Singh says police are searching for them. She says they have to go anyhow. Akhira Singh gets thinking. He then agrees.

Dadisaa tells Anandi that Shivam will stay at home with kids. Anandi says she wants to take him. Ganga says it is hot weather outside. Jagya also says the same. Anandi handover Shivam to Ganga and asks her to take care of Shivam. Akhira Singh and his wife are on the way to Bhairo baba temple. He gets down his jeep as he sees the police men. He gets shocked seeing Police men searching the vehicles for Nandini. He goes back to his wife and tells about police men searching for Nandini. His wife gets worried. Anandi and Dadisaa are also come there in their jeep. Akhira Singh’s wife suggests to drop her there. He refuses and asks his wife to pretend to feed the baby. The Police Inspector asks her to show the baby’s face. Akhira singh gets angry and tells him that she is feeding the baby and talks about her respect. The Inspector lets them go. Anandi and Dadisaa look at the happenings.

They reach the temple. Akhira Singh asks his wife to do the puja fast. Dadisaa and Anandi are seen there. Anandi gets kumkum on her hand and goes to wash it. Akhira Singh’s wife passes from there, but Dadisaa didn’t see the baby. She then asks them to stop and gives his wallet. Akhira Singh thanks her. Anandi comes back. Akhira Singh and his wife along with Kundan and Nandini come inside the temple. Anandi and Dadisaa come there.

Anandi hears Nandini’s cries and looks around. Akhira Singh asks Panditji to bless his son and his bride. Panditji blesses them and do some rituals. Anandi senses her presence. Akhira Singh and his wife move from there. Anandi sees another baby with other lady. Anandi and Dadisaa pray to the God. Akhira Singh and his wife are leaving the temple. Anandi hears Nandini’s cries and turns to see. Dadisaa asks her to come. Anandi says she is feeling restless. Akhira Singh goes inside to bring the chunari and asks his wife and son to sit in the jeep. Anandi prays for her Nandini. Akhira Singh takes the chunari and is leaving. Anandi identifies him and gets shocked. Akhira Singh too sees her and is shocked. She stares him angrily. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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