Friday Update on True Love 7 February 2020

Friday Update on True Love 7 February 2020

Akash becomes restless after learning that Maiyya only called Sankrant here. What did she say? Sankrant tells to kill someone. Akash wants to know whom. He replies your wife – Meethi. Akash gets shocked. Sankrant starts provoking him. You tell me brother how should I kill my bhabhi (Meethi)? If I shoot her at head then she will die an instant painless death. Till she doesn’t scream loud or blood splits everywhere it wont be fun. Or should I cut her head off her body with axe? Both the body & head will rest separately. Akash is getting angrier by the minute. He continues, or should I try something else that will end Maiyya’s hatred once and for all. Should I ride a car over her killing her like any insect?

Akash finally loses it. He holds his brother by the collar and tadeva lagnam chant breaks in. He warns him if you even dare touch her, I will kill you. Don’t forget this.
Sankrant pushes him backwards. Where was your anger when you entered into this fake relation by marrying Meethi? Why did you not do something when you realised your love for her? Why did you not answer back to your Maiyya then? You spent your whole life by supporting the wrong thing then why this penance thing now? I decided it all before that is why I chose to break all the ties with this family. Do you have the guts now to tell the truth so as to make her see the reality? Do you have the guts to stand by the truth and fight against the wrong? Akash realises what his brother is saying.

Thakur House:

Bell rings. Damini opens the door to find Veer with an advocate & his assistant. Veer introduces them to Jogi who gets disturbed again thinking about the kids. Veer shares the divorce papers of both Kanha and Meethi with Jogi. Veer says, once both the kids’ sign these papers then we will send them by post to Aatishgarh. If they sign, then its ok but if they do not cooperate, then our lawyer knows the other way round too. Though we will try to get the court order asap for it.
Damini tells Jogi to go to Kanha while she heads off towards Meethi’s room.

Aatishgarh haveli:

Akash shouts for his Maiyya from the courtyard only. She gets up from her place and goes by the closed window of her room. He says, I know you can hear me. Listen to me, I wont let either Nirbhay or Sankrant get into this hate game of yours. Are you listening to me? I wont let the whole family get into this. Ekadish opens the windows. He continues, what will you get by this Maiyya? We all will die one by one and you will be the only one left to grieve by our dead bodies (very correct).

Is that when you will feel at peace? Your one son was hit so badly and got saved from turning into a killer why you are after your second son now? She closes the windows angrily. Close all the doors and windows but the truth will reach you somehow. This hate will only ensure death of members of both the families. My dad left me. Why do you want to lose both of your sons now? You wont get anything. Why do you want to lose both of us? Akash falls unconscious with blood coming out from his mouth. Sankrant holds on to him shocked and tries to revive him. maiyya too notices the quietness and feels something amiss.

Thakur House:

Jogi comes to Kanha. He immediately wipes his tears citing that something fell in his eyes. Jogi is sad to see him in such state but lends his support to him. Kanha hugs him tearfully. Jogi tells him I know whatever Surabhi did to you was wrong. She not only did it with you but with Meethi as well.

Damini comes looking for Meethi and notices her putting band-aid on her finger. She rushes to her. meethi dismisses it saying its a small cut only. Damini says whether the wound is big or small if we neglect it then it can become dangerous for us.

Kanha asks Jogi if all his hurt will be over once he signs those papers. Don’t worry just tell me when the papers are ready I will sign them.

Damini comments it will be good if you forget if thinking all of it to be a bad dream. Forget everything just sign the papers. I want to see you happy again. If your new life is bound to start this way then be it. I am with you.
Meethi replies I will sign them by Meethi’s name but he….I don’t even know what his real name is…Vishnu, Akash or something else. She wipes her tears. I don’t know about my life but I only want my bhaiya to start his life again. He is a very good person. He should be happy always.

Kanha says we cant change whatever happened. We thought Surabhi to be an orphan. But I am wondering which name to write from her behalf on the divorce papers. Jogi listens upset.

