Friday Update on True Love 5th February 2021

Friday Update on True Love 5th February 2021

Meethi is sure that Rani will accept Tamanna as Rani is her daughter. I know it will be little tough in the beginning but eventually they both will accept each other. Nani says you might not have seen what we have seen in our lives. Elders can accept each other but kids cannot! Damini you have seen everything. You remember how sweetly Tappu had brought Iccha home holding her hand but what happened afterwards? They recall how Tappu had started feeling envious of Iccha because her love was getting divided. Tappu was full of anger and hatred towards Iccha for years. Rani returns from her tennis practise. She stops seeing them talking. Nani says parents are everything for their kids. They can share their toys and stuff but not their parents. Rani greets them and then heads upstairs to freshen up.

Nani says Damini and I have lived a long journey of friendship and enmity together. We both have been against each other for life but now we both are scared. Hope history will not repeat itself in this house!

Rani is shocked to see Tamanna in her room. She throws Tamanna’s bag on the floor and makes Tamanna get down from the bed. This is your place!

Meethi promises Nani that history wont repeat itself. Rani is my daughter. She will certainly accept Tamanna. Nani blesses her that her words turn out to be true. Ram hi Rakhey, who wants Uttaran word to create havoc in people’s life yet again!

Rani asks Tamanna what she is doing in her room. She throws Tamanna’s stuff on the floor too and glares at Tamanna who is sobbing silently.

Nani prays that neither of the girls let anger or jealousy enter in their lives. Rest is up to God. They hear Rani shouting for Meethi Ma and papa. Tamanna is in my room. Meethi heads upstairs. Nani and Damini look at each other worriedly.

Rani tells Tamanna time and again that she is not her sister. Meethi comes there. Rani tells Meethi that Tamanna is not my sister. She will not stay in my room. I will not tolerate anything that she has touched. Nani and Damini can feel the past coming back again. They recall how Mukta too was not willing to share her room with Meethi. Maiyya comes there as well. Meethi tells Rani not to misbehave. Tamanna will stay in this room only with you. this is my decision. Put Tamanna’s bag back where it was. Rani makes angry faces.

Meethi asks her what the problem with Tamanna is. We all had accepted you when you had come here. Did anyone trouble you? you call me Ma yet you cannot accept what I am saying? Rani says she will agree to everything but this (pointing at Tamanna). Meethi firmly tells her that Tamanna will share this room with her from today. She tells Tamanna to shake hands with Rani Didi. Nani can see Tappu in Rani. Meethi tells Tamanna to listen to Rani always as she is elder to you. rani, you too should shake hands with Tamanna as she is your younger sister. You have her responsibility now. She must not get hurt ever because of you.

Rani refuses to accept Tamanna as her sister. Plus only you are my mother, not hers! Meethi tries to make Rani understand. I too had accepted you just like I am trying to accept Tamanna today. you still could not learn anything from me? Tamanna suggests going back to which Rani affirms. This is my room, my house. She pushes Tamanna a little telling her to go out. Meethi shouts at Rani. Is this the way to behave? Tamanna will live in this house and this room only, with you! this is my decision. Rani makes it clear to Tamanna that she is not her sister. You will shout on me for her? You cannot be my Meethi Ma.

You were so good. You never used to shout on me. You shouted on me today because of her. you are not my Meethi Ma. Maiyya too tells Meethi not to shout on Rani. Think from her perspective for a second, you will understand what she must be feeling. She tells Rani to sleep with her grandmother today. rani leaves with Maiyya.

Damini asks Meethi about her decision. You said you and Akash have thought over it. How will things fall in place if you will lose your cool? You will have to explain things to Rani very calmly that Tamanna is her sister. You will have to be patient. Kids are not in fault in all this. Hope you understand my point. Meethi nods. Damini says give some time. Nani supports Damini. Kids are like wet sand. You can mould it as you want to. Damini introduces herself to Tamanna. Meethi has accepted you as her daughter so don’t be scared. Meethi will always take care of you. She will love you always and keep you as her daughter. Smile. Tamanna smiles finally.

Next morning, Maiyya wakes up Rani. Rani wants to sleep more but Maiyya tells her to go to her Meethi Ma then. you were missing her at night. Akash and Meethi are your parents. Don’t insult them for any Tamanna. Rani says they love her more than me. Maiyya tells her to think that your Meethi Ma has got a new toy. She will be over it in a few days. Parents are parents. You must not disrespect them. Go and apologize now. Rani agrees. She gives a thank you kiss to her Dadi and runs towards her room.

Rani is shocked to see Meethi and Tamanna sleeping together. I had come here to say sorry to her (Meethi) but she is sleeping here with this Tamanna. I will not apologize to her now! Meethi wakes up and notices Rani standing at the door. Rani turns to go but Meethi calls out for her. Rani is angry with her for sleeping with Tamanna. You sent me to another room. You got so attached to her in one day only? I will not talk to you ever. She leaves from there while Meethi tries to talk to her but in vain.

Rani gets ready for school. Tamanna walks inside the room happily but is scared seeing Rani. Rani is very much miffed with her. Tamanna opens the cupboard to take out her new clothes brought by Meethi Ma. Rani stops her and even mocks her for the same. she takes the bags from Tamanna. Don’t call my Meethi Ma your Meethi Ma. She is only my Meethi Ma. Plus these clothes are for me, not for you. Tamanna asks her what she will wear after taking a shower then. I change my clothes daily.

Rani says I don’t care. She suddenly stops as she recalls Maiyya’s words about giving her old stuff to Tamanna. She agrees to give better clothes to Tamanna. Rani gives her old clothes (Uttaran) to Tamanna to wear. Title track plays in the background while Tamanna looks at the dress sadly. Rani smirks in relief while Tamanna misses her dad as she holds the dress in her hands.

Meethi tells Rani that she has packed her favourite lunch for her. Rani is still not talking to her. Tamanna comes downstairs wearing Rani’s old dress. Meethi is taken aback to see her thus. Why are you wearing Rani’s old clothes when I had brought new dresses for you? Tamanna lies that she wore it as she liked it. Meethi and Akash are taken aback. Tamanna looks at Rani who signals her thumbs up in her direction. Meethi tells Tamanna that she doesn’t have to wear anyone’s Uttaran in this house.

Maiyya interrupts Meethi. this isn’t Uttaran. She said she liked it so she wore it. Rani is the heir of this house after all while Tamanna too will be staying here. Is this not Uttaran? Tamanna asks Meethi Ma what is Uttaran. Meethi thinks of Nani’s words when she had come to Thakur House for the first time. Mukta is the heir of this house. Our family believes in giving Uttaran and not in taking it. Meethi too had asked her the same question. Nani had told her to ask this question to Damini as she knows what Uttaran is!


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