Friday Update on True Love 24 January 2020

Friday Update on True Love 24 January 2020

Kajri lights the lamp in front of the shiva’s idol. She folds her hands in prayers and om hari om chant starts playing in the background. I know that both Meethi and Akash love each other from the depth of her heart. I have seen it with my own eyes. Please make love win this time. I just wish Akash wont be able to hurt Meethi in any way. I am worried sick about her. Hope nothing happens to her. Please save her. She has never thought ill of anyone then why would someone try to hurt her. She is so good. Please don’t hurt her ever in any way. She cries hard. The diya is about to blow off but she surrounds it by her hands just in time. She looks back at the idol and joins her hands in prayer.

The banjaras are singing and dancing. The ladies take Meethi away with them to dance. Akash looks at her all lost at the song rab ka shurana starts playing in the background. He starts walking towards her looking all lost at Meethi happily dancing along them. Some kids run up to him and drag him to dance along. Both are lost in each other.
They dance with banjaras in a circle. Akash recalls his wedding pheras. He pulls her to him and they start dancing romantically. He has flashback of his wedding rituals. He picks her up in his arms and starts taking rounds of the fire lit in the centre. All the banjaras clap for them. He puts her on ground. Meethi is all shy and happy too.
The same old lady tells them that they have taken 7 pheras unknowingly around the fire. Meethi smiles and Akash is speechless by the turn of the events. He recalls how he had promised that he will make her life hell everyone. You will have to pay for every pain that his mother has suffered for years. I promise I will give you pain only.
Meethi tells him I recall all my vows till date. I will fulfil all my promises that I have done to you. All your responsibilities will be mine from now. Your family will be mine from now. I will fulfil all my relations / commitments religiously.

Akash thinks I had made a joke of our marriage in the wedding. That time I was embroiled in to taking revenge but now there is no more hatred. There is only love. Today I promise you that I will protect you forever. She asks him what he had promised. Tell na.
He smiles I promise…in my heart. He cups her face. I promise you that from today onwards…
He is about to promise when the ladies take Meethi away. She goes while he continues with his promise. I will protect you. He has flashback of the pheras. I will never let you get hurt. He turns to look at the fire and the twadev lagnam chant breaks out in the background. He takes out the knife from his pocket. He is looking determinedly at the knife as if he has decided his path. Flashes of their wedding and the sweet romantic moments that they have spent together is shown. He throws the knife in the fire and smiles. The conch shell announces the beginning of the new chapter of their life.

Kajri refill the diya / lamp with oil. She recalls that Meethi had left her address and telephone number by her dressing table. She realises if not Meethi then she can inform her family members at least. They can do something to save her. Gomti appears behind her and watches her standing in front of the idol. She comes up to her and asks her the reason for being here at this hour. Then she taunts her if she is praying for a child. Who will do the kitchen work then? Now there wont be any other daughter-in-law for you to help. She wont come back ever. She would have reached her mother by now. Go and do the work. Kajri controls her tears and agrees with her. She goes to the kitchen to do the work.

In the forest:

Akash wipes a tear out of the corner of his eye and smiles. He turns to look at a happy Meethi and goes to sit aside in a corner. His smile disappears all of a sudden as he thinks of his mother. What do I do now? I have given one promise to Maiyya and one promise to Meethi. It is my duty to take care of Meethi but how will I make Maiyya understand this?

He thinks, what I will tell Maiyya. If Meethi isn’t killed then Maiyya will kill herself. No this cant be. I have lost my father already I cant lose my mother. He glances at Meethi. He decides he will have to lie. But what about Meethi I cannot take her back to haveli. I will somehow have to send her back to Mumbai that too today itself. But I cannot understand how to do so. How do I send her back?

The same old comes up to him. She asks him if he is in some sort of dilemma. She tells him to show her his hand so that she can read what’s written in his lines (destiny). She takes the peacock feather and rubs it across his hand. He quickly takes his hand away and denies believing in something of this sort. She tells him not to lie. He is scared to choose which of the two weigh more love. Her words echo in his mind and he goes quiet / speechless.



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