Friday Update on This is Love August 24 Glow Tv

Friday Update on This is Love  Glow Tv

August 24 Episode

Raman meeting Ishita and saying my phone broke, so I came to meet. They talk of Pihu. She says I was seeing you and Pihu, like mumma dolphin, its tough to love without you. He says I know, we are lying to everyone. He holds her to hug. She sees Shagun behind and says Shagun…. Shagun gets shocked seeing them. Raman makes Ishita away and asks will you give me divorce or not, I m fed up following you. Ishita says even I want divorce, I came for dental conference, you are away from family since a year, I will give you divorce. He says you kept me away from my paper, I will send papers. She says I will be waiting, and goes.

Shagun asks Raman how did you come here after me, and what is Ishita doing here, stop this divorce acting, keep this nonsense with you
and go. Raman says I can’t tolerate Ishita, why will I do drama. Shagun says you both can do any drama to get Pihu, and your divorce can’t happen, she is still in your heart, she left you for 7 years and you accepted her on her return, Pihu is my daughter and you both will never get her. He asks don’t you believe, fine, its my turn to spend day with Pihu. Shagun says fine, pick her up, now get lost. She goes. Raman says its not easy to fool Shagun, what to do to make her believe, I have to make some plan.

Simmi waits for the man in cafe and says I will teach him a lesson. A man comes there. Simmi thinks is he the one, see his clothes, illiterate… She asks are you finding me. He says maybe. She asks did you write the letter to me. He says yes. Aaliya, Ananya and Shravan come there. He says this job is imp, I wanted to meet you personally for job, thanks. Simmi asks what are you saying. He asks for appointment letter, I have sent my application letter to you, are you Simmi Kukreja. The lady hears them and says I m Simmi Kukreja. The man apologizes to Simmi. Simmi sees Aaliya, Ananya and Shravan, and asks what are you guys doing here. Aaliya says sorry, we wrote the love letter. Someone is there and looks on. Simmi asks why did you do this. They say to make you feel better, that someone likes you. Simmi gets angry. Aaliya says sorry. They leave.

Pihu says it will be fun, mumma, you and I will have dinner. Shagun says no, you both go. Pihu says why, it will be fun, you make pasta, we will help you. Shagun says Nanny is not at home, I m not in mood to cook. Raman says let me help you at home, we will go and buy stuff, I have to buy phone too. He thinks to buy new phone, else how will he contact Ishita. Shagun says if Vidyut calls then, its so irritating.

Vidyut talks to Raman and tells Ishita that Raman bought new phone, he asked us to reach mall, his ex wife did some problem, and we have to come. She says Shagun always does something. He asks Shagun? I did not know Raman was married before. She says it does not matter, relation should have love, Ruhi is Raman and Shagun’s daughter. He asks is she Shagun Arora. She says yes, you know her. He asks for her pic. She shows Shagun’s pic. He says I m dating her. She asks what. He says I met her in mall, her daughter was lost. She says Pihu, she is Raman and my daughter. He says I m confused, Pihu is your daughter and staying with Shagun, and Ruhi is her daughter and staying with you, who wrote this screenplay. She laughs and says I will say on the way, its complicated and interesting. He asks her to start.

Simmi scolds Aaliya, Ananya and Shravan at home. Aaliya says sorry I felt you will feel special if anyone admires you, we did not know you will make plan to go and beat him. Simmi asks Ananya and Shravan to use mind in studies. Ananya says I want to see you happy, I feel bad that there is no one in your life, you got ready to meet that man, I feel glad when you get ready like this. Simmi cries and hugs Ananya. She consoles Ananya. Ananya says Papa told me about you and Papa’s fight. Vandu also said your husband is not here, Shravan and I did not like it, so we planned this. Simmi calls them mad. She says I m fine and don’t care for this. Aaliya apologizes. Ananya says I will pray to Lord to send someone in your life. Shravan apologizes. Simmi says promise me, you won’t do this again, its not safe to do this, if that man really came and got beaten up by me, it would be wrong. They promise. Aaliya asks can there be someone by that name. The man is shown in cafe.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma have a talk. Amma says I m going to fortune teller to ask about Adi and Aaliya, I will ask about Ishita and Raman also. Aaliya comes and says she won’t go to pandit, whats use to find future with someone, if there is no guarantee to live. Adi hears her and asks her to listen. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma ask Adi did he fight with her, go and talk to her. Adi says no need, leave it. Mrs. Bhalla says she is your fiancee, she has come from Bangkok for you. Adi says I m giving her time, I can’t be with her for all 24 hours. She asks him to share his problems and ask her problems, your relation will turn strong, did you not learn this from Raman and Ishita, thinking should match, its imp.

Raman, Shagun and Pihu reach Adelaide central mart. Shagun and Raman tell Pihu about the mart. Pihu asks whats this. Shagun shows her olives and asks Raman to hurt up. They see Ishita there. Shagun says what a small world, did you come following me or Raman. Ishita says why do you get mistaken, if I knew Raman is here, I would have not come here. She asks Raman about divorce papers. She tells Pihu that you would be happy, you have your fav people. Shagun sends Pihu to get pasta. She asks Ishita to be honest, did Raman call you. Raman asks are you mad to call her. Shagun says you mean its coincidence, you think I m fool. Ishita says I wanted to make food today and came to find grocery. Shagun argues. Raman asks Ishita to go. Ishita leaves.

Shagun says its so annoying. The man gives Ishita’s bill to Shagun. Shagun says that’s not mine. The man says its that lady’s bill. Shagun says we are not together, I m not going to pay for this. The man shouts shoplifter and runs to stop Ishita. Ishita says I did not steal anything. Raman and Shagun look on. Ishita tells the lady that she did not steal anything, I m a doctor, he is my husband, ask him. Ramna says I don’t know, I m giving her divorce, if she has stolen anything, see her, I m going to Pihu. Shagun looks on. Ishita says I hate you Raman. She talks to the men and clarifies. Shagun goes. Vidyut comes and thanks the men for acting well. Ishita smiles and thanks them. Ishita thinks I did drama to make Shagun believe that Raman and I really have fight between us. READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW This is Love  Glow Tv


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