Friday Update on The Power of Love 29th July 2022


Friday Update on The Power of Love 29th July 2022

Bondita keeping her things in her room. Anirudh thinks of Saudamini and cries. Saudamini says its much painful, Anirudh’s love will be poison for me. Dida says he will come to talk to you, he wants to tell you about his feelings. Saudamini says if we shared the love, we should share the pain as well. Dida says you lost love, will you lose the friendship. Saudamini says I just want my love, not friendship. She shuts the door and cries. Bondita keeps her clothes on the beg. She thinks to sleep on the couch. She says how will I sleep alone, I m habitual to sleep with Sampoorna. She gets scared seeing the curtains. She misses Maa. Anirudh comes to his room and sees Bondita’s clothes and stuff on the bed. She sleeps on the couch and calls out Maa. She feels cold. He covers her up with the blanket. He goes. Rishta tera mera….plays…. He takes the pillow and goes out. He sleeps on the sofa. Its morning, Bondita wakes up. She says Maa will come after rituals, I will ask my husband to do rituals fast.

She gets scared and sees the wet couch. She says I have made the bedding drenched, who will save me now, they will make fun of me. Batuk comes and knocks the door. Bondita hides. She cries. Batuk says I don’t like that girl, she will do something wrong. Anirudh asks Dida to give him a chance to meet Saudamini, he wants to say why did he do this. He says I will accept her decision, I can share her pain. Dida says she won’t meet you, her dad went out, you come when her dad comes home, I m here with her, I won’t let you hurt her, go. He goes. Bondita says how did he know that I will do something wrong, Mami told that my husband will throw me out if this happens, what shall I do now, I will wash clothes and come, no one will know why did my clothes get wet, but how shall I go, that boy is standing outside, what if he comes in and sees, he will tell everyone. She sees the window. She thinks to go from there. She says I have to hide the wet bedding also.

She covers it up with some pillows and cushions. She says I will take bath and come, then I will see what to do. She throws her clothes out of the window. She gets down the window by using a saree. She sees some women going to the river shore. She thinks to go there. She runs after the women. Saudamini asks did Anirudh come. Dida says no. Saudamini says but, why do I feel that he came here. Dida says you don’t know his love, you told him to go to his wife, did you forget, why would he come here, its his life’s new start, maybe they both are getting ready for rituals. Saudamini cries. She goes. Bondita changes clothes and washes old saree. She says how will I wash this. Sampoorna sees her and calls her out. Bondita runs to her and hugs. Saurabh’s mum and Kaki see Bondita and ask why did she come here to take a bath and wash clothes. Bondita says I was alone and got scared, the bedding got wet, I didn’t tell anyone and came to take bath here. Sampoor says I have come, I will wash your saree. Saurabh’s mum calls her. Sampoorna says I will wash clothes and come. Saurabh’s mum says fine. Bondita says now no one will know about it.

Trilochan asks Bihari to go and see if Bondita woke up, he will not compromise with the rituals. He scolds Bihari. Anirudh stops Bihari. Binoy looks on. Anirudh says when that girl isn’t bahu, then will the rituals happen, she is just my responsibility. Trilochan says she is your wife for the world, will you tell the world that she is your responsibility, Binoy gave you a last chance, you don’t listen, all the rituals will be kept. He asks Bihari to wake up Bahurani. Bihari goes. Trilochan asks Anirudh to get ready for rasam. Sampoorna washes the saree. Bondita says there is no woman in my Sasural. Sampoorna tells about her mum in law. Bondita says don’t tell anyone, my husband is strange. Anirudh says I won’t become part of any rasam. Sampoorna asks Bondita to take care.

Bondita says Maa said she will come soon, until then… Sampoorna says I m with you, I will wash your clothes and tie the saree. Bihari looks for Bondita in the room. He says where did she go, why did she keep pillows here, Anirudh is angry, he may slap me. Trilochan shouts out. Sampoorna says everyone will know if the bed starts stinking, go home fast and hide that chair fast. Bondita says yes. Bihari says Bondita isn’t in room. Trilochan asks where did she go, did anyone see her. Somnath says check in kitchen, she maybe eating food. Batuk says I didn’t see her. Anirudh says where can she go. He asks Binoy what did you do, did you send her somewhere, I won’t tolerate this tie. Binoy throws newspaper and says we are tolerating this, I didn’t see her. Anirudh says where did she go.

The men coming to the ghat. Sampoorna says we have to leave from here. Batuk says that girl is naughty. Anirudh says I will go and see, else I have to go to police station. Trilochan asks them to find Bondita. Bondita comes home and jumps inside the window to get into her room. Anirudh opens the door and sees her. Bihari sees her again. She thinks I got caught. Bondita asks him to scold her if he wants. Anirudh asks why will I scold you, you are doing exercise. He scolds Bihari.

