Friday Update on True Love August 24 Glow Tv

Friday Update on True Love  Glow Tv

August 24 Episode

Nani shocked to find out that Masoom was planted by her own son Pushkar ;Pushkar tells Nani that Massoom is Roshni’s daughter only but she is not Jogi’s daughter ;Hearing this Nani is shocked and asks Pushkar why he did all this when he got all the comfort in this house on which Pushkar in his defence tells Nani that he did all this for their bright future because after Tapasya is kicked out of the house,Jogi’s property will go to Ichha and she will start rulling in this house like a princess and so he brought this Masoom here in place of Tapasya ;But Nani is not convinced with Pushkar’s words and tells him that he did a huge mistake by putting his hand in the mouth of a tiger(Jogi,lol ) and if by chance Jogi finds out that he is behind all this then Jogi will not spare him at any cost ;Pushkar tries to give justification but Nani tells Pushkar to somehow get this Maasoom out of the house in next two days at any cost (Now this shows that Nani is at least loyal to Jogi and Divya…I m pleasantly surprised that she din’t support Pushkar here );

Nani then goes inside while pushkar is left clueless outside the house … At Bundela house Veer comes downstairs and sees that his food is kept on the dining table when he asks one of the servant to serve him coffee instead of food ;Instead of the servant,Ichha is standing behind Veer’s back and she tells Veer that she will bring the coffee for him ;But Veer avoids Ichha and tells her its already midnight and so he doesn’t need the coffee anymore ;Veer then goes upstairs but Ichha feels bad and tells to herself that “Today for the first time Veer says Aap instead of Tum..but this is what I wanted from him na..so then why I m upset that Veer is ignoring me…Its all my fault..Veer always tried to help me and support me as a true friend in times of crisis but I could never understand his feelings …this is all my fault..I wanted all this to happen..then why this is making me so sad” (This shows that Ichha still has a soft corner for Veer and somewhere she wants him as a friend ..)..

Nani in her room is worried for Pushkar and tells to herself that she needs to do something about this Masoom before Jogi finds out about all this Ichha in her room goes to sleep when she sees that Diya which Veer every night used to light up for Ichha ;So then Ichha herself goes to light-up the diya when she gets flashes of both Vansh and Veer in different phases of her life;She remembers her past and in the background Iktara song is going on ;Ichha also remembers her past friendship and dating days with Veer during the song (finally Veer-Ichha story is getting a move on )

Tappu goes to the hotel for her new job where manager asks Tappu to wear the uniform of the hotel and start her job;One lady who works in the same hotel informs Tappu that she will b working as a housekeeper here and she will need to clean the hotel rooms..change the bedsheets..exchange old towels with new ones..etc etc..(More like a servant’s job); Hearing this Tappu’s face shows pain but she is ready for her job..

At Bundela house Ichha was leaving for mandir while Veer was leaving for office when Umed asks Veer to take Ichha to the mandir in his car since Ichha is their responsibility; Veer and Ichha together leave for mandir ;On their way to the mandir Ichha asks Veer about why is he ignoring her for past few days (Arre why Ichha is gonig in ghajini mode ..She only asked Veer to stay away from her na ); Veer is quietly driving the car without giving her any reply ;So then Ichha tells Veer that “She is fasting because she feels content this way since she is doing it for her husband’s soul. But why is he reacting so stubborn because of this issue and is avoiding her completely” ;Veer still does not speak(it seems Veer’s silent treatment is working here );Finally they reach the mandir ;Veer gets down from the car but Ichha struggles to open her seat-belt when Veer comes near the car-window and asks her if she needs any help on which Ichha nods her head and so Veer opens her carseat-belt ;After getting out of the car Ichha asks Veer to come with her inside the mandir ..Veer is shocked.READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW True Love  Glow Tv


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