Friday Update On True Love Oct 5th

Friday Update On True Love Oct 5th

Jogi shocked after hearing the news from Damini that Veer-Ichha r leaving the house;Tappu too shows her fake shock by telling Jogi that “We will hv to go there and stop them from leaving the house since I m sure that Mai must hv told something to them because she wanted me to return back to that house again” ;After saying this Tappu forcefully takes Jogi,Divya and Ammo to Bundela house thus showing her fake concern for Veer-Ichha leaving the house ..

At Bundela house Umed tries to explain Gunwanti that she is taking a wrong decision of bringing Tappu back in this house and this way making her own son Paraya from this house on which Gunwanti in anger tells Umed that Ichha has made Veer Paraya from us ;Daddaji too silently supports Gunwanti here and poor Umed feels helpless as usual .. Just then Tappu along with Damini ,Jogi and Divya enter the Bundela house when Umed greets them and is a bit surprised to see them ;Jogi then tells Gunwanti that Ichha can never do this on which Umed asks Gunwanti what did she tell Jogi about Ichha ;Gunwanti is silent when Umed tries to act all normal and starts giving compliments to Ichha when Gunwanti tells Jogi that “Its true…

Ichha poisoned my son’s mind and because of this he has spoken about leaving the house for the second consecutive time today” ;Hearing this Tappu asks Gunwanti whether she can meet Ichha but before Gunwanti can reply to her,Jogi tells Gunwanti that “Its good to see that u love Tapasya so much and its also true that Tapasya is carrying the child of this family which is this family’s amaanat only..but the fact is that Tapasya doesn’t want to stay in this house and so we should respect her decision” (Right now amongst all only Jogi ,Umed and Veer r making sense..rest all r back to square one );

Just then Ichha comes outside in the drawing area where this tamasha is going on ;Tapasya sees Ichha and goes towards her and requests her not to leave the house because of her since this house needs Veer’s presence and so as a wife she should stop Veer from leaving this house (Tappu is deliberately trying to act all mahaan in front of Mai and Daddaji );Ichha as usual is standing quietly and listening to Tappu’s blabberings (Why can’t Ichha open her mouth and say that she already stopped Veer from leaving..so no need of anyone’s fake lecture );Gunwanti then tells everyone that “Look at Tapasya ..this is called sanskar which is there in her blood…just staying in a haveli doesn’t bring in the right sanskar unless she is hving that sanskar in her blood which Tapasya has” (Gunwanti needs some psychiatric treatment …Is she forgetting that this same sanskar of Tappu only is the reason of her son Vansh’s death );

Gunwanti then goes on to blame Ichha for playing with both her son’s feelings and using them for her benefit ;Hearing all this Umed comes in Ichha’s support and asks Gunwanti to stop all this nonsense now .. By that time Veer too comes out of his room to witness all the circus thats going on ;Damini is feeling very guilty about all this and is standing quietly while Divya continues to give her confused expressions ;Veer too shows his support for Ichha and asks Gunwanti not to say anything against his wife Ichha now on which Gunwanti is further agitated and keeps on blaming Ichha for brainwashing her son ;So then Umed tells Gunwanti that its every husband’s right to protect his wife’s honour and self-respect and thats what even Veer is doing ;Umed also tells Gunwanti that she should not forget its them who went to Jogi Thakur’s house to beg for Ichha’s hand for their son and how can we even forget what all Ichha did for their elder son ; Hearing all this Gunwanti becomes a bit quiet when Ichha tells everyone that she wants to say something (So now begins Ichha’s never ending Tappu jaap again );Ichha tells everyone that she wants Tappu’s baby to take birth in this Bundela house only and so she wants Tappu to stay in this house ;Hearing this Jogi-Divya and Damini..all r shocked ;Tappu does her fake drama by saying that she cannot stay in this house…its not possible ;Veer’s expression suggests he is getting bored now of this circular track ;Gunwanti sees this as a golden opportunity and joins hands in front of Tappu and requests her to stay in this house while Ichha too tells Tappu that “This is the first time I m asking something from u and that is to stay in this house” ;

