Friday Update on True Love August 3

Friday Update on True Love

August 3 Episode

Tapasya’s outburst ;Tapasya goes near Veer..shouts at him and tells him that ..”I agree I married u through betrayal..but I always fulfilled the responsibilities of a bahu and your wife with full loyalty..u never loved me..always kept insulting my love..but I kept on tolerating it all…then finally u gave me the love and also the rights of your wife..so u did all that drama to do this ??..u did all that just to prove your innocence in front of Ichha ??…u used me Veer..u backstabbed me..tell me why did u do this..why did u use me ??” Tappu grabs Veer’s collar and keeps on asking him why he used her on which Veer pushes Tappu in hatred and she falls down on the floor ;Nani then comes to Tappu’s rescue when Veer in hatred filled tone asks Tappu to get out from his house ;Ichha and other Bundela family members r silently watching the entire drama with their same shocked expressions ;Finally Nani takes Tappu outside the bundela house Jogi and Divya reaches home; They r still in shock and in tears ;Jogi tells Divya that “U remember many years back I was involved in one accident and unfortunately that person came in front of my car and died…after the accident I couldn’t sleep for nights because of my own guilt..I felt responsible for the entire incident…and today after so many years my own daughter tried to kill that person’s daughter out of jealousy…if this was not enough then my daughter even tried to instigate Vansh who was mentally sick thus resulting in his death..how can my own daughter do so many sins..how can her soul not feel any guilt after committing so many crimes” (I could feel Jogi’s pain today as a father );Hearing all this Divya is speechless and in tears At Bundela house,Umed goes towards Ichha to ask for forgiveness and then brings her to Mai who also asks for forgiveness and requests Ichha to stay in this house only on which Umed also agrees and tells Ichha that this is her family only ;Mai then goes towards Damini to ask for forgiveness and then tells Damini that “Ichha is Vansh’s amanaat and so she will stay in this house only”;Damini agrees but Ichha tells Mai that she needs to take Jogi’s permission before deciding to stay in this house on which Mai and everyone agrees ;Ichha and Damini then leaves from there.. At Jogi’s house, Tappu and Nani finally enters; Divya is shocked to see Tappu there..dunno how to react ;Jogi too is shocked and Tappu in tears ;Just when Tappu was about to enter fully inside the house, Jogi shouts and tells Tappu to stop right there ;Jogi then marches towards Tappu with hatred filled looks