Friday Update on This is Love July 20 Star Plus Tv Drama

Friday Update on This is Love  Star Plus Tv Drama 

July 20 Episode

Ruhi asking Mrs. Bhalla and Amma to relax and just answer as she trained them. Simmi comes and gives them purses. Ruhi wishes them all the best. Raman comes and asks shall I drop you somewhere. Ishita says you both are ready, come I will drop you. They leave. Raman gets Mihir’s call and says fine, I will meet you there, I will pick you up, okay. Adi sees no one is at home and says I can talk to Aaliya. Mani is on phone. He hears phone ringing and asks Aaliya. Aaliya says you have my phone. Shagun says its my phone, I changed ringtone. Adi says did Mani know about Aaliya’s new phone, why is she not answering. Shagun sends Aaliya to get Pihu’s room and saves her. Aaliya says I have to inform Adi, thank God Shagun managed. She calls Adi and asks him to drop a message
first if he has to talk. He says really sorry, I had to talk to you, so I called, can we meet now. She says yes, where to meet.

He tells the place. She says I will meet you there. Shagun hears her and comes to her. She says I was right, its your phone, I lied there but who gave you this phone. Aaliya says Adi gave it. Shagun says I knew it, but you have to careful, you can use my phone, I know you are going to meet Adi, I have no problem, Adi is my son, I know Mani does not like Adi, I won’t tell him, I m always with you. Aaliya thanks her and leaves. Shagun says poor Aaliya, she thinks I m taking her side, she does not know why I m encouraging her to get close to Adi, Raman and Mani’s rivalry will end, Mani is simple and can give Pihu to Raman and Ishita easily, but I have to stop this.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma see the ladies who came for the job. Mrs. Bhalla asks do we have a chance for part time teacher job. Amma says yes, its Ishu and Ruhi’s plan, we have to take care of Pihu and get her back home, don’t get nervous, if they ask anything, answer them, very easy. Amma is called for interview. Mrs. Bhalla says let me go with her.

The man asks Mrs. Bhalla why did she come along. Mrs. Bhalla says my friend was nervous, so I came along, you can ask anything to us. He says fine and takes their interview. They answer with confidence. He gives some paper. Mrs. Bhalla tries to look into Amma’s sheet. The man asks her to write herself. He says Mrs. Iyer is over qualified for this work, and Mrs. Bhalla could not solve any simple maths. Mrs. Bhalla tries to explain. He says sorry, I can’t give you this job. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma request him for job. He asks are you good with kids. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I love kids and they stay happy with me. He says fine, I have a job for you. She thanks him.

Ruhi waits outside. Amma comes and says I got substitute teacher job. Ruhi gets glad and says I m proud of you. She asks Mrs. Bhalla what happened. Amma says she got kids’ caretaker work, not teacher job, she will take care of children, feed them, say stories and…. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi to laugh. Ruhi says I was not laughing, you both will get chance to be around Pihu, we will go and have icecream to celebrate, come. They thank Ruhi. Ruhi says why are you thanking me come, we will go and have icecream.

Adi and Aaliya are in restaurant. Adi gives her a rose and says I could have not hidden the bouquet. She thanks him for making her feel special. He says you give the time, which is most precious, thanks. He sees Raman coming and hides face behind menu. He asks Aaliya not to turn behind, my Papa is standing there. She asks what will we do now. He says I don’t know. Romi comes. Raman asks him to check table. They get the table near Adi. Romi sees Adi and signs him. Adi signs him to take away Raman, and help. Romi makes waiter slip towards Raman. Raman asks waiter to see and walk. He goes to washroom. Adi pays bill and rushes out with Aaliya. They see Mani coming. A man asks Mani to sign on the paper. Adi and Aaliya turn away.

Pihu asks Shagun to take her out, I did my homework. Shagun says you stay at home, watch your serial. Pihu says I will be bored at home, Aaliya is also not at home, take me. Shagun asks for her phone and shows the new games download. Pihu says I m not interested in games. Shagun asks her to make friends group and chat. Pihu likes it. Shagun says I will make chocolate milkshake for you and goes. Pihu adds all friends and says Ananya does not have phone, I will add Simmi. Mani signs and goes ahead. He sees…..

