Friday Update on Young Love 13th November 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 13th November 2020

Anandi recalling Dadisaa’s last wish, to celebrate happiness of her death as she is going to meet her husband after death. Nandini applies red color on Dadisaa’s feet and recalls Dadisaa teaching her cycle riding and recalls her teachings. She recalls Dadisaa asking her to let her go, and move on in life. Anandi dresses her up like bride and covers her head with red chunari. Shivam recalls Dadisaa’s last wish. Dadisaa tells him to become Anandi and Nandini’s strength even if he is far from them. Anandi tells that she will fulfill her last wish like following an order. She asks her kids to touch Dadisaa’s feet and bid her bye. She says Dadisaa will be alive in our memories. Shivam and Nandini touches her feet. Nandini says I will miss you. Shivam says we will never forget you. Anandi touches her feet. Nandini comes out of room and cries. Shivam nods his head asking her not to cry. Anandi asks her not to cry and hugs her.

Akhiraj and Kundan are in Police jeep. Akhiraj asks Kundan to drive jeep fast. They see Police following them. Kundan drives the car fast. Akhiraj asks him to take left turn fast. Police jeep goes straight. Akhiraj thinks nobody can save Jaitsar people from his revenge.

Jagya and Ganga put garland on Dadisaa’s dead body, followed by Anandi, Shivam and Nandini. They lift her decorated arthi and take to crematorium.

Akhiraj comes to crematorium ground before them. Kundan says what we could do. Akhiraj says everyone will die here. Police chant Kalyani Devi’s name and applaud for her. Shivam and Nandini also come to the crematorium ground. Akhiraj and Kundan come to Minister’s house. Akhiraj says I need your help. Minister asks him to come inside. Akhiraj tells him something which is muted and asks for his help. Minister says I am with you and asks him to come. He opens the book and shows his big rifles. He says take whatever you want, everything is yours. Akhiraj gets happy seeing big rifles and pistols. He asks Kundan to take pistol. Kundan refuses, but Akhiraj angrily asks him to take it. Kundan takes it hesitantly. Akhiraj picks a rifle and thinks Jaitsar will be ruined. Akhiraj and Kundan are in the car. Akhiraj sees Police checking the cars, and asks Kundan to take a different turn. Kundan nods and takes a turn.

Dadisaa’s body is brought to crematorium ground. Everyone looks on sadly. Akhiraj reaches there with Kundan. Jagya keeps Dadisaa’s dead body on the pyre, and takes out garlands from her head. Pandit ji asks them to see her for last time and recites the mantras. Anandi, Jagya and Ganga give their last respects. Jagya keeps the sticks on her body. Anandi looks on. Jagya takes round around her dead body holding water pot on his shoulder. Akhiraj stands far high on a broken building. He recalls Anandi’s words and people insulting him. He recalls Anandi’s challenge that he will die thousand’s death thinking about the insult and it will be real punishment for him. He tries to shoot Anandi and targets her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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