Friday Update on True Love Glow Tv

Friday Update on True Love Glow Tv

Ichcha is sitting while Divya applies mehendi for her and asks if she wants Vansh’s name in her mehendi too. Ichcha remembers her last mehendi where Taps was picking out mehendi designs for her. Damini notices Ichcha sad and asks her to smile; Taps comes there and tells that she knows how to make Ichcha smile. Taps and Rohini dance on many songs, but are interrupted by a furious Vansh who storms in.

Jogi walks up to him, but Vansh walks past, his eyes directly on Ichcha. He then walks over to Damini and holds up the letter in the air, saying to her that when her daughter sent him this letter, she was testing his love. He asks Ichcha how she could question his love for her. In the Bundela house, Veer arrives home and is alerted by Mai how Vansh went looking for him earlier in the afternoon. Veer leaves to look for Vansh. He arrives at the Thakur house, and walks in on Vansh’s speech.

Vansh reveals a tattoo on his chest of Ichcha’s name and all look on stunned. He tells Ichcha how she could doubt that he wouldn’t love her after hearing about her past. Vansh says that he know she grew up in the basti and lived on uttarans her whole life, but promises her that now everything that is his will be hers and vice versa. He tells her that her past can never be as dark as his, and if she could accept him knowing the darkness in his past… why wouldn’t he accept hers? Taps looks on victoriously and Veer seems slightly distraught. Vansh tells her that his love belongs only to her and her love belongs only to him.

Vansh leaves, saying that next time he comes it will be with the baraat. He sees Veer at the door, and he asks Vansh what Ichcha asked him, and Vansh just hugs him and both leave.

In Taps’ room later, Nani walks in. She tells Taps that they all saw the monkey’s dance, now she wants to know what the person who is making him dance is up to. She tells Taps that everyone is so happy lately, so its surprising that Taps hasn’t done anything yet… and she asks if this is the quiet before the storm. Taps takes out Ichcha’s real letter and narrates to Nani what she did. She tells Nani that once Vansh left the room to get her water… she opened Ichcha’s letter, searched the room for a notepad and pen, rewrote the letter, put it in the envelope, put back the notepad and pen and left the room . Taps narrates how she replaced the truth abt her and Veer with Ichcha’s story of being a servant’s daughter. Nani applauds Taps for her amazing plans and Taps asks her to help her in her next scheme and tells her she’ll have to decorate the bride’s room. Nani refuses. Taps tells her that she’ll also have to place the letter in the room, and Nani agrees to do the task.

In the Bundela house Vansh returns home and goes to Mai’s room, with Veer following behind.  Mai is confused with the big smile on Vansh’s face and looks to Veer, who shakes his head no. Vansh talks on and on how he won Ichcha’s love. He walks over to Veer and asks where to go for his honeymoon. Veer tells him he and Ichcha shud decide. Vansh tells him that he and Taps shud go along, since Chanda told him how he cud never go on a honeymoon. Veer tries refusing, but Vansh tells that he’ll convince Taps… who’s sure to agree with him on this.

Ichcha is in her room when Damini walks in and catches her crying. Ichcha lies down in Damini’s lap saying she still has so much to say to her. Damini gets up saying she has a surprise for her and rushes to the closet… but isn’t able to find what she’s looking for. She thinks in her mind that she left the odhni right here. She thinks back to last time when Ichcha told her how Taps ripped the odhni. End.