Friday Update on True Love 14 February 2020

Friday Update on True Love 14 February 2020

Meethi and Akash are both leaving from their respective homes. Meethi steps out of Thakur House with a tearful face as Veer follows. Jogi tells DIvya & Mukta to care of themselves.

Jogi, Kanha, Veer, Damini and Meethi are in the car while on the other hand Sankrant, Maiyya & Akash are driving towards Illahabad in their jeep. A split screen of Akash & Meethi is shown. Kaisi hai ye udasi starts playing in as Meethi recalls how Akash had taught her riding a bike. Tears flow down her cheeks. Damini notices her upset and comforts her.

Akash notices a couple riding on the bicycle. He has flashback of him and Meethi riding in the jeep out of Aatishgarh. He notices a milestone indicating the distance left to reach their destination. Meethi’s car is also nearing Illahabad. They both are holding the kalash in their lap hugging it close to their heart.

Sankrant is refuelling the jeep. Maiyya notices Akash lost and asks him about the same. Are you remembering your dad? He looks at the pot and back to Maiyya. Sankrant motions him to sit in the jeep.

Meethi is about 15 kms far from Illahabad. Mukku’s words echo in her mind. Are you still hoping that that Akash still loves you? She rues why she is remembering him again and again when she doesn’t have to meet him again ever.

Both the families reach Illahabad. Thakur family move ahead resulting in Meethi leaving alone. Har har gange chant plays. She tries to call out to them when a sadhu (an ascetic; yogi) stops her. It is easy to fall in love but the rest of the journey is extremely tough. What do you think that you will be free from all your previous birth’s relations? No! After dipping this kalash in the river you will relieve the soul leading it to God but your very own soul is still stuck in an illusion – of love! Run but where will you go? You can never change what God has written in your destiny. He will come in front of you in all the turns of your life. Take this half garland. Half of it is yours and the rest half belongs to him. It is his right at this garland and at your soul too. Keep it with you. It will join with its other half very soon. She takes it hesitatingly. Piya o re piya tune plays as Damini comes to her rescue. They both move ahead.

The yogi stops in front of Akash. Keep this half garland with you. It symbolizes your incomplete love. He (God) will make you meet your love for sure. He leaves chanting shiva’s names. Akash looks at the half garland. Maiyya comes there telling her to move ahead for the puja.

Meethi, Kanha, Jogi, Veer & Damini reach the same place where Akash, Maiyya & Sankrant is. They are buying flowers from the opposite shops and do not see each other yet. Piya o re piya plays in the background as both the families leave from their respective places without noticing each other.

Meethi & Akash are buying flowers from exactly opposite shops. Both are looking lost in some thoughts. Damini comes to her side. Akash feels something and turns but by then Meethi has left from there. He stares confusedly at the shop and then back at the kalash as a piercing Piya plays.

Thakur family proceeds towards the ganges shore for puja. The puja begins with Asto Ma Satgamaya chant. Maiyya and Sankrant are also sitting for a puja right behind Meethi. Their priest also begins the puja with a Ganesha chant. Meethi is crying. Damini prays for forgiveness from Iccha if she did any mistake by chance. Veer tells her to bless their daughter so that she can start her life afresh. Twamev maata plays. Kanha tells his Maiyya that Meethi & Anni are now his responsibility. I promise I wont let nay troubles come their way. Meethi says, ma whenever I am in a dilemma, please show me the right path. Bless me that I become like you.

The priest announces that the puja has been done with. Let us proceed for the asthi visarjan. All get up. Kanha is holding the kalash in his hands while Meethi accompanies him till the river. He opens the holy thread around the pot uncovering it. Meethi becomes tearful while Sankrant & Maiyya’s puja continues. Kanha lets the ashes flow in the river. Meethi watches everything blankly. Kanha bids his mother a tearful adieu. Everyone has tears in their eyes.

Meethi wishes to stay back here for some more time. I want to look at the kalash till it disappears out of sight. Kanha wonders how she will manage alone in an unknown city. She assures him that she will call him when she is done and he can come and pick her up. He nods and they all leave.

Meethi looks back at the kalash. She sits down on the steps and breaks down. She recalls her first meeting with Iccha in Satara jail. Iccha – its been years that I saw you and you have so much bitterness in your heart for me? Dear Daughter! Meethi warns her not to call her her daughter. Don’t even try it by mistake.
She cries hard. Ma, please forgive me. You are going far from my eyes but you will always remain in my heart. Forever! Forever – in my memories! I will miss you ma.

Meethi is walking back towards the car when she notices a lady. She stops to look at her only to realise that it is Akash’s Maiyya. She remembers how she had come to know from Maiyya that she had danced to celebrate their enemy’s death.
She notices Sankrant sitting with her. He is the same man who had told me to run away from Aatishgarh. What is he doing with Maiyya? A flashback of Sankrant instigating Meethi to run away is shown while in another one Maiyya terms him as a loafer telling people to run from here. She thinks maybe he is from their family only.

She hears a mother wailing for her dead son and something strikes her. She looks back at Maiyya and Kajri didi’s words ring loud in her mind. Devar ji (Akash) needs you or he will die. She is shocked. What if she was calling me to tell this only that Akash is no more? Has Maiyya come here to perform his last rites? No, this cant be! She has flashes of breaking her own mangalsutra. It is all because of me. I only am responsible for my hubby’s end. Vishnu! NO!

Suddenly, she notices a guy in the river praying. Main Waari Jawan plays as she looks at him with tears in his eyes. She stands relieved yet pained. She calls out to him – Vishnu! He turns back hearing her voice and looks equally pained too. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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