Friday Update on True Love August 31

Friday Update on True Love

August 31 Episode

Tapu and Divya look on tensed wondering how Jogi will react to Tapu returning back home, but are pleasantly surprised when he opens his arms out to her. She rushes to him in tears and pleads him to forgive her. He consoles her and expresses how happy he is to see her back… Tapu snaps out of her dream realizing that the only way out of the miserable life she’s in is to return back home to her family.

Later she finds Jogi at some place giving interviews to the media regarding his social work towards homeless women. When one of the reporters asks him abt Tapu, he clarifies that his daughter is only Ichcha. Tapu fumes hearing that and vows to hate Ichcha forever and to never return back home till her dad takes her back himself and then leaves from there.

The Bundelas except Ichcha leave to visit one of their relatives and Veer goes to drop them.

Back at the Thakur house, Damini calls Ichcha to confide her worries abt Divya and Jogi and how shattered their lives are without Tapu and wishes she could somehow help them.

Jogi sits in his study thinking abt Tapu and her childhood days and remembers how he had sent her away to boarding against her wishes and gets teared up by those memories. Although he knows he’s doing all this for her own well being, he realizes that he can’t bear the pain of seeing his daughter live a homeless life anymore.

Ichcha gets a call from Umed asking if Veer got back home safe since riots have begun in the city. Ichcha tells Umed that she’ll try calling him on his cell. When Veer doesn’t answer, she begins to get worried. She gets even more worried when she sees the news and the devastation in the city.

Just then… Veer returns home calling out to Kasa kaka. Ichcha hears his voice and goes running down the stairs to him. Veer stands stunned when she runs into his arms and hugs him breaking down in tears telling him how scared she was for him

Hugging Veer, Ichcha breaks into tears telling him how worried she was for him. He hugs her back and then she realizes what just happened and runs off from there. Veer looks on with a happy smile on his face when Mai and the rest return home. They are glad to see Veer back home safe. Ichcha sits in her room crying and feeling guilty at what she did and keeps telling herself that she shouldn’t be having such feelings for Veer, while Veer is in his room glad to finally see that Ichcha still loves and cares for him and thanks her for giving him such a wonderful birthday gift.

Jogi goes to one of his business partner’s house for a meeting regarding a social work project, whilst Tapu arrives at the guys’ doorstep selling some books. She doesn’t see Jogi, but he is shocked to see her in this state. Tapu leaves and Jogi excusing himself from the meeting rushes after her. He follows her in his car to a basti but loses her trail after she gets into the basti. He gets off and asks around about her, but to no avail. Then he gets into his car and drives away disappointed.

At the Bundela house, Mai, Umed and Dadaji discuss abt Veer’s upcoming birthday and abt the invitees, amongst who some are prospective brides for Veer. They are certain that Veer will definitely choose a girl from the ones they’ve invited. Ichcha serves them tea and is restless hearing all these talks abt Veer’s marriage. She goes to her room and is confused why she is feeling upset abt Veer getting married when obviously the whole family is so thrilled abt it. She realizes that she has to go far away from him, to fight off these feelings she’s having for him.

Next morning, Veer comes to the kitchen looking for Ichcha and finds Chanda making breakfast. She wishes him happy birthday and tells him how glad she is to finally see him smiling and happy. He asks her where Ichcha is and she tells him that Ichcha left for Vrindavan as she was feeling restless and wanted to get away for a few days. Veer looks on shocked and confused!