Mani sees Singhal and says sorry I got late, why did you call me urgently. Adi and Aaliya hide and rush out. They collide and the sound makes Mani turn. Mani does not see them and goes. Adi says we got saved. Aaliya says till when will we meet like this, its very risky. Adi says thank God, we did not get caught. He says sorry, I can’t drop you today, you manage. She says don’t worry, I will manage. He says I will go office, take care. She says I will take care, bye. She goes. Adi leaves after her.

Simmi gets the group request and thinks to check. Ananya says Pihu added your number as I don’t have phone, Shagun bought new phone for Pihu. Simmi says don’t teach me, I will call Pihu and end this group chat. She calls Pihu. Pihu asks Ananya about group chat. Simmi asks her who gave her phone. Pihu says I was getting bored, mumma went out and gave me phone. Simmi asks her to do outdoor activities and not chat, its not her age. Pihu says sorry and ends call. Simmi worries for Pihu, and thinks what is Shagun doing.

Raman asks Romi did Singhal tell us this place. Romi says yes, he would be coming. Singhal comes with Mani. He introduces Raman to Mani. Mani says you know I know Raman, did we come here to meet him. Raman says I think we came to talk about business, sorry, we will meet next time. Singhal says you both fight like kids, I called you both to talk, someone is unhappy with your fights. Raman and Mani ask who. Ishita comes and says its me, I know you will not listen to me, but its harming your business, so I took Singhal’s help. Raman calls her mad and argues with Mani.

Singhal says you both are top businessmen and fighting like this, I promised Ruhi that I will help in your project, keep differences aside. Romi says shall we sit and talk, everyone is seeing. Raman looks on.

Romi saying we will sit and talk, people are seeing. Singhal says come, table is booked. Mrs. Bhalla calls Ishita and asks about vegetable painting. She says Ruhi used to be happy when I taught her about veg painting. Ishita says fine, do it if you like it. She hears waiter saying about Adi and Aaliya’s table. She asks what happened, I m Adi’s mum. The waiter says his credit card is left here, he came with a girl. She says I m his mum Ishita Bhalla, I know Aaliya too and takes the card. She says thank God, Raman and Mani did not see this.

Pihu tells Shagun that she does not want to chat. Shagun asks why. Aaliya tells Adi that she reached and talks. Shagun sees Aaliya and asks what happened. Aaliya says nothing and goes. Shagun tells Pihu that she will make
sandwich for him. Ashok calls Shagun and says why don’t you tell me, Singhal has become mediator between Raman and Mani. Shagun says we don’t talk about business, even Adi and Aaliya were in that same restaurant. He asks what, were they there. She says yes, she would have come running, she looked upset. He says great, leave everything on me now.

Singhal asks Raman and Mani to think for their business and not make a joke of themselves, shake hands, don’t waste time. Ishita looks on. Raman and Mani get up to shake hands, and forward hands…. Ishita smiles. Just then Ashok comes. Ashok says wow….. Raman and Mani stop and see Ashok. Ashok says what a pleasant surprise, Raman and Mani are together, I mist congratulate you, you both are becoming Samdhi soon. Raman asks are you drunk, don’t say nonsense. Ashok says I have seen Adi and Aaliya in this hotel. Raman says Adi is in office. Mani says Aaliya is at home. Ashok says call them here and verify, as I have seen them.

Romi asks Raman not to care for Ashok’s words. Raman calls Adi and asks where are you. Mani calls Aaliya and asks where are you. Raman says Adi is in office. Mani says Aaliya is at home. Raman and Mani say they will call Adi and Aaliya here. Ishita says whats the need. Raman says its needed, I will call them. Adi and Aaliya come there. Aaliya says I m scared Adi. Adi says I will tell them we will meet and not be scared of anyone. She says its not right time. He says you told me till when will we hide and meet, we will have to tell everyone, I can’t stay away from you.

They go to Raman and everyone. Raman asks Adi did you come here some time back. Waiter asks Adi and Aaliya did you two came back, you forgot your credit card, I have it to your mummy. Raman and Mani get angry. Mani warns Adi to not be around Aaliya. Adi says its not possible, Aaliya is imp for me. Mani gets angry and Raman stops Mani from touching Adi.

