Friday Update on True Love 5th February 2021


Friday Update on True Love 5th February 2021

Meethi moves aside and he notices Tanu in the car. Tanu too looks at him eagerly. Meethi tells him about Tanu. There is no one to take care of her now as both her parents are dead. This little girl is all alone in this big world now. Police was going to send her to orphanage. He knows that she wants him to adopt Tanu and take her to their home. Meethi nods. He trusts her and knows that she wont do anything wrong. Think once, this girl’s father has been killed by Rani’s mother. God forbid what if she gets to know about this in future? This can cause hatred between the two girls.

Meethi understands his point. But I am sure nothing like that will happen. We cannot ruin this girl’s present by thinking (getting scared) about her present. You know that every kid can be free from his / her parent’s burdens (past) if the upbringing is good. We will give her very good upbringing. He smiles and starts talking to Tanu. He asks her name and also if she would like to come with him. Tanu nods, but hope you wont scold me. Akash promises not to scold her ever. Meethi too promises her that they will love her a lot. Tanu smiles broadly. She agrees to go with them to their home. Meethi thanks Akash. All three of them sit in the car.

Rani comes home and is happy as Maiyya has brought lot many clothes for her. She thanks both Maiyya and Gomti Massi (Dadi). Maiyya has also got something for Manav too. Give it to him when you get time. Rani lists down her whole day’s schedule then and there. Gomti is amused. Rani has become busier than Akash. Rani smiles. Rani notices Meethi coming in. Wow, you too have brought something. Even Dadi has brought clothes for me. she looks at the clothes brought by Meethi and says they are not her size. Don’t you know I have grown up? Meethi says they are not for you. They are for a little doll. She calls out for Tamanna who walks inside holding Akash’s hand.

Akash tells Tamanna that it is her new house from now onwards. Maiyya, Gomti and Rani are confused. Meethi tells them that this little girl’s name is Tamanna. She will stay with us from now on. Rani stares at Tamanna unhappily. Maiyya wonders if Meethi brought another girl in their house. Who is this girl? Gomti too is clueless. Meethi notices Rani’s upset face as Rani leaves from there without saying anything. Akash too notices the same.

At the dining table, Meethi serves food to Tamanna. She is about to sit in the chair kept next to her but Rani asks her to sit beside her. meethi points out that Gomti Massi has already occupied that place. Plus it is Tamanna’s first day in the house. She is younger so I will have to sit with her. rani refuses to eat anything if her Meethi Ma wont sit beside her. Akash and Meethi sweetly tell her not to be stubborn. Maiyya offers to feed Rani with her own hands but Rani only wants her Meethi Ma. Meethi again tells Rani not to act stubborn. She asks Tanu if she needs something else. Rani is losing her cool slowly. Tanu tells Meethi to sit with Rani Didi. Meethi pats her face saying it isn’t like that.

Rani Didi is very intelligent. Plus Tamanna is her little sister. Rani shouts in denial. I have no younger sister. You will bring anyone and I will accept her as my sister? Meethi isn’t pleased by that remark and makes it clear to Rani as well. Akash thinks it is not necessary that kids will agree with or like whatever elders decide. How to explain it to you! meethi tells Rani to eat quietly. Will you not listen to me? Tamanna too will stay here from now onwards. She too is my daughter just like you. I have two daughters from today. I am fully sure you will accept Tamanna as your little sister and will take care of her.

Rani refuses to do anything like that. I have no other sister and you have no other daughter. Only I will call you Meethi Ma. She heads to her room while Meethi calls out for her. Maiyya decides to talk to Rani. I find this very wrong though! You took such a big decision and dint even ask me or told anyone. How will anyone accept this new relation suddenly? Meethi apologizes to her. I dint want to hurt you. It was so sudden. I only asked Akash and brought Tamanna here. Gomti claps for her in mockery. I will make jiji understand (she thinks in mind that it will be fun now).

Akash tells Tamanna not to worry. Rani is a little short tempered but she has a good heart. Tamanna says she doesn’t like me. meethi explains that Rani will take her time as Tamanna is new here. Rani will love you a lot once you both become friends. Finish your food. You too have to go to school from tomorrow with Rani Didi. You like painting, right? I will get you admitted in painting classes. Tamanna smiles happily.

Rani tells Maiyya that she wont accept Tamanna as her sister. I don’t like that girl at all. I was the only child in Chameli’s house too. How can Meethi Ma bring some other girl home like this? She is only my Ma. Maiyya agrees with her. she is my granddaughter’s Ma. You are my Akash’s daughter, my blood, my heir. Whatever is in this house is yours! Let that girl stay here. She has no right in this house. Rani wipes her tears. Maiyya tells her to give Tamanna her old clothes, toys, books. She will be happy with all that only.

Rani is upset that Meethi Ma feeds Tamanna with her own hands. I don’t like it at all. Maiyya tells her not to mind it for one or two times. Your Meethi Ma is very naive. If you want something then you cannot be angry all the time. You have to be clever. What’s the harm in smiling if our work can happen faster that ways? We should get it done somehow. Smile with that girl a little. It will make Tamanna and your Meethi Ma happy too. Do a little drama. Rani nods.

Maiyya joins them back on the dining table. I have explained it to Rani. She will apologize to Tamanna. Meethi smiles in relief. Rani gives sorry card to Tamanna. You will feed me food right? Meethi nods. Rani sits on her chair and exchanges a wink with Maiyya. Tamanna checks inside the card and there is a monster drawn inside. She is taken aback and looks at Rani. She closes the card. Akash has to leave for office. Meethi tells him to drop Rani for her badminton classes on his way. We have to get Tamanna’s adoption papers too. Akash agrees to complete that formality too. Rani is angry again but controls herself. She leaves with Akash.

Meethi brings Tamanna to Rani’s room. You will share this room with Rani Didi from today onwards. Tamanna nods. But Rani Didi will be upset. She wont like it if I will stay in the same room. Meethi assures her that nothing like that will happen. Rani is really nice. She will love you a lot. You can rest for a while. I will join you soon. tamanna wants to do painting. Meethi allows her to do whatever she wants to do. This is your house, your room. Maiyya calls out for Meethi so she leaves from there while Tamanna sits down to paint.

Damini and Nani have come to meet Meethi. Meethi is surprised to see them both together. Nani says when the kids can become friends then we elders too can sort out our differences. Maiyya is amazed. Damini asks Meethi about Tamanna. Have you thought it out properly? Meethi says Akash is with me in this decision. Ma and papa too had accepted Kanha bhaiya.

Bade papa and his family too had accepted you and Ma when you had shifted to their house. I have learnt this all from you only. Do you think I am wrong in accepting Tamanna? Maiyya goes from there on the pretext of sending tea for them. Damini is concerned about Rani. She has just come here. She doesn’t even know about the customs of this house and you have brought Tamanna here now. how will she accept Tamanna? Meethi knows that Rani will accept Tamanna as Rani is her daughter. I know it will be little tough in the beginning but eventually they both will accept each other. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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