Friday Update on This is Love 31st July 2020

Friday Update on This is Love 31st July 2020

Ishita saying Raman, I can’t do this alone, I need you. She cries and says I m playing with family’s emotions, I feel guilty, everyone thinks Shardul is Raman, I get angry that I lied to Ruhi, Simmi has tied rakhi and applied tika to Shardul today, I miss you a lot, I m not able to accept, I can’t even express, I can’t do this, I m hiding you here for your safety, else you will get attacked again, you made this clinic for me, please come back. She sees the machines beeping and asks nurse to check his BP. She asks why isn’t there any doctor. Nurse says I informed the doctor. Ishita scolds her. She says I will go and get the doctor, Raman is in need. She asks Raman to please calm down and breathe. Sudha comes and says Ishita….

Ishita says look at Raman’s state, why isn’t any doctor here. Sudha says don’t worry, I got the doctor with me. Ishita asks are you lying, where is the doctor, no one worried for him. Sudha says listen to me Ishita. Doctor comes and checks Raman. He says don’t worry, I have him an injection, he is much better now.

Arijit says thanks Shardul, I got saved today, Sanjay warned me on time, I don’t care if I go to jail, but Neeti would bear a lot, she is innocent, how is she. Shardul says she is fine, Mihika is taking good care of her. Arijit says thank God, she is getting fine, but at enemies’ house, Raman and Ishita are responsible for her state. Shardul says I know, she is getting better, she will identify me, our truth will come out. Arijit says once we kill Raman, we will leave. Shardul says we have to do something that Ishita gets helpless to tell everyone that Raman is alive, where she has hidden him. Arijit says we can do something, we will kidnap someone from Bhalla family. Shardul says she won’t get scared, we have to emotionally exploit her, I know they are emotional fools, Ishita loves her family a lot, she can do anything, we have to make such a plan that she tells us where she has hidden Raman.

Sudha asks Ishita to be strong. Ishita says I was scared, its been many days, its Bhaidooj today, Simmi tied Rakhi to Shardul, the family is cheated, Raman is here, no one is here with him, its because of me. Sudha says don’t think so, you need much courage, stop feeling guilty. Ishita says no one was agreeing that Shardul is Raman, I lied to everyone, you know how they will forgive me, I m sorry, I lied a lot, when truth comes out, none will ever trust me. Sudha says you did this for Raman’s safety, we had hidden him, his life is in danger, your family won’t get angry, don’t get negative thoughts in mind, look at Raman, he is fine now, his condition is improving, he will come out of coma, you both faces a lot of problems, fight one more battle for your love. Ishita says thank you word is so small, it was not possible if you were not there.

FB shows Ishita taking Raman in her car. She says I m taking you to hospital, you will be alright. She stops the car, seeing a car in front. Sudha gets down the car. Ishita sees Sudha. Sudha says you here, where are you going. Ishita says Raman is bleeding, I have to take him to hospital. Sudha says no, you are not in a state to drive, I will drive. They reach hospital. Doctor says Raman had much blood loss, let us do our work, Sudha ji explain her. Sudha says Ishita, let doctors do their work. Raman gets treated. Ishita cries. Sudha asks what happened, tell me.

She says its easy for you to trust me, but trust me, I realized my mistakes, when I went to London, I fell lonely, Rohan regarded you mum, really sorry, I have hurt you all a lot, if I was with my children that time… She cries. Ishita says please don’t blame yourself, I m not angry on you, Karan always supports me, its your values, I don’t doubt you, Raman’s life is in danger, someone is trying to kill him, he was travelling in a flight, flight got crashed, he wasn’t on board, someone kidnapped him, even I was kidnapped, children saved me, kidnapper called me to meet Raman on building’s 18 floor, alone, I thought I will see Raman, he pushed Raman down. Sudha gets shocked. She asks do you doubt someone. Ishita says no, Raman got saved, if he knows this, how will we save him, I want to tell the family, but I don’t know who is doing this, I don’t want anyone to know that Raman is alone, I just want to protect you.

Doctor says sorry, Raman has slipped in coma. Ishita and Sudha get shocked. She asks can I see him. Doctor says no, its best you don’t see him now, his face has many wounds and scars, he fell down the building, we have to file police complaint. Sudha says no, none should know this, I take the responsibility of him. Doctor says okay. Sudha consoles Ishita. She says we have to think how to save Raman from attacker. FB ends. Ishita says I don’t know what to do, I knew his enemy, who is after his life, I just had to save him from everyone, but thank God, when he was in hospital, Shardul came as an angel in my life.

Ishita saying you have trained Shardul to become Raman and also convinced the doctors, you made that marks on Shardul’s face to convince everyone, you did a lot. Sudha says you have done a lot for my son Karan, you loved him as his mum, I m repenting, Shardul helped us a lot, Raman is safe because of him. Ishita says Shardul is really good, I feel bad for him, he is living as Raman with a hope that Raman gets fine soon, I thought Natasha will expose Shardul, but thank God you exposed Shardul’s hair sample with Raman’s sample, which proved that Shardul is Raman. FB shows Sudha hearing Natasha. She says their plan can’t succeed, never, we can’t reveal Raman’s identity. She thanks someone and says you got the sample for the tests, make sure the test results are positive. She sees Sunil and acts. She says thanks, you will get money in your account, you have done a big favor on me. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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