Friday Update on Young Love 10th July 2020

Friday Update on Young Love 10th July 2020

Akhiraj and Kundan celebrating Teej with their respective wives. Pushkar asks Kamli to sit on the swinger and he will push her swinger too. Akhiraj insists. Kamli sits on the swinger and Pushkar pushes the swinger. Sarita gets phone call from Bindiya, and she leaves after informing Pooja. Pooja thanks Bindiya for her timely help. Ganga and Jagya celebrate the festival, while Anandi misses her husband.

Teej Festival song plays while everyone do the ritual. Harki, Urmila and Nimboli do the aarti. Pooja messages Mannu that she is doing Teej Puja. Akhiraj and Kundan are having food. Pushkar comes. Akhiraj asks him to have food. Pushkar refuses as his wife is fasting and hungry. Kundan and Akhiraj ask him not to follow the women’s rituals being a man. Disa says that he really cares for his wife and knows love.

Dadisaa asks everyone to come and see the moon. Mannu thinks Pooja might be waiting for him. Harki, Urmila and Nimboli do the ritual. Disa asks Nimboli to do the ritual for Kamli. Pushkar breaks Kamli’s fast. Nimboli eats laddo too. Jagya makes Ganga break the fast. Akhiraj and Kundan help their respective wife break the fast. Disa looks on.

Pooja thinks to message Mannu. She sees him coming by climbing the wall. Mannu tells he came to open her fast. They do the ritual and look at each other. Just then Sarita comes there and shouts at Pooja. Pooja and Mannu get shocked and turns to see her.

Dadisaa looks for Mannu in his room and everywhere, and informs Jagya that she fears Mannu might have gone to meet Pooja. Ganga looks on shockingly. Mannu comes home. Jagya asks Shivam and Abhi to go inside. They go inside. Jagya asks Mannu, from where you are coming? As you was not in home. He asks did you go to meet Pooja and asks him not to lie? Mannu stands silent. Sarita comes and says yes doctor saheb.

Jagya asking Mannu, where did he go? If he went to meet Pooja? Sarita comes and says yes. She tells Mannu was celebrating Teej with Pooja in my house and they did all the arrangements. Mannu accepts to have celebrated Teej with Pooja and says she is his wife. Ganga says they don’t accept the marriage. Mannu tells their relation will be forever. He tells they will marry once they reach maturity. He asks Dadisaa, what he would have done and asks if she agrees to let him celebrate Teej with him. Sarita says no, she refuses to let him celebrate any festival with him. Mannu says you can’t separate us and I will see what you could do. Everyone is tensed.

Akhiraj talks to Pushkar sweetly. Kamli is puzzled about his behavior. Harki asks Pushkar to sit and scolds Nimboli asking her to bring tea. Pushkar tries to button his shirt and drops the button on ground mistakenly. Kamli asks him to wear other kurta. Once he goes inside, Akhiraj tells he feels bad seeing her condition. He tells you are burdened with responsibilty after your inlaws death and asks how you will handle alone. He tells we are with you always being your parents, and will help you. Harki nods. He gives her legal papers and asks to sign on the papers. Disa comes and is shocked. Akhiraj and Harki ask Kamli to sign on the papers.


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