Friday Update on Young Love 20th November 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 20th November 2020

Nandini asking Amit to come with her and not to beat the goons. Amit says you have done a mistake by stopping me. Krish hears them and comes to goons. He greets them and asks not to misbehave with any girl. He beats up the goons. Manager is shocked as the hotel property breaks during fight. He thinks I wish Ms. Ajnabi saa would have been here to see that Krish doesn’t leave anyone who misbehaves with girl. Manager faints. Dr. Nandini and Dr.

Amit is in car. Nandini says your maturity don’t suit you to do all this, and says we have to keep far from them. She recalls her childhood incident and says I am trying to forget everything. I hope they do let me live a normal life. Dr. Amit drops her home. Nandini thanks him. Dr. Amit leaves. He thinks why did I get angry today, as I always kept hold on my emotions. He recalls his dad’s words and thinks if I want to live life again.

Manager calls at Krish’s phone and asks him to pay for the damages. Nandini asks if he had beaten the girl? Manager says yes and says when you went to return his phone, don’t forget to get the pay for the damages. Nandini says he has beaten the goons because of me. She thinks accident guy, dal guy and this goon guy is same. She smiles as she recalls him. Bapusaa comes and says I am seeing you smiling for the first time. Nandini says I am always happy with you people. Her dad says I came to know about Shivam’s whereabouts.

Nandini gets emotional and says my Shivam…brother. She asks are you telling truth? Bapusaa says yes. Nandini says I salute you….you have fulfilled your promise and asks where is he? Bapusaa says he is in Alwar’s police station. Nandini asks him to come. Bapusaa says I talked to Inspector and he said that he will free Shivam after we sign on the papers. Nandini thinks why Shivam is in jail. Bapusaa says all good things will happen. He says someone entered your life and your life is going to change for good. He says that person brought good luck for you. Nandini smiles hopefully.

Nandini is in her room and takes out gifts from the cupboard which she kept for her brother. She adores her brother’s pic and thinks 15 years have passed, and I had missed you and Shivam both. She recalls her mum Anandi and thinks how do Shivam look alike? She thinks Shivam should have some reflection of childhood. She thinks I asked him to go, and will apologize to him. She says happy birthday Shivam….She looks at Anandi’s pic and asks her to give some sign that the guy is Shivam. She says I will close my eyes, and if I see you smiling face then I will think that the guy is Shivam. She imagines Anandi’s smiling face and thinks he is her brother Shivam. She says I won’t let him go anywhere and will fulfill the second promise.

Next morning, Bapusaa asks his wife Yamuna about the decorations and says Diwali is not today. Yamuna says if the guy is Shivam then we will have Diwali today. He gets a call from Sudha’s father in law and he insists to talk to him within an hour. Bapusaa says I am going to Alwar with Nandini. Nandini takes the call and says Bapusaa will come and meet you. Premal’s dad says we will come to your home in an hour. Nandini says okay. Bapusaa asks her to go to Alwar and says only one bus goes there. Nandini goes. Bapusaa thinks why did Singhania couldn’t wait for the evening. Sudha thinks if there comes any problem in my marriage, then your dear daughter will be blamed. Nandini is about to get inside the bus, then thinks to take cake for Shivam. She goes to bakery and gets cake. She comes out and sees bus left. She thinks Bapusaa said that only one bus goes to Alwar and thinks I don’t have money for Taxi.

Dr. Amit is going from there and stops the car. Nandini asks how come you are here? Amit says someone ordered me to take you to Alwar and asks her to sit in car. Nandini sits in car and goes. Dr. Amit says it is good that you left bus, and says your buddy ordered me. Nandini tells him that Sudha’s inlaws are going to come in sometime and she don’t want any problem in her marriage. Dr. Amit praises her and says I want to help you. Nandini says until I have guardian angels, I will be happy. Shivam is seen in the police station wearing blanket.

Dr. Amit asks Nandini not to be sad and hopes the guy turned out to be Shivam. Nandini says I know this is my brother Shivam. Dr. Amit prays to God to help Nandini. Nandini comes inside the jail to meet Shivam. She sees a prisoner sleeping and gets teary eyed. Inspector says he is Shivam and was arrested for damaging public property and celebrating for some reasons. Nandini says he was celebrating his birthday yesterday. She says happy birthday Shivam….and calls his name…….Shivam gets up covering himself with blanket. Nandini looks on and says Shivam. He comes infront of her and shows his face. Nandini thinks if he is Shivam? She thinks I was thinking to apply kumkum on your forehead when we meet. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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