Friday Update on True Love 29th January 2021

Friday Update on True Love 29th January 2021

Akash bringing that lemonade for Nandini. Meethi dint drink it. I thought when you do so much for Meethi then I too should do something for you. It is good for your health too. You must drink it. Nandini’s smile disappears. She lies that she just had tea. He nods and then pulls her fake makeup instantly. She holds her head as it hurt her. he shows her the mirror. How did you get hurt? You got wounded that day only when your black magic backfired on you only. This is your real face. It would have come out in the open if you wouldn’t have acted all smart. she feigns ignorance. He insists her to drink lemonade.

Did you mix anything in it? she pushes his hand angrily because of which the glass falls and breaks. Who is poisoning you against me? he says it doesn’t matter. I only wanted to know what you had mixed in lemonade. You want Meethi to die, right? Nandini is stunned. You are a thankless woman. Meethi made the first mistake by allowing you to stay in this house. The bigger mistake was that she gave you another chance to change your life for good. Plus she trusted you which was her biggest mistake. Why are you trying to kill my Meethi? She affirms that she is doing it all for him as I love you. He tells her to be quiet. You don’t even know the meaning of love so don’t insult it by uttering it even. that Nandini died long time whom I had loved.

She warns him that she wont let him be anyone else’s if he cannot be hers. He replies that he was never hers. If I want, I can throw you out of this house right away but I wont do it as Meethi brought you here so she only will decide upon it. Nandini murmurs that Meethi will only decide something if she will be capable enough to do it. akash shouts at her angrily but then controls himself. I give you two options. One, leave this house right away or two, I will call police. They will put you in the lock up for attempting to kill Meethi. you will rot in jail for life. This is your decision now. She instead chooses to play this game.

Prove it if you can that I am behind everything that’s happening in the house. I know Meethi is your life and you will be ruined without her. If I wont be able to get you then I will ruin you. First I will kill Meethi and then! He raises his hand to slap her but stops. He notices Rani standing at the door.

Rani asks him the reason behind him scolding Chameli. Nandini denies that they were just talking about Meethi Ma’s ill health. She doesn’t buy Chameli’s logic. She takes her papa to another corner and asks him again. has Chameli made any mistake? Tell me, I will explain it to her. he knows that his daughter is very intelligent. But right now I am discussing something important. Go to your room, I will join you soon. rani leaves. Akash turns to Nandini again. till how long will this innocent girl protect you? You are here in this house because of her only and I am quiet because of her only.

Think about your daughter atleast. How will she feel when she will get to know that the mother who has given birth to her is not worthy being called a Ma? She tells him to leave all this. I know you still have place for me in your heart. She holds him. I will love you a lot. He removes her hands. First, I was, is and will always be Meethi’s. Love cannot be asked for or snatched. Get it in your head. She calls out for him as he walks out of his room but he leaves. She thinks that one has to snatch love if you don’t get it when you ask for it. If you still cannot get it then the game is over.

Nandini has come to meet Guru Ma. Nandini asks her to do something that Meethi dies. Guru Ma tells her to think through as she only will have to bear its consequences. Meethi’s death will mean Akash’s death. He will be alive but will be more like a dead body. You love him, right? That way you will lose him for forever. there will be a cost of this last attack. Nandini asks the amount for which Guru Ma scolds her. I have told you so many times not to ask questions. Simply answer my questions. How will you repay that cost? Who will pay that money for you? Just tell me that person’s name thereafter I will decide what I want from that person. Nandini says Akash wont be able to live if Meethi dies. If he dies then his whole property’s heir will be my daughter Rani. Who will Rani follow then? Guru Ma tells her to go now. Your hatred is your strength which will ruin Meethi.

Akash and Damini have come to meet Manthan Mai. She tells them that there is someone who is making preps to kill Meethi. damini and Akash get worried. Manthan mai explains that this is the last attempt, the last fight between truth and lie. You (Akash) are Meethi’s husband so you will have to become her shield. You must recite Durga Kavach 108 non-stop. Many things will happen that will disturb you but you don’t have to leave your place. Don’t forget that evil spirits are ready to attack on Meethi. only your Durga Kavach can save her now. If you want to see your wife alive then don’t break this for any reason.

Vishnu tells the truth to Mukta on phone. She gets worried for Meethi. I will come to meet Meethi. But Vishnu tells her to stay at her Bade Papa’s house only till things sort out. She agrees but is upset that Meethi dint listen to her. Vishnu only hopes that Nandini does not start any other new game. He ends the call afterwards.

Akash is doing the special puja for Meethi. he thinks of all the moments that he has spent with her all the while. Maiyya is sitting next to him only while he prays in full concentration. She continues to count it for him while he focuses solely on the puja.

Nani is not affected by anything that has happened with Meethi or what is happening with Vishnu. mukta wonders why she cannot understand Vishnu for once. Nani continues to reply in her usual style and talks ill against Vishnu. Vishnu is a fraud after all. This is why he got caught. mukta tells her to stop. I cannot understand why you hate Vishnu so much. Can you not see any of his good qualities? I am telling you for the last time, if you say anything against Vishnu now then I wont step inside this house ever again. nani replies how no one can do anything if Mukta has decided to ruin herself. She leaves. Mukta is sure God will surely show a way out of this problem to Vishnu.

Meethi asks for water. The hug is empty. Damini goes to refill it. she notices that the Ganpati idol is missing. Meethi is clueless. No one even touches the things of my room. Damini says I will look for it after I bring water for you. She goes from there.

Damini comes downstairs and notices Akash praying diligently. She goes to get water for Meethi. maiyya counts the number to 97. 11 more to go. Durga Chalisa plays in the background. Only 2 are left when Meethi shouts for Akash. He is slightly diverted hearing her voice but Maiyya tells him not to lose his focus. This is black magic to divert your mind. This puja is for Meethi’s safety. You must continue. He hears Meethi’s voice again and opens his eyes. He gets up from his place while Maiyya tells him against it.

Akash comes to his room but Meethi is not there. He calls out for her and just then she comes and hugs him. He is concerned for her. I got scared as I heard your scream. For a second I felt as if that evil spirit has taken control of you. Meethi (evil spirit actually) takes out her dagger and aims at Akash. Akash continues to reassure Meethi that nothing bad can happen to her or them. Meethi murmurs in his ears that he left the puja in between. You had to chant the mantra for 108 times. Akash opens his eyes in shock. Now you are dead. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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