Friday Update on True Love June 29

Friday Update on True Love

June 29 Episode

Vansh is taken to the hospital in the ambulance. He is lying in Ichcha’s arms as Ichcha tries talking to him. At the hospital, he is rushed into the ER where the doctors check his pulse, etc. (ok so they rush him into the ER when they get there… why didnt they try to revive him while in the ambulance??) Finally, they announce to both Ichcha and Veer that Vansh is dead. Veer starts screaming at the doctors, and enters the room while the body is being covered. He pulls the cloth away and yells at Vansh and tells him to wake up. The ward boys cover up the body again and take it away. Veer breaks down, defeated… while Ichcha looks on at Vansh’s body.
At the Bundela house, all arrive home. They are confused as to where Vansh and Ichcha are and ask the servant. The servant tells that Vansh is out while Ichcha is at her maayka. Mai is confused and comments abt how Ichcha is always at her maayka. They unpack all their stuff and Mai tells Chanda to put some new jewelry away in Ichcha’s room. Mai decides to make Vansh’s fav foods today. Meanwhile Ammo is worried that Ichcha has not yet arrived. She tries calling Ichcha, in vain. With a gust of wind, Ichcha-Vansh’s photo falls down on the ground.
Taps reaches home, dodging servants and Rohini. She makes it to her room and closes the doors and windows. She’s shocked looking at her face in the mirror and goes to the bathroom to change and wash off the blood. Later, she thinks abt Vansh dying. In Sid’s house, we see Sid holding a phone watching a video of Taps emotionally blackmailing Vansh. Sid says that he’s finally got proof this time and smiles. (yessss!!! go Sid!!)

Nani sees someone under the covers in Taps’ bed and thinks it is Masoom. She pulls off the covers and screams at her when she realizes its Taps. Nani inquires abt when she arrived. Taps says that she just got here, and she’s very tired. Nani leaves the room, but seems worried.