Friday Update on True Love 25th September 2020


Friday Update on True Love 25th September 2020

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Maiyya finally blurts out saying that Kajri is in atisgarh and went alone in scare. all are tensed. meethi is brought down by maharani, saying that she is a tough nut to crack. She is tied again too. meethi asks maiyya what happened to akash and is appalled to know that he was brutally beaten. Maharani orders the ladies barring meethi to dance for them. Maiyya defiantly tells them that dancing isnt her work but theirs. maharani is angry gbut says that she would dance. while all men luringly provocate them to dance, the ladies are uncomfortable. maharani fires blanks at her feet and she starts to dance squirmingly. They amuse themselves at their scare and dancing.

Rathore mansion
While rathore and tapasya are talking, they find mukta coming in tensed. She asks about meethi and akash and is resigned to know that it didnt come. Tapasya is tensed too.

Haveli and rathore haveli
Meethi is alert hearing a phone call. Maharani recieves it, and just after hearing it, she asks the ladies to be tied up, while she has to go to the kotha for some work. Advising them to stay alert especially for akash, she leaves. All are tensed.

Meanwhile, yuvaan tells a sleeping vishnu, that its time enough for his caring, and that now its time for him to be the hero. He leaves.
Finally akash wakes up to find them all drunken and dazed. Meethi is happy to find them awake. Akash finds them all inebriated and stealthily tries to inch closer to the mobile phone. When a sudden noise alarms them, akash pretends to still be unconscious and doses off. after they are ignorant of them and get busy in their own bantering and drinking, akash continues his efforts and finally after much time, to everyone’s happiness, he is able to dial rathore’s number.

But before he can tell this to anyone, yuvaan comes in saying that vishnu has been found. mukta goes rushing asking him where is he. yuvaan says that he fulfilled his promise to get vishnu. Vishnu asks her not to ask where is he. He finally tells them that he is in a red light area, near a kotha. Rathore asks who is he. Yuvaan identifies himself as mukta’s boss. Yuvaan takes the ladies and moves out. Rathore begins to check the phone for Akash’s number and is interrupted when mukta calls for him to hurry. he leaves.
One of the men finds out akash’s act and throws off the mobile phone and threatens to kill him if he acts smart, scaring everyone.

In the hospital
The entire family rushes to the hospital, wherin the ward nurse tells them that only one relative can be granted permission to enter. mukta rushes in while all others are tensed. mukta is apalled to find vishnu in such a state and breaks into tears. Mukta asks him where had he gone and promises that she wont let him go anywhere now. Finally the doctor comes in and asks her to leave now. She casts an emotional glance at him and walks out.

Outside, Rathore thanks him, and he remembers his insults bu rathore at their first encounter. He smiles evilly and says that he is happy that he could do somthing or mukta. When mukta comes ou apalled and distraught, all are tensed and ask about vishnu’s condition. The doctor tells them that vishnu is not well, and having sustained a huge injury on the head, his pulse is dropping and he’s in a coma. They are all distraught. Yuvaan smiles.

Thakus asks if he would be okay. the doctor says that they would be able to tell for certain only after taking some tests. thakur asks them to hurry up. her mother assures mukta that everything would be alright. Nani again begins to reprimand damini that its all due to her granddaughter and her husband. rathore shuts her up. rathore tells them about akash’s incoming call, and that his instincts tell that they are in some problem, and goes to meet them. Mukta says that she too wants to go and ask akash and meethi, the reason for their silence. All are tensed while they leave. Yuvaan is smiling.

Meethi says loudly that she doesnt know anything, while the men try to scare her in maharani’s name. the doorbell ringing alarms and alerts everyone. Meethi instantly starts screaming for help. They gag her and keep her quiet. They target meethi’s jethani to open the door, as she is the dumbest. she is warned that if she messes up, she would be in trouble. When she goes outside, she finds Mukta and rathore at the door. she asks what they want. they ask about akash. She lies that she is alone and everyone is outside. Mukta asks how is everyone outside at this time in the night. Meethi’s muffled screams alert mukta and Rathore. All are tensed.

When mukta and rathore hear meethi’s muffled screams, they are alert and larmed, while the lady is tensed, as to what ti answer now. maharani’s men are scared too. Mukta tries to get in, but is told that they are alone. Mukta says that she is lying and sks if anyone told her to lie. she mumbles through. rathore tries to explain that they arent getting through and asks whats the real problem. The lady starts panicking, when mukta assumes that meethi and akash have lied and told her to lie too. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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