Friday Update on True Love 4th September 2020

Friday Update on True Love 4th September 2020

Akash is shocked to hear Ambika’s voice. She too confirms it is her. How are you and Meethi? I thought when you have already seen me outside the temple then why to hide from you. He cannot understand why she is doing all this. You are alive yet Meethi is in jail because of you. Think about Sankrant for once. He is ruining himself. Ambika says you love your wife so much but don’t have any love for your sister-in-law. Case is truth for now as I am proved dead. The dead body is with police. He wants to know why she is doing this. What is your motive? She asks him why he chose Meethi over her. Why you said no to me? You broke so many dreams when you married Meethi. Have you ever thought about it? He points out he has apologized to her for that many times. I am your culprit not Meethi. End all this and come back.

She agrees to come as he is saying so. But this game is at a very interesting point right now. My elder sister-in-law will be given death penalty while you and your family will be super worried. Let me play this game for a few more days. He requests her this time. Please don’t trouble my Meethi like this. I promise no one will say anything to you. I beg you. She asks him not to do so. I will come back but I have one condition. Wait for my call. I will tell you where you will have to come to meet me. Don’t worry I wont call you to the same fort but don’t share all this with anyone or I will call only when Meethi will be hanged. He denies. I wont tell anything to anyone. I will agree to whatever you want. She ends the call. He is upset. Ambika removes the sim card and breaks it into pieces.

Akash is driving around. Ambika’s warning keeps echoing in his head. He stops and tries to call back Ambika on her last called number but it is unavailable. Just then Ambika calls him from another number. You were trying my number? Will you give it to police? From now onwards you will only receive calls from me. I have two dozen sim cards and all are from different names. He wants to know what she wants. She tells him he only has ten minutes to come to meet him at some far off location. He agrees to come as he has no choice. Ambika smiles. Akash is driving really fast to reach there.

Mukta enters the morgue along with Maiyya. The guy at the table asks her to go but she wants to know if someone purchased a dead body from here. The guy denies. It isn’t market but morgue where dead bodies are sold. Maiyya calms him down. Don’t you know how to talk to such people? I can tell you from looking at the face of people who actually sell dead bodies. Mukta is curious. How do you know so much about all this? Maiyya calls it an experience from age. We will go to morgues just like we go to temples to find out that one place. They both leave from there.

Akash waits for Ambika at the place where he was called by her. A van comes and few goons get down. Akash tries to fight them but they show him gun. They gesture him to come and then blindfold him and take him along.

Mukta tries to talk to the guy in another morgue but Maiyya stops her. I need a dead body. Can it be arranged? The guy agrees. Mukku looks on shocked.

Akash is being taken to come place. He is trying to do something while he is on his way. The goons leave Akash in a room with Ambika. She has her back to him and sings the same song. She is adorning her hand with mehendi and has written Akash as well. Akash is quite shocked and walks up to where she is sitting. She is all decked up. He is quite angry. She asks him if he had any problem in coming here. He tells her to stop playing this game. Tell me what is your condition. She suggests him to take deep breaths. He wants to come to the point. She shushes him. Walls have ears too. Has she (Meethi) only loved you? I too love you and you broke my heart in a second. He agrees he is at fault but she puts the blame on Meethi.

She has come in between us. What is in that witch? He loudly shouts her name and looks at her angrily. The goons come inside to check but she tells them not to come inside till they are asked to. They all leave. Ambika tells Akash not to shout again. These guys are not to be trusted. In order to save me they can fire at you without thinking anything. Akash calms down. What is this madness? You married Sankrant. She doesn’t care about Sankrant. I married him just for you. He was never my love. I love you and you love Meethi. You will have to do a deal with me after which I will come in front of the whole world. Divorce Meethi and marry me. Akash is stunned to hear her say that while she happily shows him her mehendi.

A chant plays. You have lost your mind. You think I will divorce Meethi? She is my life. I have taken 7 pheras with her in front of the holy fire. I will be with her till my last breath. You have gone mad. You doubt my love? She is not happy to hear him say all that. You doubt my love? Do you have any idea how far I can go? The trials will start in four days and the police has set this case in a way that Meethi will definitely get death penalty. If anyone can save her now then it is AMbika only. I am not a saint but a human being. I love you and want you. It is upto you if you want to see Meethi getting punished. You have four days. You can decide in these four days what you want. Your time starts now. She calls the goons inside. Akash tries to talk sense to her but the goons take him away.

Vishnu has a duplicate key of Yuvi’s cabin. I will have to find out Yuvaan’s truth tonight itself. He walks inside the cabin. Yuvi comes to his office with some girl. He looks quite drunk too. On the other hand, Vishnu wants to know what Yuvaan wants from him and Mukta. I will have to find out what his intentions are. Yuvi is about to trip when the girl asks him to be careful. Vishnu hears the noise and is alert. They head towards the cabin to take the file which they want. Vishnu sets everything back in its place. Yuvi’s smile disappears when he looks at his desk. He picks his file but then comes back again to pick a file which is on the floor. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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