Friday Update on This is Love July 13

Friday Update on This is Love

July 13 Episode

Abhishek asking Ishita what is the matter. She says I feel Adi is lying, I m not saying as I m his mum, Mani and Raman scolded him, he was silent, I feel he is hiding something, he was going to hypnotherapist. She tells him everything. He says you are thinking right, if Adi has seen someone else, the culprit is third person, if he did not do crime, why will he get punished, but how to make him say truth, he is not ready to speak up. She says I thought of something and I need your help. He asks what.

A little girl gets down the car and says she missed her home. Mr. Bhalla asks her to come. She is Ananya, and asks him why did mumma not come to meet me. He says you should have called us before, Simmi would have come. She says I came with Taneja uncle to give
you all a surprise. They see media. Media asks Mr. Bhalla about Adi confessing his crime. Ananya scolds the reporters and asks them not to trouble her Nanu, I m Ananya Param Khurana, don’t ask him anything. Mihika comes and scolds the reporters for troubling an elderly man like this. She hugs Ananya. She says he is already suffering and you all are pointing at him infront of his granddaughter. She sends the media reporters out. He thanks Mihika. She says we all are together, don’t thank me. She tells Ananya that we all missed you, I will ask Amma to make hot wadas for you, we will be there till Simmi comes.

Abhishek says Ishita has done a serious crime, put her in lockup. Adi gets shocked. He asks Ishita why did they get you here. Abhishek says I have arrested her for Aaliya’s attack matter. Adi asks what and looks at her. He cries.

Ruhi comes home happily and asks Simmi about Raman and Ishita. Simmi says Raman is in his room, he is in tension. Ruhi says I have such news that his tension will get away. Raman talks to Mihir and asks where did we get wrong… Ruhi comes and Raman ends call. Ruhi asks Raman to have sweets. He asks whats the matter. Ruhi says I solved your big problem, I went to Singhal’s house as Ruhaan, as his daughter is Ruhaan’s big fan, I performed there, Singhal promised that he will not trouble you and Ishita. FB shows Singhal telling Ruhi that you have come here knowing Kanika is my daughter, I will not trouble Raman and Ishita for the project. FB ends. Raman says that’s why its said daughters make name shine and sons spoil the name. She asks what happened. He says Adi confessed the crime and he is in jail. Ruhi gets shocked and asks what, Adi was taking hypnotherapy sessions, it means he saw someone in 2nd session. He asks what are you saying. She says come fast, we have to meet Adi, I will tell you everything on the way.

Adi tells Abhishek that Ishita is saving me, she can’t do this. Abhishek says she confessed the crime and we have to keep her here. Adi says how can there be two culprits for one crime. Ishita says why not. Adi says she is lying. Abhishek asks how did you confess crime suddenly. Adi says I was lying earlier. Ishita says I attacked on Aaliya, that’s it. She cries. Adi looks at her.

Raman and Ruhi come there and ask Abhishek whats going on, we want to meet Adi and they said Ishita is inside. Abhishek says we arrested Ishita as she has taken Adi’s blame on her head. Raman says I don’t understand, whats going on. Abhishek says its Ishita’s plan, we think Adi is saving someone, this is drama, I have kept her in Adi’s cell so that there is pressure buildup on Adi and he tells us name of real culprit, please cooperate. Ruhi says I think we should meet Aaliya, Adi went with her for 2nd session. They leave. Simmi says why is Raman disconnecting my call, Raman and Ruhi left. Mr. Bhalla says they will come, call Ananya for dinner.

Ananya says no need to call, I have already come, did mumma make this dish for me. She sees Simmi busy on phone. Neela says all that is made for you. Simmi is busy and Ananya does not get her attention. Simmi asks Ananya to have food. She says I have head ache and goes to rest. Mrs. Bhalla goes to give her medicine. Ananya asks Mr. Bhalla will you dine with me. Mr. Bhalla says my lawyer friend called, its imp call, you have food. He goes. She cries and says no one has time to talk to me, they are so disturbed.

She gets Parmeet’s call and says mumma was happy seeing me, I surprised her, mumma made my fav food, we are celebrating, they are calling me for dinner. Amma looks on. Ananya ends call and cries. Amma gets tearful eyes seeing her.

Raman and Ruhi come to meet Aaliya. Mani asks what are you doing here after what Adi did. Shagun says if you came to meet Pihu, come tomorrow, he is sleeping. Raman says we came to meet Aaliya, Adi is innocent and Ishita is in lockup to prove it. Shagun says Ishita and her drama. Raman says I don’t want to argue. Mani asks him to leave, and sends Aaliya inside. Raman and Ruhi shout to Aaliya that Adi is innocent. Aaliya asks them to meet hypnotherapist, maybe she can help. Ruhi says she is right, come Papa, we will meet her. They leave.

Amma tells Simmi that you did not do this right, Ananya is sitting alone outside, you should be with her, she will having dinner alone, she was upset, I saw her crying. Simmi worries and says my daughter… Amma says I have sent her to Vandu now, don’t worry, she will have dinner with Shravan. Simmi says everyone is so worried, tell me how to show happiness to Ananya. Amma says I understand. Simmi says no one understands, I m staying in my brother’s house, I m in my Maayka, they all love me, Raman has done big favor me and my daughter, how to explain Ananya, I love her and want to see her happy, but I m not able to become good mum, I m worried for Raman and his children, he is facing so much. Simmi cries. Amma consoles her. Ananya looks on.

