Friday Update on True Love 21 February 2020


Friday Update on True Love 21 February 2020

The nurse and doc finally move away revealing Akash. They both notice each other and a chant plays. She is shocked to see him there. Akash! There is a tear at the corner of Akash’s eye (I love his corner-eye tear). Piya o re piya breaks in the background. She notices the transfusion tube and smiles wiping her tears. But then she realises something. Her smile disappears. She storms in the ICU and removes the blood transfusion strips angrily. This guy wouldn’t give blood to my Anni. His blood is actually poison with which he will kill my Anni. It cannot go in her veins. The doc tells her to go out as it is ICU. Akash watches her sadly. Vishnu comes there.

Doc tells Vishnu to take Meethi out. Vishnu tries to take her out but Meethi stays hyper. I cant let him stay here. He will kill my Anni. Do you know who this guy is? Vishnu, he is Akash…AKash Chatterjee! Akash listens to this (Vishnu thing). He is the same guy who took your identity and came in our lives. He is a cheater. He has ruined my life. Vishnu is shocked but he tells her to come out. Let the doc do his duty properly. Meethi is still unsure. He will kill my Anni. She finally leaves with Vishnu. meethi continues telling Vishnu that they mustn’t transfer his blood in Anni’s veins. It is poison. He has come here to kill her. akash closes his eyes in pain hurt by Meethi’s words.

Kajri comes in Kadambari’s room to put comforter on her as it is raining outside. kadambari wakes up. They ask each other about their health. Kajri is happy to be outside this room but wishes that she too joins them soon. Kadambari rues that maybe this isn’t the right time. Kajri shares about Agarth’s changed behaviour with her mother-in-law. He has changed for good all of a sudden. He has even sent Akash to Mumbai to get Meethi back. There is just one thing which I cannot understand. He has kept Surabhi locked in her room. This upsets Kadambari terribly. She pushes Kajri out from the room. Remember one thing don’t trust my husband so easily. And always take care of the fact that if you come across some secret then you must stay quiet. Kajri is confused. Kadambari closes the door behind her and cries (Kajri is still outside the door listening). I just pray that my daughter doesn’t meet the same fate like mine. The incident which has happened with me shouldn’t happen with my daughter.

Meethi asks her bade papa (Jogi Thakur) to stop him. He will kill my Anni. Jogi and everyone else get confused. Who will do what? Meethi tells them that the donor is none other than that Akash Chatterjee sending everybody in shock. He is giving his blood but sensing a chance he will actually kill Anni. Jogi tells her to stay calm. The doc comes out and gives out a last warning to Jogi to keep Meethi away from ICU else they will have to call security. Jogi apologizes on her behalf. Meethi continues ranting (it looked such to me). he has come here with some hidden motive. He will take my Anni away from me. jogi tries to reassure her nothing will happen to Damini as we are here with you.

Agarth is sleeping peacefully in his room when the phone rings (why does its locations change so that people make calls as they please?). He mutters as to who would be calling so late. He picks up only to find his Guruji on the other line. He is happy as his Guruji will be coming over early next morning. As he disconnects the call, someone knocks on the door. It is Nirbhay. He wants to know his dad’s real motive behind doing all this drama for this isn’t letting him sleep peacefully. Agarth sends him off telling that he will tell after their Guruji leaves. He closes the door on Nirbhay’s face. Nirbhay is angry. He has upset my mind then how can I control my heart. I cannot understand a thing.

Doc tells the nurse to give some eatables to the donor something as the transfusion is done with. The nurse turns only to find that the donor isn’t there anymore. She tells the doc about the same. Akash walks out of his room and notices Thakur family sitting in the waiting area (Meethi has her back towards him). Piya o re piya plays as he approaches them. Vishnu notices him coming. Meethi is recalling the previous scene where the blood transfusion was happening. Akash also recalls how much she hates him and what’s she was telling to the real Vishnu. He is a cheater who has ruined my life with all his lies. Poison is flowing in his veins not blood. Save Anni. He calls out Meethi’s name. Everyone looks at his direction shooting an angry look. Meethi gets up to face him.

She asks him why you are here now. Piya plays (ahhh missed you!) why have you come here? To tell a new story, a lie or a new conspiracy? You and your Maiyya have celebrated enough on my mother’s death now what have you come here for? Have you come here to celebrate someone else’s death? He denies. She cuts him off. Are you waiting to celebrate my Anni’s death now? But listen to one thing very carefully Mr. Akash Chatterjee I am not Iccha but Meethi. If anything happens to my Anni then I will ruin your whole family. He again tries to say something but she again cuts him off. No need to say anything Mr. Akash Chatterjee because I don’t want to listen to anything that you want to say. It will be another lie only. And yes, I have seen your real face also so there is actually nothing left to see.

Doc comes out. The patient is out to danger now. Everyone is relieved. He looks at Akash and shares with all Thakur family that he (Akash) is the angel who saved Damini’s life. You must thank him. He goes back inside. Akash folds his hands to seek their apologies. I know I have hurt you a lot. But I have come here to seek forgiveness from you all. There is no revenge anymore I want to do penance for all the sins I have committed. Meethi I have come here for you…as I truly love you.

Meethi says, love? Do you even know what this word means Mr. Akash Chatterjee? For you love means telling a new lie, a false story everyday right? This love word doesn’t suit you at all. Akash accepts all his sins. Punish me but please give me one last chance to prove that I only love you (if was I, I would have given it to him long time back ). Meethi asks what he needs another chance for. dint you and your Maiyya feel happy enough after celebrating my ma’s death? Who do you want to die now? Who is your next target? Answer me, you and your Maiyya want how many people to die?
Akash tells her to trust him once. Everything has changed including Maiyya. She has buried this revenge now. Honestly speaking, it is she who has sent me….. She puts her hand telling him to stop it. Don’t take that woman’s name in front of me. She is a black spot on a mother’s name. He tries to tell her that Maiyya loves her a lot when Meethi slaps him hard. Everyone is shocked.

Akash touches his cheek. She tells him not to utter another word. He smiles sadly. Slap me as much as you want to maybe that is what I deserve. Slap me till you anger wears out but believe me I have changed…your love has changed me. She gets angry. Are you done with your rubbish talks? I have heard it all now you go. Go away from our lives. He again begs her to give him one chance but in vain. She tells him to get lost. She turns and cries. Jogi comforts her wiping her tears. She goes with Jogi while Akash turns and heads towards the other direction with tears in his eyes. New movie’s (lootera) is playing in the background. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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