Friday Update on True Love 4th December 2020

Friday Update on True Love 4th December 2020

Ambika walking towards the main door. Sankrant has been jolted by her question and looks on. Ambika turns and has hurt expressions on her face. She folds her hands before them, apologizing for all her past mistakes. Maybe this is my last meeting with you. Maiyya is done with her dramas. Go and don’t show us your face again. ambika looks at Sankrant once again and finally walks out of the house. He looks at the papers he is holding. Maiyya tells him to cheer up. It is good that she left without hurting them again. You can live your life easily now. SAnkrant agrees with her. she dint do anything and left after signing the papers quietly. Has she changed for real? Everyone is surprised at his question. Meethi reminds him how Ambika has done all this act in the past too. People like her can never change, come what may! Malvika disagrees with Meethi. she looked like a good girl. She wouldn’t have signed those papers if she was not a good girl. Even Gomti is not able to believe it.

Akash tells them all to let it be. We don’t have to waste our time thinking about all this. We wanted her to sign the divorce papers and it is done now. He goes to his brother. Your past is all in the past now. You can live the rest of your life with Kajri now, right? Sankrant nods his head slightly. He is still in the guilt. How do I tell them this? Her question is still echoing in my mind. Meethi talks about the preps they need to do as the wedding is day after tomorrow only. She makes Kajri stand with Sankrant and gives her hand in his. Kajri can see in his eyes that he is not happy. meethi blesses the couple. Malvika eyes them angrily. Sankrant very slowly removes his hand and Kajri observes him intently.

Ambika throws her mangalsutra and it lands on the bed. Malvika calls her. she praises her acting. Ambika wants to know the after effect of her entry. Malvika is sure Meethi wont sit quietly. She reminded Sankrant that you have done something similar in the past too. Ambika asks about Sankrant’s reaction. Malvika shares that he looked shaken / broken. What did you say to him that he couldn’t even raise his eyes to look at anyone? ambika had wanted this only. It is good for both of us to make him believe it that I have changed. Malvika talks about the wedding that will happen day after tomorrow. what’s the plan now? Ambika has indeed some game plan in her kitty.

In his room, Sankrant is looking at his wedding photo and hugs it tight. He replays the whole incident that had happened downstairs some time back. He is sure Ambika has changed. She dint insult me even after I made such a big mistake. She did sign those papers. What’s happening to me? I am getting married to KAjri and thinking about Ambika only.

Meethi wonders why Sankrant is still not looking happy. Akash too cannot understand it as Sankrant has not shared it with him. they are waiting for Sankrant and Kajri’s wedding. Akash is also boggled about Ambika’s quiet entry in the house. Meethi feels maybe she has finally understood that she cannot bring our family. Meethi talks about the impending wedding. Maiyya’s wish will get fulfilled too as this house will get its heir. Akash tells her not to trouble herself while thinking about baby. You are so good. You always help people without even their asking for it. Some day God will come to our home in the form of a kid.

Door bell rings. Vishnu opens the door and Rani walks inside the house. He asks her about her whereabouts, parents, address. Rani keeps quiet thinking about her mother’s words. He offers to take her outside to unite her with her family but Rani does not move. Mukta comes home and he complains to her about Rani. She agrees to tell him everything but first introduces Vishnu and Rani to each other. She takes him inside while Rani sits beside Manav. She tells Vishnu everything from the start (including the bag). I had no other option so I brought her here. He appreciates it but he is worried as only one person is working in the house. There will be four people now. She is sure they will find a way out. God will show us some way. Rani smiles as she plays with Manav. Mukta and Vishnu look on and smile too.

A lady (in some other brothel) is watching a video where Rani is dancing. She gives her details to her men. Chameli works in my brothel only but they both are missing. I want both of them, especially Rani at any cost. Do whatever but find Rani. I will be killed by Sir ji if I don’t get Rani. No one has seen him as he has never come here on his own. He always sends his men. She tells her goons to come back with Rani only.

Rani was not in a mood to leave from the brothel as she loves the atmosphere of the brothel. Chameli tries to explain to her that some Sheikh has paid lots of money to Ratna Bai (the lady mentioned above). He will take you to Dubai. Rani does not understand it. chameli makes her understand that they are devils. They will kill you. Do you want to die? Rani wakes up screaming. Mukta and Vishnu come rushing worried for her. Vishnu goes to get water for her while Mukta assures her that she must have seen a bad dream. Rani is scared / kind of angry looking at Vishnu and throws the glass away. mukta wonders where Chameli is. Why did you leave Rani with me?

Meethi has brought jewellery for Kajri to try but Kajri is lost in thoughts. Malvika watches everything from outside. Kajri is feeling uneasy. I don’t know if Sankrant ji likes or loves me or not. is he marrying me just because you all asked him to? Meethi is sure Sankrant would have never agreed for it if that was the case. Just give him some time. Everything will be fine after the wedding. Kajri explains the situation to her. ambika came, signed the papers and asked him to remove her vermilion. Sankrant ji fulfilled her wish but I cannot see him happy. what’s the point of a wedding in which someone is not happy? Malvika smirks happily. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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