Tappu does some shouting drama saying “No I cannot stay here” ;Then in the end Tappu says that “Till now Ichha has not asked me for anything and this is the first time she is asking me for something..so just for Ichha’s sake,I will stay in this house” (Ichha once again puts the axe on her own feet );Jogi-Divya r giving confused looks while Damini is giving all worried looks .; Veer drags Ichha inside the room in anger ;Veer then asks Ichha why she took this decision on which Ichha gives her justification that Tappu’s baby belongs to this family on which Veer tells Ichha that he is not talking about the baby but he is talking about Tapasya’s presense in this house ;Hearing this Ichha again gives justification about Tappu’s change on which Veer decides to leave the house with his suitcase and wife but Ichha stops him and tells him that “Why r u so scared..so what if Tappu stays in this house…we r husband-wife right now and trust me noone can come between our relationship sinse our bond is quite strong..so whether its Mai or Daddaji or Tappu..noone can come between us as long as we trust each other and our relationship” (Finally Ichha spoke something which was worth the claps)


Ichha telling Veer that noone can come in between their pure and strong relationship and sinse they together hv already gone through so many big hurdles in life,then even now they can surpass this phase if they r r together and hv trust on each other ;Ichha also tells Veer that still if he feels they cannot stay in this house then she is ready to go with him on which Veer stops Ichha and tells her that he is ready to stay back in this house just because of her but he can never trust Tapasya . In the hall area Jogi asks Tapasya about her sudden decision to stay in this Bundela house on which Tapasya tells Jogi that she wanted to stay with her parents in her own house but she is staying back in this house to make sure that Bundela house and its family members are at peace since she doesn’t want any more chaos because of her (Tapasya is trying to act all Mahaan in front of Jogi now );

Tapasya also tells Jogi that if her stay in this house brings peace to this family then she is ready to stay here for the sake of Mai ;Hearing this Jogi allows Tapasya to stay in that house but also tells her that she should never give her nod to something which is wrong (Jogi has no idea that Tapasya herself from head to toe is immersed in her wrong doings ). Meanwhile Damini meets Ichha outside her room and hugs her and tells her that she is going through all this humiliation just because she is her daughter on which Ichha tells Damini never to think that way sinse for her,Ammo is the best mother ;Both then hug each other when Veer comes there and tells Damini not to feel bad about Mai words since Mai herself doesn’t know what is she doing and she was also wrong in her POV because Sanskar comes from Parvarish and thats why Ichha has all the right sanskar whereas we all r aware of Tapasya’s sanskars already (I wish Veer had said this in front of Mai yesterday );Veer also promises to Mai that he will always stand in support of Ichha and their relationship ..so she need not worry about Ichha (I hope Veer can live upto this promise now )

Jogi then asks for leave from Daddaji; Tapasya asks Mai if she can shift to this house next day morning but Mai insists Tapasya to start staying in their house from that moment itself and so Tapasya stays back ;Jogi-Divya then hug Tapasya and leave from there along with Damini .. At Jogi’s house there is another face-off between Masoom and Nani over a bedsheet which Masoom was taking with her when Nani compares her status to Damini and asks her not to fly too much ;So then Masoom tells Nani that she need not worry because Tapasya will not come back to this house and will stay in Bundela house only ;Masoom also tells Nani that “U need to give me credit for one thing and that is ..it was me who brainwashed Tapasya by telling her that her real house is Bundela family and not this one” ;Once Masoom leaves from there,Nani tells to herself that she needs to keep an eye on Masoom here sinse the girl is damn clever ..

At Bundela house,Mai is behaving all sweetly with Tapasya that watching them talk can give the viewers severe diabetic attack ;Mai asks Tapasya to wait outside in hall area for sometime while she will arrange the room for her . After Mai leaves,Ichha and Tapasya hv one friendly chat about Tappu’s baby and also Ichha tells Tappu that we r friends first..so no need to feel awkward in this house (This is the first time I m seeing a girl has no problem with her own husband’s murderer and instead supporting her …the writer  hv actually destroyed Ichha’s character here by making her stand up for Tappu )… After Ichha leaves from there,Chanda comes with her set of updates and gossips for Tappu ;Tappu sees that Veer is taking his pillows and going to the other room when Chanda tells Tappu that they both stay in separate rooms and hv not developed any husband-wife relationship between them yet which is very sad (So then what about that day’s consummation scene which was shown to the viewers ?? …seriously when they both already slept together,then why this drama of staying in separate rooms );Hearing Chanda’s words,Tappu gives a meaningful smile