Adi looks at Ishita. The lady constable asks Ishita to come, she maybe shifted to jail. Adi asks what, I won’t let her go. Ishita says let me go. Abhishek comes and asks whats happening. Ishita says Adi is my son and that’s why he is worried. Abhishek says I understand, we are shifting you to jail and releasing Adi, as we have proof against Ishita and not anything against Adi. Adi says you can’t do this. Abhishek tells the fake evidence and a crime witness against Ishita. Adi says this is a lie, I will tell you everything, you will not shift Ishi Maa to jail. Ishita and Abhishek look on.

Raman and Ruhi meet the doctor and asking about Adi. Ruhi says Adi has come for second session, did he tell you anything. Doctor says yes, maybe he has seen something, he left from there, I tried to talk to him, I think we need to give him some time. Raman says we came to same point, sorry to disturb you. Ruhi says I have seen CCTV camera in your cabin, you record all sessions right, can we see Adi’s session footage. Doctor says fine, sit, I will get that. Abhishek and Ishita ask Adi what is the truth.

Adi says I was drunk and I was angry. Abhishek asks is this joke, you told this before, tell us what happened in the park, did you leave Aaliya and run away. Did you not think of Aaliya, she was in pain, where did you run from there. Raman and Ruhi see
the video of session. Adi says I don’t remember. Ishita says he did not do crime, put me in crime. Adi says no, I did this. She asks him to swear on her and say he did this. Adi says no, I don’t believe this. She keeps his hand on her head and says if you lie, you will see my dead face. Adi says no. Ishita says what no, I want an answer. Adi says I will say truth. Raman says he is trying to say, he said someone’s name, Aaliya, Mihir…. there is something. Adi asks Ishita do have courage to hear this. Raman understands by Adi’s lip movement and thinks Ruhaan….. Adi says Ruhaan…. Ishita gets shocked.

Raman thinks Adi is taking Ruhaan’s name, how is this possible and looks at Ruhi. Ruhi asks Papa did you understand anything. Raman says doctor sorry to trouble you, and leaves with Ruhi. Ishita says you said Ruhaan. Abhishek says it means Ruhi attacked on Aaliya. Adi says I have seen Ruhaan in hypnotherapy session. Ishita says I m shocked, my children can’t do this, think again.

Adi says Ruhaan did this, I m saying what I have seen, I m sure Ruhi can’t do this, Ruhi is not Aaliya’s enemy, I m sure its someone else who has worn Ruhaan’s clothes, I confessed crime because if any eye witness says Ruhaan’s name, Ruhi would have got stuck, so I took blame on me, Ruhi has already suffered a lot. She hugs him and cries. Abhishek says if you are saying you have seen Ruhaan, Ruhi is culprit. Adi says no, if I can take blame on me, culprit will think he got free and we can catch him. Abhishek agrees. Ishita says if anyone took Ruhaan’s name, who can be such person, who wants Ruhi to go to jail. Raman and Ruhi come there. Ruhi asks why will I go jail, what did I do.

Ananya hugs Amma and thanks her. Amma pacifies her and says your mum loves you a lot, I know you are bit hurt that Simmi did not welcome you well, everyone was busy, but you know matter is serious here, everyone loves you, your mumma loves you the most. Ananya says I know, sometimes I feel bad, I heard what mumma said, I know mumma needs someone in her life, she is alone and can’t share her worries for me, I wish there was someone in her life with whom she can share worries. Amma hugs her and cries. Amma thinks it would be good if I could share this with Ishu, but she is in problems.

Adi tells Ruhi that you did not do this, someone in Ruhaan’s clothes have done this. Ruhi cries and shouts I did not do anything, why are you saying this. Raman says listen to Adi. Adi hugs her and says we know you did not do this. Raman and Ishita console Ruhi and hug her, showing their belief. Ishita says my two children can’t do this. Raman asks Ruhi where was she that day, think of it. Ruhi tells her that she went with Simmi to an event of underprivileged children, I have sung song and gave gifts too, I have photos of that day, see Simmi is with me. She shows pics. Raman says thank God you have pics. Abhishek says it means Adi said right, his vision is not clear, someone has worn Ruhaan’s clothes. Raman and Abhishek ask Adi to think well. Adi tells them what he has seen, he was going to Aaliya and someone attacked on Aaliya, I was trying to go to her, I have seen the attacker is running, attacker has run away. Abhishek asks him how does that attacker look.

Adi says she was wearing Ruhaan’s clothes and similar wig, it was not fit to her and she was adjusting it again and again. Raman asks anything else. Adi says when I was following her, I felt its Ruhaan, I have seen she was taller than Ruhi, she was wearing heels. Ruhi says I never wear heels. Raman says my children did not do this. Abhishek says I will find that imposter, you take Adi home. They all get glad and hug. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays……

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma welcome Adi and Ruhi home. Mrs. Bhalla does their a aarti and thanks Mata Rani. Amma says I will visit temple, I had mannat for you two. Ishita asks Adi and Ruhi to take rest. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita how did she get arrested like this. Mihika says we know you did this for Adi, you could have told me. Raman says we can talk later, everyone shall sleep. He goes. Ruhi asks Ishita to go to Raman, he looks disturbed. Ishita goes to Raman and asks are you annoyed with me. He asks why. She says I m very sorry, I did not ask you and got myself arrested, I was sure Adi did not do this and I had to make him say truth. He says you love him a lot, I should be sorry, you love me and my children so much, they are your children, you always keep such relation, maybe I will learn too. They hug.

Mr. Bhalla says newsreporters don’t print right news. Ruhi says same thing happened with me, we all know I can’t attack Aaliya, but who can do this. Mrs. Bhalla says it can be either Niddhi or Shagun. Mihika says it can’t be Niddhi, Bala called me and told that day he has seen Niddhi boarding Jaipur flight, he wanted to give message to Ishita, it means Niddhi was not in city. Simmi says and Ashok can’t look Ruhaan, it means… Raman says Shagun…. They all get shocked.