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Akash has been brought back inside the haveli. Everyone just looks on (except Maiyya) as Sankrant enters with the doc. He asks about his brother if his life is in some danger.
The doc admonishes them for their negligence regarding Akash’s health. His pulse is dropping plus the wounds are so deep. He might get infection. He needs to be hospitalised asap. Which fool did not think of it? (Maiyya!) nirbhay starts advancing towards him angrily but Agarth stops him. The doc tells them to shift Akash right away.
Sankrant tells Agarth and Nirbhay to help him. nirbhay replies we wont do anything without Maiyya’s will. If she says we should then we will. He tries to protest but Agarth shushes him. Where were you till now leaving your Maiyya alone? How come you got so much love for your brother all of a sudden? Listen carefully, in this haveli we oblige to only that which my sister says. If she says we should then we will shift him and if not, then we don’t have any interest at all in saving him. sankrant gets super shocked by his words.

Thakur House:

The lawyer asks for all the documents relating to Kanha and Meethi’s marriage. Jogi tells him he has arranged both of their documents in separate file. Just then, nani comes back from the temple.
She wonders about the lawyer and is not at all happy with the divorce thing. I went to pray that everything goes well but here it is all coming to an end. Meethi is shown coming down with Damini.
Veer says there is no other way. The kids have no other option but this to be free again.
Nani agrees but counters saying I have old values and beliefs. There was a time when a married woman’s vermilion used to be wiped out at the time of her husband’s sudden death. Meethi listens from the stairs with a blank expression as Divya tries to stop Nani but in vain. Nani says the relation ended only when the husband used to pass away due to some unfortunate reason.

Nani continues, today’s relations are started by signing some court paper and end the same way too. Ramayan (a Sanskrit epic, traditionally attributed to sage Valmiki which concerns the story of Lord Rama) has rightly described this as Kaliyug (fourth and last age, the “age of downfall”…the stage of the world in which we are living right now which will finally meet its judgement day at the end as said by the Hindu scriptures). Divya adds when we live in this only then we will have to abide by its rules.

Nani though disagrees with her on the divorce front. I cant stay quiet about this. What will the society say when they will get to know that both kids (living in Thakur House) are getting divorced the same day? Jogi speaks up now. I cannot let the future of my kids ruin for the sake of this society. Nani comments (a stinging comment I must say). Poor Damini, she lost her husband when she was young. Then her daughter Iccha – her whole life, she not only was worried for her kids but her husband too. And when she finally got the happiness she passed away. divya tries to stop her but no use. Then Iccha’s daughter married. Even her wedding memories wouldn’t have turned old today when the time to break that relation has come already. Meethi listens everything with stones but hurtful expressions.

Nani attributes everything to the results of the karma’s of their previous birth. Jogi FINALLY asks her to keep quiet. He goes with the lawyer to hand him the documents while Kanha closes the papers in frustration. Meethi looks at the papers from afar. Damini shakes her and she realises where she is.
She tells her not to think too much. Divya goes to her side. Let anyone say anything. Its your life and it is you who has to handle everything on your own. After all what is the importance of this relation whose foundation was a lie? Tears run down Meethi’s cheeks as Divya tells her to sign the papers. Nani gives a not interested expression as Meethi looks over the names written in the papers.

Tears run down Meethi’s cheeks as Divya tells her to sign the papers. Meethi looks over the names written in the papers and starts walking towards the table. Maula mere le le meri jaan plays as she advances towards the papers reliving her wedding rituals in reverse.
Nani’s comment echoes in her mind. Poor Damini, she lost her husband when she was young. Then her daughter Iccha – her whole life, she not only was worried for her kids but her husband too. And when she finally got the happiness she passed away.

Then Iccha’s daughter married. Even her wedding memories wouldn’t have turned old today when the time to break that relation has come already. Meethi has a fainting spell. She bangs her head against the table as she falls down. Everyone rushes to her aid. Nani comments to Damini (looking at the wound in Meethi’s forehead – where married women put vermilion) I told you but you only wanted the relation to end. God has given his word by filling her forehead with her very own blood giving out the sign. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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