Aaliya says Appa, I went to meet Adi by my wish, I love him. She holds Adi’s hand, shocking them. Ashok smiles. Mani asks Aaliya to come, and drags her, while Raman stops Adi. Ishita cries.

Mani brings Aaliya home. She says stop it, I love Adi. He asks whats wrong with you, Raman is making plans to ruin me, you love his son, how did you love him suddenly, forget it. She says I can’t forget him, Adi supported me a lot, I love Adi. Mani says I don’t care, I don’t believe this, you will listen to me, is that clear. She says sorry, but no. He gets angry. Shagun asks Mani not to shout on Aaliya, she will retaliate. He says you are saying right, I have to think something else to make Adi away from Aaliya.

Raman gets Adi home. Raman says sorry Adi, you proved you are my son, you held Aaliya’s hand, the man I hate, you have held his daughter’s hand, I m happy, come, what happened to you. Everyone get surprised. Adi asks don’t you have any problem. Raman says no, I understand heart matters late. Adi hugs him and gets glad. He says I m glad that you understood my love, you are the best. Raman says but you are the worst son. Adi cries and gets shocked. Raman says the man who snatched my daughter, you have held his daughter’s hand, how did you become a good son, the man who is using your sister against your dad, I know its heart matter, but how could you be a good son, I told your mum that I don’t accept this relation, I wished to slap you, but Mani will do my work, he will never accept Adi and Aaliya’s relation, you maybe a good boyfriend, but you are a very bad son. Raman goes. Adi and everyone cry. Ishita cries and goes after Raman. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened to Raman. Romi asks Adi are you fine, we all are with you.

Ishita asks Raman whats wrong with you, why are you getting out anger on Adi, he is a kid. He says you are not kid, you knew Adi and Aaliya met is restaurant, you had his card. She says it was coincidence. He asks how can coincidence happen with you always. She asks him not to jump on conclusions. He argues with her. She asks him why is he blaming her. He asks why can’t I blame you, the man who snatched my daughter, you apologized to him. She says she is my daughter too, I did not apologize. He asks what did you do for her till now, you left her when she was 3 day old, whats difference between you and Shagun.

Shagun is better, she left 6 month old Ruhi and you left 3 day old Pihu, you are world’s worst mum. She asks him to stop it. He says that’s why your children are not attached to you. She says just shut up and slaps him. He looks at her. She says I m sorry, I should have not slapped you, I got angry. He says don’t even touch me, the truth will be same, Pihu is my daughter, she has your Ansh, you are worst mother. He goes. She cries and says you deserved this slap Raman….that’s not done, how can you hurt anyone. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…..plays………..

Mihika tells Romi that wrong is happening with Adi, we have to do something, poor Adi, don’t know what is he going through. He says I understand, but we should not interfere. She says Aaliya is his first love, we should support him, why should he suffer, if problem is regarding Pihu. She goes to Adi and asks him to have food. Adi reacts angrily and cries. Mihika signs Romi to talk to Adi. Romi says Adi, I know you are angry now, Raman is also not happy, this is disturbing us. Adi asks am I doing wrong, I love Aaliya, and Papa is making it an issue, even Mani is stretching this, why shall we suffer in their fight, if its mistake, beat and scold us, but tell me, is there any mistake. Aaliya is a nice girl and took stand for me, she supported me, I can’t break her trust, you are seeing how Papa is reacting, I love Aaliya, is loving someone wrong. Romi cries seeing Adi, and says we will find some way, we are with you. Adi hugs Romi.

Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla not to worry, she has to manage Pihu and kids. Mrs. Bhalla says I get scared when they talk to me. Simmi says Pihu will help you, don’t worry. Raman comes. Adi sees him and leaves food. Mihika asks him to finish breakfast. Adi says no, I m not hungry. Ishita asks Neela to give tea to Raman. Simmi asks Raman to have breakfast. He says no, I m getting late and goes. Ishita looks on.

Friday Update on This is Love (yeh-hai-mohabbatein)  Star Plus Tv Drama