Friday Update on True Love Oct 12

Friday Update on True Love Oct 12

Ichha looking worried about Tappu’s words when Ammo calls her up; Ammo and Ichha talk about Nani’s entry in Bundela house ‘Ammo shows her concern for Ichha since Nani is there to destroy her happiness but Ichha tells Ammo that she will no more give away Veer to anyone like she used to give all her toys to Tappu in childhood and so she should not worry for her daughter (Why can’t Ichha give these same dialogues to Tappu );Hearing this Ammo feels a bit relaxed and puts the phone down;

Jogi is talikng to someone about some business related work which will keep him extra busy and so he might not b able to go to America with Divya for Divya’s sister’s daughter’s wedding ;Damini overhears this conversation and tells Jogi that if he can’t go,then at least he should let Divya go for this wedding on which Jogi starts thinking when Divya comes downstairs and blasts Damini for always giving unwanted advice to Jogi in their personal matters instead of minding her own business ;Poor Damini feels very hurt but keeps quiet.

At Bundela house,Tappu and Nani r chit-chatting in Tappu’s room when Nani tells Tappu that her mission should b to get Veer back in her life and not get into any catfight with Ichha ;Nani also tells Tappu that from now on she will do whatever her Nani asks her to do on which Tappu agrees … Just then Gunwanti enters the room and also tells the same to Tappu that she should follow Nani’s orders now ;So then Nani sees this as a golden opportunity to place her demands before Gunwanti and so she asks Gunwanti if she can get some pictures of Veer and Vansh’s childhood which she can put in this room so that Tappu’s baby will look like them ;Gunwanti happily agrres to this demand …

At Jogi’s room ,Jogi asks Divya about why was she so rude to Damini today and that he has been noticing how she is being rude to Damini since the time Tappu has gone to stay in Bundela family ;Hearing this Divya tells Jogi that Damini is forgetting that she is not a family member and so she should not interfere in our discussions or personal matter on which Jogi tells Divya that if because of their daughter Tappu’s presence in that family affects Damini’s daughter Ichha’s married life then Damini has every right to interfere and tell her views ;Jogi also asks Divya to put herself in Damini’s shows and then think of the whole situation to understand what Damini is going through (I hope the writer ¬†will not show another Uttaran saga here in the form of Divya-Jogi-Damini triangle );So then Divya argues that why she can’t hv the right to feel concern for her own daughter and her happiness ?? ;Divya remains adamant with her views when Jogi in anger asks Divya whether she alone wants to go to America or not for the wedding on which Divya says yes she can never miss her sister’s daughter’s wedding; Hearing this Jogi tells Divya that even Damini was insisting the same to him when she showed her anger on Damini unnecessarily .

At Bundela house,Gunwanti along with Nani and Tappu comes to Veer’s room to get the childhood photos when Ichha gives the album to Nani and tells her that this album contains all their childhood photos on which Nani very rudely tells Ichha not to teach her anything ;Nani then selects the childhood photos of Vansh and Veer from the album after taking Tappu’s nod ;Tappu sees the pic and tells Nani that this is Vansh’s childhood photo and this is MY Veer’s photo ;Ichha as usual keeps her mouth shut (Why can’t Ichha open her mouth when needed and tell Tappu that its by Veer and not yours );After colecting their childhood photos,Nani sees that huge Veer’s photo on the wall and asks Gunwanti if she can take this Veer’s photo as well and put it in Tappu’s room because now Tappu and Veer cannot stay together but at least she can hv her baby’s father’s photo in the room which is good for the baby as well ;Gunwanti agress to this demand as well and so Nani takes that huge Veer’s photo with her ;Tappu and Nani along with Gunwanti leave the room with Veer’s photo while Ichha keeps standing there quietly ;After they leave Ichha tells to herself that Veer is only mine (now whats the use ..she should hv told this in front of Tappu).

Nani overhears as Veer tells Ichcha to go get ready, as he is going to take her out for a long drive. Back at the Thakur house, Damini is thinking abt Divya’s words. Pushkar asks her for water, but she is lost in thoughts. When she finally wakes up from her thoughts, Pushkar asks her if Divya’s ticket is confirmed yet. She tells him to ask Thakurain, since she doesn’t know. He is confused, and Rohini, who overheard everything yday, fills him in. He laughs, thinking that there is a triangle in this house as well.

In the Thakur house, Taps is still dreaming of Veer. Nani comes in telling her of where Veer and Ichcha are going. She whispers a plan into her ears. At the Thakur house, Rohini goes to Divya and tells that she’s going to the market. She adds that she has to buy a new throne for god’s idol since Damini asked for a new one and wants the old one thrown out. Divya is furious, and says that the old throne has been in their family forever. She tells Rohini to disregard what Damini said.

At the Bundela house, Nani and Taps talk near where Mai is standing and Nani tells Taps that she can’t have what she wants all the time. Mai comes there and asks what Taps wanted. Nani explains that she wants ice cream, but she doesn’t like the flavor they have at home. Kasa tells Mai that the driver has already gone home. Just then, Ichcha and Veer come downstairs. Mai tells Veer to take Taps out to eat ice cream. Ichcha nods to Veer and he reluctantly agrees after hearing the driver has gone home. Ichcha stays put as Taps follows Veer out. Veer suddenly looks behind and calls Ichcha to come with him. He takes her hand in his and leaves. Taps looks to Nani and Nani tells her to go.

During the car ride, Taps starts talking abt how Veer fed her ice cream when they were in Delhi. She says sorry to Ichcha for bringing up old times. Ichcha tells her that its ok since it was when she used to be Veer’s wife. Taps fumes hearing Ichcha say this. They stop and Veer tells the kulfiwala to give Taps any kind she likes. He takes Ichcha to eat paan. Taps watches and her kulfi melts as Veer holds Ichcha close as they cross the road and then they both playfully eat paan together.