Friday Update on This is Love 17th July 2020


Friday Update on This is Love 17th July 2020

Raman saying you can’t shield Yug by blaming the kidnapper always. Mani says someone would have changed the quotation and blamed you, what if this is not the case. Yug says then I will apologize to everyone. Mani says I will find out the truth. Ishita says if Yug didn’t do mistake, we will be wrong, and even if he did a mistake, he is our son.

Raman says you go and explain him, he has fled from the scene, when the company badly needs him. Ishita smiles. Raman asks why are you smiling. She says you said, our son. Simmi says yes. Ishita says it felt good, you still consider him as our son, I m sure you love him. Raman says I lose control and say anything. Ishita says don’t say such things, promise me that we will bring him back and change him. Raman agrees. Sunil

asks Natasha why is she being sweet to Tara.
She says I thought to make a women team with Tara. He asks why will they show sympathy to Tara. She says they don’t know Tara, I heard, Mrs. Bhalla reads Katha, we will send Tara there, Ishita won’t disallow her, I will also enter the house. He asks her to make Shardul break her fake fast. She says of course, I have to look the most pretty today. Raman and Ishita come home. Mrs. Bhalla asks where are Aaliya and Yug. Ishita says Yug was helping Aaliya in her big order. Mrs. Bhalla gives Sargi to Ishita. Raman says I have to do my work, I m glad that Sudha has come here. He asks Ruhi to take some rest. He goes. Sudha asks didn’t Yug agree. Ishita says no, they fought again, they aren’t ready to talk. Sudha says I can understand, we will find a solution soon.

Simmi says when you and Raman weren’t here, Natasha came here again. Ishita says what shall I do of Raman and Yug, give me some solution. Sudha says you are fasting, don’t take stress. Karan says I will put sense in Yug’s mind. Sudha says no, you might end up fighting with him, Mani is with him, we need to give Yug some time, once they calm down, we will explain them. Arijit says sorry, I missed your call, tell me. Natasha says I m fine, I have kept Karwachauth fast, we are going to hear Katha at Bhalla house. He says I gave you the idea to use Tara. Natasha says yes. She apologizes to Tara. Tara says its not your mistake, I can understand, you suffer mood swings, Sunil told me about your depression. Natasha asks her to come. Tara says we are tenants here, should we go there. Natasha says we are also invited, they are friendly, trust me. The lady compliments Ruhi. Tara comes and asks can I join if you don’t mind.

They allow her. Natasha says thanks for making us part of puja. Mihika says you are not invited here, just go. Natasha says don’t keep annoyance today. Ishita asks her to leave. Natasha asks her what did she say. Sudha comes and says you can stay and go after the Katha. Natasha thanks her. Sudha says sorry, I did this so that Natasha doesn’t create a scene, make sure she stays away from Raman. They all exchange the suhaagan plate in the ritual. Ishita goes. Natasha thinks she wanted me to leave and left now.

Ishita goes to Raman and says Natasha has come, everything will be fine when you are not at home, you run away now. He asks why will I run. She says she will do the same drama again. He asks how will I go. Simmi gets a chunri and asks him to cover his face by chunri. He says I can’t do this. They ask him to wear it and go. Ishita says we will make Natasha do puja. Mrs. Bhalla asks everyone to close eyes and pray for their husband’s long life. Simmi signs Karan. Raman goes out.

Raman leaving. Everyone opens eyes. Mrs. Bhalla starts Katha. The lady compliments her. Natasha thinks where is Shardul. She tries to go to Raman’s room. Simmi and Sudha smile. Ishita stops Natasha and asks where are you going. Natasha says you scared me, I m going to washroom. Ishita asks her to go to her house. Natasha says I can’t wait, I m just going to use washroom. She goes and looks for Raman. Ishita says he isn’t here, look around. Simmi scolds Natasha. Sudha asks Natasha to get out now. Natasha says I won’t go until I meet Shardul. She shouts Shardul, where are you, come out. Tara asks her not to stop crazy and just come. Natasha shouts. Tara says she is ill, so she is behaving like this. She takes Natasha home.

Tara asks what happened to you. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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