Friday Update on True Love July 20 Colors Tv live drama

Friday Update on True Love  Colors Tv live drama

July 20 Episode

Veer giving shocked expression once he sees that red-shawl in the proof-box ;He immediately grabs the shawl in his hand and starts telling to himself that Tapasya too was present that day when one of the police tells Veer not to take those proofs in his hand or else his fingerprint will come on it ;Inspector Avinash watches Veer’s shocked expression and so he tells Veer that “This shawl belongs to Ichha which they got from the murder spot..mayb Ichha forgot her shawl there…even blood stains r there on this shawl” ;Avinash then sarcastically asks Veer that sinse he knows all the likes and dislikes of Ichha,so he must b knowing that it is Ichha’s shawl too ;Veer is still silent and confused now ;Avinash then asks Veer if he is remembering something now after seeing the shawl but Veer sticks to his words and leaves the cabin (Ok now I understand why Veer can’t tell the police that its Tapasya’s shawl,…because the shawl belongs to Ichha which she forgot in the restaurent where Veer came to meet her ..Veer took that shawl home and next morning Tappu took that shawl with her like a dupatta ..so now if Veer tells the inspector that Tappu had the shawl with her,then Inspector will think Veer is lieing to save Ichha here and then Ichha might come under the scanner ..so Veer did the right thing by not telling anything to the inspector and trying to himself find out the truth );Veer then comes out of the cabin and sees Tappu waiting for him ;Veer then tells to himself that if he directly goes and asks Tappu to tell him the truth,she will never let out the truth,so he will hv to play the same game with her that she keeps playing with everyone,to find out the real truth ;Veer then walks towards Tapasya with vengence in his eyes but he softens up a bit as soon as Tapasya turns back towards him ;Veer then starts his fake act by thanking Tapasya for coming to the police station in his support ;Hearing this Tapasya is a bit surprised when Veer goes on to tell Tapasya that she should stay away from this Inspector Avinash as he seems a bit weird with his investigation (Veer is trying to show that he care for her );Now Tapasya is even more confused when Veer tells her that inspite of getting his phone and that SMS ,Avinash is still not ready to believe him which is so weird ;Hearing this Tapasya thanks God after she learns that police got his lost mobile and now he is safe;But Veer gives the impression to Tapasya that police r still doubting him ;Tapasya then asks Veer if police got any other proof from that spot(of course she wanted to enquire about that red-shawl here );Hearing this Veer tells Tapasya that he is not aware of any other proof except his own mobile as other proofs r with the Inspector ;Veer and Tapasya then come out of the police station;While walking out of the police station Veer tells Tapasya that he is not scared anymore because he knows that he is innocent..only those people feel scared who r trying to hide something (Veer was indirectly taunting Tapasya here );Hearing this Tapasya looks nervous now ;Tapasya then asks Veer to go home while she will go and visit her mother on which Veer offers lift to Tapasya but Tapasya tells him that she will manage it herself (Now all love of Tapasya has gone out of the window kya ??..she is more worried to save her own life now );So then Veer calls a taxi for Tapasya to make sure that she travels all the way to her mother’s house only and not anywhere else ;Before leaving Veer asks Tapasya to come home early as he will b waiting for her (Ok he is faking it..so no worries ..but still if this fake act of Veer drags on for weeks..it will get boring after a point )

Tapasya is travelling in the Taxi and wondering whether the red-shawl reached the police or not ;Suddenly she remembers about her white salwar suit too which had blood stains on it and which she had hidden in her room cupboard ;So now she tells to herself that before anyone sees that

salwar-suit,she needs to hide that one to some safe place ;Tapasya finally reaches her home;She quickly runs upstairs towards her room which Massoom sees and wonders whats wrong (Masoom was busy stealing apples from the Puja-Area that time when she sees Tapasya running towards her room in a hurry );So then Masoom follows Tapasya all the way to her room to check out what is she doing there ;Masoom tries to peep in from the door but is unable to see anything while Tapasya quickly opens her cupboard..takes out the white salwar suit and decides to burn it ;But then she tells to herself that she cannot burn this dress or else there will b smoke everywhere and then everyone will come to know about it ;So then Tapasya takes a scissor in her hand..goes near her bed..cuts the upper part of the bedsheet and hides the salwar suit below the bed-sheet (I think cupboard was a better hiding place na if u hv your cupboard keys with u ?? );After hiding the dress Tapasya goes out of the room while Masoom is hiding behind the wall,near to her room with lots of curiosity in her mind ;As soon as Tapasya goes out,Masoom enters the room and searches everywhere to find out what Tapasya has hidden in that room ;Finally Massoom manages to find that salwar-suit from below the bed sheet and is shocked to see those blood-stains on that salwar suit (So now not only Sid and the police..but even Masoom is hving one solid proof against Tappu madam …Tappu is completely screwed up now ).


In the hall area Nani tells Divya that what is Tappu’s fault here if Ichha’s luck is bad ;Nani tries to brainwash Divya against Ichha here but Divya tells Nani that she cares for both her daughters Ichha and Tappu’s happinesss but she feels that now everything is in Veer’s hand..only he can set things right ;Tappu from upstairs overhears the talk between Nani and Divya and feels a bit tensed;After Nani leaves from there,Tappu comes downstairs to meet Divya;Seeing Tappu all of a sudden,Divya is pleasantly surprised and asks her if she is fine on which Tappu tells Divya about how in Bundela family all r still in shock especially Mai and how she is managing everything there all alone ;Hearing this Divya tells Tappu that she has a huge responsiblity in that house now which she needs to fulfill as part of her duty on which Tappu shows her concern for Veer regarding Ichha’s recent statements to the police which goes against Veer (Tappu is now trying to brainwash Divya against Ichha now );Tappu goes on to tell Divya that she knows that Ichha is in a state of shock..mayb thats why she is giving such statements ;Tappu also tells Divya about police getting Veer’s lost mobile and that sms story ;In the end Tappu asks Divya to take care of Ichha as she is not in her senses right now while she will take care of herself (Its all Tappu’s plan to project herself as mahaan in front of her mother );Divya agrees with Tappu’s words and tells her that Veer can never do any such thing but Ichha too can’t lie..so mayb Ichha is not in her senses right now and needs some time to come out of her trauma ;Tappu then tells Divya that “Once Papa told me that in times of sorrow,two sad people can always connect together..he was right..today in times of crisis,Veer is trying to find that support in me..we r finally coming closer” (Oh really ..So Tappu thinks that drunk-consumation is like heart-connection kya ..wow she really has grt knowledge about true love it seems );Hearing Tappu’s words,Divya feels a bit relaxed.

Veer is driving his car back to home;While driving he is asking himself about why Tapasya went there to the fort and why she din’t tell anyone about it;Veer also wonders whether Vansh had called her there or otherwise what is the reason,she went there and what happened after that ;Veer then thinks whether to tell this truth to Inspector Avinash or not ;But then he realises that Tapasya will never blurt out the truth in front of anyone..so no police can actually let the truth out from Tapasya’s mouth ;Veer then decides to trap Tapasya with his fake act (Finally Veer’s brain cells hv started functioning ..I hope it keeps functioning till the time Tapasya is not exposed ..)

Precap: Veer deliberately tells Tapasya that “I m not sure whom to trust and whom not to trust anymore..The one person whom I trusted the most accused me of my brother’s murder..now I dunno what to do” ;Hearing this Tapasya puts her hand over his hand to show her support on which Veer further tells Tapasya that “I wish some third person was present there on that murder spot who can prove me innocent” (So Veer is emotionally  taunting Tappu here)

Friday Update on True Love  Colors Tv live drama