Friday Update on Young Love 20th November 2020

Friday Update on Young Love 20th November 2020

She says today is our birthday. She takes out kumkum bottle. She says when we met for the first time, do you remember my other name……….He says yes Disa, two years have passed…take me from here. Nandini is shocked and the kumkum bottle falls from her hand. Nandini says I can identify my brother well and goes. Nandini comes out of Police station and gets teary eyes. Dr. Amit says Nandini. Nandini says you said right that I have to do reality check. She gets Mr. Shekhawat’s call. She says my hope was broken and asks about Sudha’s inlaws. He says they must come now. Nandini says everything will be fine, and asks him not to take tension. Dr. Amit says lets go. They sit in car and goes.

Inspector gives call to the prisoner. He calls Shankar and says I couldn’t do your work and couldn’t fool her. Shankar says I know, it is not easy to fool Nandini. Nandini hears the song and tells Dr. Amit about her conversation with Shivam. She gets teary eyes. Dr. Amit asks what happened? Nandini says I used to scold Shivam and says he is 10 mins younger than me. Dr. Amit stops the car and gives him tissue paper to wipe her tears. Nandini says sorry. Dr. Amit says lets celebrate Shivam’s birthday. Nandini says but he is not here. Dr. Amit says if we celebrate for someone’s birthday then it will give positivity to that person. He takes out cake from car’s back seat and asks her to cut the cake. Nandini cuts the cake and says happy birthday Shivam………Dr. Amit makes her have cake. She too makes him eat cake. She thanks him for celebrating Shivam’s birthday.

There is a protest on road promoting Shankar. Nandini and Dr. Amit gets down the car because of traffic blockage. Nandini says daily a new politician born in Jaipur and traffic jam happens. We have to teach him that they are not God. They see ambulance stuck in traffic jam because of Shankar. She says lets see the emergency Sir. They run towards the ambulance. Dr. Amit asks the ward boy about the patient. Ward boy says she is in labour and having asthma problem also.

Nandini asks Amit to handle patient and goes to talk to the people blocking the road. Someone says that today is Shankar’s happy birthday and road will block all day. Nandini slaps him and asks him to give way to ambulance. Nandini asks someone about Shankar. He says Shankar is sitting in car. Nandini goes to him and says Shankar….Shankar looks at her and says ji…..Nandini slaps him. Everyone is shocked and look angrily. Shankar is shocked too.

Someone throws stone on Nandini’s head. Nandini gets hurt. Shankar stops the people from taking out anger on her. Nandini says I am a doctor and don’t get scared with threat. She says if this ambulance don’t reach hospital on time, then every year this family will curse you. She says if you do good then you don’t need these goons. She says you was born the same day as my brother, but don’t deserve to be called as anyone’s brother. Shankar asks his men to let the ambulance go. Ambulance goes. Nandini goes. Shankar/Shivam looks on.


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