Friday Update on True Love 6th November 2020

Friday Update on True Love 6th November 2020

Akash is not in a mood to go back without any info. Kanha tries to reason about the bomb announcement here because of which everyone has panicked. Just then he spots Meethi in the crowd. She is standing with Asgar (he has his back towards Akash). Akash is stunned to see her there. Kanha follows his gaze and is shocked to see Meethi. They both call out for her but Asgar takes her out with him. they both try to follow her but the police constables stop them. inspector asks them if they are Pakistani. The people heading to that side are from the Pakistani troop. They are going to Pakistan. Akash gets thinking.

Malvika and Ambika have made the nurse lie on the bed. They knit a false story about the nurse being unconscious. Ambika was unwell yet she helped the nurse. Doc thanks her and orders another nurse to take the unconscious nurse to another room. Malvika keeps a reassuring hand on Ambika’s shoulder.

Meethi and Asgar leave for Pakistan. Meethi is close to tears. Asgar is upset as he failed in his mission for the first time.

Kanha is thankful and proud of Indian police force. In a few days you (Akash) will get his visa and passport and he will be able to go to Pakistan. Akash tells Kanha to go back home. Tell Anni that we have seen Meethi. I wont return without Meethi. He is going to Pakistan to look for Meethi. Kanha wants him to wait for permissions and visa but Akash wants to go asap. We have seen Meethi with our own eyes. I will be the biggest fool if I sit idle even after knowing that Meethi is alive and is in Pakistan. She is in a foreign country and God knows what she has to go through to survive there. She needs me right now and must be looking for me. if I let go of this opportunity now then I will lose her for forever. I know that the police is doing their work but I cannot wait. I can break any rule for finding Meethi I don’t care. Kanha tries to reason that it is illegal. He can be arrested for this crime. Akash recites the pone – “Lehron se darr ke kabhi haar nahi hoti, koshish karne walon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti”. Kanha finally gives up. Keep me posted. They both share a hug after which Akash leaves.

Asgar and Meethi reach their home in Pakistan. She thanks Asgar for his help in taking her back to India and for everything else as well but she cannot stay in this house anymore. I have to go back to India. I want to go back to my country, my home. Please let me go back. He too is sad that he couldn’t complete his mission but wants another chance to carry it out efficiently. She understands his point but she is broken now. She came with him for she was under his debts. But now she wants to go back to her home on her own. He calls it impossible as the security has been put on high alert. Train blast and now this terrorist attempt at the Aman Ki Dua event venue. Every place will be monitored very closely. One wrong step can cause so many problems for all of us as well. Wait for a few days. I myself will take you to your home then. She has no option but to agree with him.

Akash meets a truck driver who will help him in reaching Pakistan. He pays him some money and assures that he wont tell the police anything about him even if he gets caught. he hides amongst the empty oil barrels in the truck.

Malvika gets Ambika bailed. Ambika cannot leave this country for a year. Malvika talks well on Ambika’s behalf and Ambika plays along. They complete the necessary formalities and the mother daughter duo leave happily.

Ammi is pacing worriedly while all the other family members are sitting there worried as well. They are worried for Ashfaque. Rizvi ji talks well about Ansari. Saba wants to tell the truth so that they can live without fear. Why are we putting our lives in danger for an Indian? She is reprimanded by Zubeida and Ammi. Khalid tells Saba to calm down. Let Asgar come. He will find a way out to bring Ashfaque home. Asgar is confused to hear this and asks about it. Ammi asks if Meethi reached home safely. Saba is upset over it. they are taken aback to see Meethi coming in. Saba lashes at her. Asgar sternly tells her to keep quiet. Asgar tells his family about the bomb incident at the venue. What has happened to Ashfaque? Rizvi tells him how Ansari got to know about Meethi leaving Pakistan. Ashfaque has been taken to police station to prove it wrong. We will have to take Fida to police station to get Ashfaque out.

Akash’s truck is on its way to Pakistan. Main tenu samjhawan ki plays in the background as he smiles looking at Meethi’s pic. He hugs it relieved that his Meethi is alive. I am coming to get you. I knew that you cannot leave me ever. The truck stops at a check post. Constables check the stuff that is in the truck while the inspector checks the papers of the truck. A constable feels suspicious and hits Akash twice or thrice. Akash doesn’t even shout out in pain. The constable gets down satisfied that everything is alright. The truck is given a green signal.

Ashfaque tells Ansari that Fida wont come back now. He can keep him here for a year even if he wants to. He is shocked to know that he can be put in jail for as long as 15 years if she doesn’t come. If she is Pakistani and lives at the address mentioned in the passport then she can reach here in two hours. You have been saving her till date. Can she not do the same for you once? Meethi’s arrival shocks both of them.

Ashfaque thinks that he is dreaming but realises this is reality when Asgar comes there. He is happy to see her there. Asgar talks to Ansari while Ashfaque goes to talk to Meethi. he cannot believe that she has come to save him. she calls it her duty to save her friend.

Meethi asks Ansari what his problem is. What have I done? It is Ansari’s duty to doubt. I dint trust you or your story from the beginning. And you have just returned from India. You had gone to attend Aman Ki Dua event in India with Asgar. Ashfaque and his family members here have been swearing that you went back to your home. Where is your home? In India or in Pakistan? Ansari wants to know why Meethi went to India. Asgar answers on her behalf – to marry me. Ashfaque and Meethi are taken aback.


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