Bihari says she wasn’t in room. Anirudh asks how did she come here. Bihari signs don’t know. Bondita asks do you know such magic. Anirudh asks did she jump from the window. Anirudh says there is some bad smell here, you think I won’t know it. She thinks he will see the wet bed now. Bihari goes to check the chair. Bondita worries. Anirudh says its your hair oil’s bad smell, don’t apply this oil. She gets relieved. Anirudh says go and wash your hair. He says give breakfast to this girl and give her guest room, get my room cleaned, until then I will be in study. She thinks they will know my secret. She says no, I won’t go, am I a guest here. Anirudh says no. She says why can’t I stay here, let me stay here. He says fine, you stay here. Bihari asks where will you stay. Anirudh says I will live in study, make my bedding there. He goes. He comes to Trilochan and says Bondita is in the room. Trilochan shouts on him. He asks how can she stay with you in the room. Anirudh says we aren’t husband and wife, that girl will stay in my room, I will stay in the study. Trilochan shouts Bihari. Bihari comes and falls in his feet. He cries and jokes.

He says Bondita wasn’t in the room and then she was in the room when Anirudh checked, there is something fishy, everyone knows black magic in the village. Bondita says I have to dry up this chair, then it won’t stink, but this looks heavy, I won’t be able to lift this. She gets some idea. She likes the perfume. She says its good, what would they call this. She sprays perfume on the chair. She says now there is no perfume in the room, now none will know it.

Batuk says Bondita finished all the mangoes. Anirudh shows wooden mango and asks Batuk is he saying about it. Binoy says don’t complain about that girl, she is the owner of the house now, Anirudh you will have to pay a price for this. Anirudh shuts the door. Trilochan says Anirudh has to accept that girl, so I have sent invites for the relatives. Bondita does aarti. Trilochan scolds her. She says I had taken a bath in the morning, else it would get known that bed…. Trilochan says what do you mean, tell me. She says mum said I shouldn’t sleep till late on the bed. Trilochan says good, she taught you values. Bondita says yes, eating food after the husband eats his food, considering him Lord, Maa used to say that I will bring a storm in my Sasural, but did I do anything wrong. She laughs. Trilochan asks is it necessary to laugh. She says you rhymed words nicely, I also know it. He says be quiet, you are Bondita Roy Choudhary now, you have become eldest bahu, you have to aarti and puja every morning, I won’t hear any excuse, start now. Binoy asks Somnath to go and see how is Saudamini. Batuk goes to eat prasad. Bondita asks him not to come if he didn’t take bath. Trilochan scolds him and asks him to take bath, else he won’t get food. She jokes. Trilochan and Bondita sing the aarti. Anirudh hears them.

Saudamini cries. Dida says look who came to meet you. Saudamini sees Somnath. Dida asks Somnath to see her, she didn’t eat food since night, she may fall unwell, convince her now. Somnath says Baudi, I can’t tell Baudi to anyone, except you. She asks how does she look, is she pretty. He asks who. She says Anirudh’s wife, tell me, is she more pretty than me. Somnath asks would Anirudh like to see you like this, I m sending food, have it. She says stop, I have to give a gift to Anirudh, don’t refuse. He nods.

Bondita touches Binoy’s feet and greets him. She says I know you are my Sasur ji, I look like my mum, Anirudh looks like you, give me a reward if I m right. Binoy goes. Trilochan says I have to make her know the family. Somnath comes and says Saudamini returned your memories. Anirudh gets sad. Somnath asks why are you hurt, you have chosen your life partner. Anirudh asks do you see the happiness of marriage on my face. Somnath cries. Anirudh asks will anyone understand my pain, go away. Somnath asks what did you do, you are also not happy, Saudamini Baudi… Didi isn’t happy, no one is happy at home, why did you do this. Anirudh cries. Somnath goes. Trilochan introduces Batuk to Bondita. She asks Batuk to touch her feet.

Batuk asks why. She says I m taller than you, you need my blessings right. Somnath comes. She goes to touch his feet. Trilochan asks are you in senses, he is Somnath, Anirudh’s younger brother, you can’t touch his feet. Bondita says he is elder to me and taller also. Trilochan says girl’s status is by husband’s status, you are bigger than them in status. Bondita says then he has to touch my feet. Somnath asks why, no, I won’t call her Baudi. Bondita says then call me Bondita, Somnath Dada, Anirudh is missing, find him, I have to touch his feet. Batuk says you will be lost in the big haveli. Trilochan asks her to go to study and take Anirudh’s blessing. Anirudh cries seeing the memories. Phool phool…..plays…. He thinks of Saudamini.