Friday Update on True Love 30th October 2020

Friday Update on True Love 30th October 2020

Ashfaque dreams of expressing his feelings to Meethi (yesterday precap) and getting a slap in return. He wakes up and thinks it’s good that he didn’t tell her about his feelings.

Damini comes to Akash’s place asking him why he left his house. Akash says he can’t live there. She says she won’t let him stay alone and decides to stay with him.

Asgar calls someone named Shoaib and asks to get India’s visa. He gives Fida as name. Shoaib tells him that he uses girls for his mission and asks he won’t use his wife it right? Asgar laughs and tells him that his wife is his mask, because of that no one in the family knows what all he does.

Saba talks to Khalid about his sister, Nilofer’s, alliance with Ashfaque. Khalid says Ashfaque is different, no one knows with whom he’ll fall in love. She says she’s thinking good about his sister and he’s saying like that. She asks him to support her.

Meethi is giving water to plants. Ashfaque keeps his feet on pipe and water stops. Meethi turns to see what happened and Ashfaque releases his feet. Nilofer enters and she gets wet. Saba and Khalid come there. Saba asks Meethi if she can’t see and asks her to get a towel. Meethi brings it. Nilofer cleans her face and that towel had some colors. Saba again gets mad at Meethi and takes Nilofer with her. Meethi sees Ashfaque and says it’s only him in the family who jokes all the time.

Akash talks with police, but they still don’t have any update. Akash talks to Damini and says if they had a clue, then he would know at least from where to start search. He asks Damini if any suspicious and strange thing in train. Damini recalls strange behavior Asgar and the girl with him who he said was his wife. He asks if she remembers her name. She says Fida and she was saying strange stuff that she’s a live bomb. She forced them to get off the train before Jammu. Akash says they should tell all that to police.

Ansari comes to return the ring. All family members praise Ansari and ask him to watch India-Pakistan cricket match, but Ansari gets serious and says there are other games between the countries and he is more interested in that. The family stops him to eat pakoras at least which Meethi made. He eats and praises it. He says if he gets pakora then he would even watch boring sport like golf. Saba asks Nilofer to cook something and at least try to impress Ashfaque. They turn on the match. All are cheering for Pakistan, but in end India wins and Meethi gets excited. All get shocked. Ansari gets up and looks at Meethi with a shock.

Ansari doubts Meethi, but Ashfaque and Asgar save her saying she had a bet with Ashfaque and she chose India. Ansari asks why any Pakistani would choose India. Meeti answers that she likes Dhoni. He asks what’s in Dhoni that she can’t find in Pakistani player? Afridi is world famous. Meethi says everyone has different favorites. Ansari is leaving. Asgar asks him to wait till man of the match is announced. Ansari says he doesn’t celebrate Pakistan’s loss whether it’s in cricket or real war. Meethi apologizes to family for troubling them. Saba asks her to stay quiet and control her tongue, but Asgar tells Meethi that she doesn’t need to worry as long as he’s there. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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