Friday Update on This is Love August 31

Friday Update on This is Love

August 31 Episode

Shagun being frustrated. Mani comes and asks whats the matter. Shagun says I m a loser, everyone scolds me, I know I can meet Pihu, but Pihu is not staying with me, I do cooking to distract my mind, I could not concentrate and burnt food. He says its a small issue, we will order food, where is Aaliya. She says Aaliya got angry seeing burnt food and left, she was talking to Adi and will complain about me. He says forget it, get ready, we will go out, you will feel better. She agrees.

Ishita, Simmi and everyone serve Vidyut. Raman, Romi and Adi look on. Romi asks Mihika to pass chutney. She asks him to take it himself. Raman looks at Romi. Mrs. Bhalla says I love cricket. Vidyut says very good. He gets a call and goes to answer. Simmi says its some Nisha’s call.
Vidyut says what marriage, stop troubling me. He says sorry, its crazy fan. She keeps calling me, she has hallucination that we got married. Raman asks how do you manage all this. Vidyut says as a celebrity, I have to handle it. Amma and Appa come. Amma gets surprised seeing Vidyut and says Ayyo…. Vidyut Sahay. They all smile. Vidyut greets her.

Pihu asks Shravan to have food. He says speaker is not working. Ananya asks Pihu why are boys such. Vidyut thanks everyone. He apologizes for the pics. Raman says its fine, you are celebrity. Mrs. Bhalla says you are handsome, you did not had much food. Amma says come my home, I will make sweetdish. Vidyut says I had much food, next time I will have food. Raman says let him go, he has much work. Mrs. Bhalla gives her number to Vidyut and says come again. Vidyut says I will come, bye. He leaves. The ladies smile. Ammi asks Ishita why did you not tell me about Vidyut, I came in cotton saree. Ishita says don’t worry, he was impressed with you.

Mrs. Bhalla says he is such nice guy. Mr. Bhalla asks why did you hug him. She says you got jealous, if we like any man, can’t we get glad. He says will you bear this if I do this with any beautiful lady. Appa asks Amma why did you invite Vidyut home. Romi asks Mihika why did you not serve food. Adi says Aaliya did not feed me food by love, you just come with tears to me. Aaliya says he was guest, don’t compare him with yourself. They all argue. Raman shouts enough. He scolds the women and ask shall we just get wife’s taunts. The men leave. Ishita says I think we ladies should talk, they can’t rule like this.

Shagun says why is much rush here. Mani says I reserved table, maybe any celebrity came. He gets a call and goes. Shagun sees Vidyut. She turns away and says I hope he did not see me. Vidyut comes to her and greets her. He says I know you are upset, I m sorry. She says shut up, I don’t want to talk to you, leave me alone. Mani comes there and asks have we meet before. Vidyut introduces himself. Mani says so sorry I did not identify you. Vidyut says its fine, enjoy your dinner. He goes. Mani asks Shagun why did you talk rudely with him, you know him? She says no, celebrities have attitude, I met him in Australia. Mani says fine, don’t spoil your mood, come. She asks shall we go somewhere else. He says fine. She thinks I don’t want Mani to know about me and Vidyut.

Shravan asks Ananya and Pihu to go and test speakers. Raman and all men come there. Ishita talks to all the ladies. Mrs. Bhalla praises Vidyut. Amma says he is just okay, for me most handsome man is my Vishwa, he is my hero. Mrs. Bhalla says then you have to test your glasses number. They laugh. Ishita says don’t argue now. Mrs. Bhalla says our husbands should know how we feel when they give importance to others. Mihika and Aaliya agree to make them jealous. Simmi says yes, I saw their faces. Pihu says why is Shravan not saying anything, how to know its connected or not. Shravan connects. Pihu says its working.

Raman says they are making us dance, if they know we are jealous, they will dominate us. Adi says yes, Aaliya shows me many tantrums. Romi says even Mihika, sorry Appa, she always finds me wrong. Raman says I married more dangerous one. Appa and Mr. Bhalla also say about their wives overacting infront of Vidyut. Raman says we should not let this fire blow down, we will announce the war. They all go out. Shravan goes with them. They all see the ladies angrily staring.

Raman asks what happened. Ishita shows speaker. Shravan asks whatever Raman said, was it heard on speaker. Raman says could you say it before. They all worry. Raman says so what, yes I said. Ishita says we all heard you all have problems with us, tell us. Adi says no Ishi Maa. Ishita says let elders talk. Raman says come infront elders and gets Romi ahead. Romi says its true, Mihika does not trust me, she always doubts on me. Mihika stares at him. Romi gets tensed and says I m done, now Appa’s turn.

Appa asks kids to go and play. Ananya and Pihu go. Ishita sends Shravan. Amma asks Appa to say. Appa says my wife loves me and I also love her, but she is always around me, does not give me space. Raman smiles. Appa says man wants space. Adi says I agree with you, Aaliya calls me 50times, I just say okay baby, she just cries, who cries all day, will I hit head on walls, I want a break. Raman says nice. Ishita says what was nice, tell your problems.

Raman says they all have problems. Shravan says all husbands will fall in trouble. Ananya says yes, because of your speaker, Raman will manage everything. Pihu says even Ishi Maa is no less. Ishita asks Raman to say. Raman says yes, I have a problem, their networks are not leaving them, they want to become free, we want freedom, I will be at home, I have no problem. Ishita says fine, we will give you freedom, tell us what you want exactly.

Raman says BOB, Band of boys want to go out alone. The ladies discuss. Ishita says we decided that we will give you 24 hours freedom, you do what you want, no limitations from our side. Romi asks is this their trap. Adi says I feel so. Ishita says its no trap, we care for you, if you don’t want care, fine take freedom. Raman says its not trap, we are free. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to enjoy. The men leave. Ishita says what will they do, they are so excited, did we do wrong.

Vidyut comes home. Servant says someone is waiting for you. A girl meets Vidyut. She says its your wedding card. Vidyut asks what, my marriage. He reads Vidyut weds Nisha. He asks whats this, you gave this to you, what the hell. She says I don’t know, your floor lady asked me to give this to you. He scolds servant. He sends the girl. He asks servant if he does not know Nisha took flat on his floor. He says Nisha is becoming a problem. He calls building secretary and asks why did you give flat to Nisha, money is not everything, fine, go to hell. He says I have to go something and stop Nisha.

Raman saying we got freedom, but we should not forget our limits. Romi says lets enjoy our freedom. The ladies talk about the men. Ishita says we will relax, where will they go, they will know our value, we should be confident. Simmi says yes, men don’t have guts as they show, they are cowards. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t know what are they planning. Raman says 24 hours will end soon, its all boring, who will think for us. Raman sees Adi. Adi asks why are you all staring at me, I m not married, I got boring being with you all. Romi says Adi will not understand, we will think what to do.READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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