Friday Update on The Frontliners 27th August 2021


Friday Update on The Frontliners 27th August 2021

Ishani saying I need to talk to you. Sid shouts on her. He thinks I m helpless to make you away, its tough for me to hurt you, I m more hurt, I m doing this for you. Anjali comes in Sanjivani, wearing red saree. Everyone stares at her. The ward boy greets her and falls on her smile. Vardaan gets stunned seeing Anjali. He smiles. She collides with him. He thinks Shashank and Juhi’s dance has made my work easy. Anjali goes to her cabin and picks the earrings. He recalls Vardaan and her moment. Shashank comes there.

She greets him and asks how do I look, new clothes, new attitude, new me. He asks where were you last night. She says outside. He asks where did you go, I called you many times, you just sent a message for me. She says yes, I can just say that I wasn’t alone. She asks him to sit. He says I know you are not a kid, you have grown up, we stay in the same house, you didn’t hide anything, this secret shouldn’t be there. She says children expect the same from parents, parents don’t do this. She goes for a duty call. Sid says you don’t need the surgery. The boy asks him to treat him well. Ishani comes. Sid asks what are you doing here, who will see the new patient. The patient says Ishani came here on my saying, you said I will get fine well, I have made this for her. He gives her a friendship band. She says its cute. Sid gets jealous and reacts.

She says he is just a boy. Sid says he isn’t a boy. The boy says I m not a kid. She says you are jealous, why do you hurt others. Sid asks her to focus on her work, else he will take strict action on her. Asha looks on. She takes Ishani with her and hugs. Ishani cries and says what did I do, I know what Sid feels for me, what is his problem. Asha says he isn’t doing this right, don’t cry. Ishani says I will go to him until I get my answers. Judaai….plays… Sid recalls her and cries. She thinks of him and cries. He recalls sitting in the mandap. He gets shocked by a news. He runs and finds the bride injured. She dies in the accident. He lifts her and walks, crying.

Sid hugs the sherwani and says I kept this with me to remind myself that I won’t let anyone come close to me, whatever happens, I will make you away from me Ishani, we have love between us, but there won’t be any love story. Rahil and Asha drink coffee. Rahil asks her to relax, the patient is taken to OT. She says a person does a lot for the love of his life. He says true, still we have a price for it. She thinks of Ishani. He thinks of Sid. They sadly talk. She says Vardaan may see us. She goes. Vardaan says Shashank, the arrow is hitting right, a big hit is necessary, just Shashank will be losing in this war. Sid keeps the sherwani and goes to check the door. He sees Ishani. She says I won’t go until I get my answers. He shuts the face and says this is your answer. She says this is not Sanjivani, I m not your junior here, I won’t go until you talk to me.

Ishani saying I won’t go until you talk to me. She thinks I won’t go, whatever happens. Sid cleans few things. Guddu says I know you are sad, that’s why you are doing good, I m hungry, I will go in and eat, there are big rats outside, even the cat got scared of the rats. Ishani says whatever comes, lizard or rat, I won’t leave, I know Sid would be worried. Sid thinks Ishani is obsessed with cleanliness, she will run away seeing the insects. He asks Guddu to call his rats. Guddu says Ishani won’t go, what’s the matter, she is your friend, why are you not letting her come in, tell me.

Juhi sees Shashank and smiles. Vardaan looks on. He comes to Juhi and says when I look at you two, it makes me believe the feeling of made for each other, I know it all, I know everything, your story is so cute, Veer Zaara types, far since many years and still close. Shashank asks Vardaan what’s wrong with you, its personal matter. Vardaan laughs and says how cute. Shashank says stay out of it. Vardaan says sorry, the fire of love in your eyes, how will you hide this from public. Shashank holds his collar. Juhi says let it be, its a hospital. Shashank leaves Vardaan. Vardaan says she said once and you agreed.

Shashank says why don’t you get lost. They go. Vardaan says they both got upset, my plan is working, my life got ruined because of Shashank, now see what I do with his life. Sid sees Ishani from window and hides. Ishani finishes the work call. She says I have seen you, stop the drama and come out to talk to me, we are adults, discuss the issue with me, you aren’t so bad. Sid says I m bad and want to stay bad, just go away, please. Anjali asks Asha to inform her about the case. Vardaan says you know the rules well, shift the patient, I can’t keep him if he can’t pay the bills. Anjali says fine, I will shift him. She sends Asha. She says teenagers have better excuses than this, that patient has taken discharge already. Vardaan says you would have made a better detective than doctor, so coffee? She asks him to come to cafeteria. He says even teenagers know the meaning of coffee. She asks him to wait in the car. He says lets bet, you will reach my car within 5mins. She says lets see.

Guddu asks Ishani what happened. She says sorry to trouble you. He jokes. He says ever since Sid has come out, he took some clothes from cupboard and kept crying, he didn’t know that I have seen him. Ishani asks what clothes. Sid asks him not to talk to Ishani, she isn’t his friend. Ishani shouts to Sid. Guddu asks how can you treat a friend like this. Sid says she isn’t my friend. Tu hi meri shab…plays… Ishani cleans the place and sits. Sid stays worried for her. She gets Rahil’s call. He asks where are you, your patient is critical, come fast. Ishani says we aren’t imp than this. She goes to Sanjivani. Rahil says he is fine now. She asks him to show reports. He says its okay. She says you did this on Sid’s saying, Sid would be calling Vardaan to ask him to keep me busy, don’t joke about my job, I don’t even want to see his face now, tell this to him. She goes. Sid hears her on call. He thinks your feelings should end, anger doesn’t hurt.

Juhi is outside Shashank’s cabin. Shashank says come in, Juhi. She asks how did you know that I m standing outside, did you see me on CCTV app. Shashank says you think I keep spying, its your fragrance, your perfume arrives before you. She says many patients like this perfume. He says many of them complained of migraine and asthma too. She says then Vardaan would be happy, I m increasing the hospital bill, what work do you have, why did you call me. He asks what’s the hurry, you have a lot of work, I m also busy, many of my questions hasn’t been answered. She says I can’t give some answers. He says love. She stops and asks what.

He says its a strange word, I had explained you the meaning of this word, what do you think, should the oncology conference be organized in the hospital. She says yes. He asks why are you confused, you know what the answer is. She asks what are you doing, you are confusing me. He says I have asked you this many times, you want to discuss it with Vardaan. He says I don’t want Vardaan to get involved, you should decide, so what’s the answer, you aren’t concentrating on work, I have noticed you staring at me, it feels good at this age, but you should focus on my work, so what’s the answer. She says yes. He says good, what were you saying. She says some questions’ answers get understood without saying it, I think you should be thinking about it, does Juhi deserve to know, do I deserve to know?

The man gets coffee. Shashank says Juhi, do you want to have coffee or not. He says thanks, I have taken the decision for Juhi, have coffee. She smiles. Sid comes to hospital and sees Ishani. He thinks she will ask me again. She passes by. He thinks what happened to her, she left without talking to me, this is not less than a miracle, its right, let her hate you. The man says Ishani has met with an accident. Sid gets shocked and recalls Malvika’s accident.

Astha prays for Anjali to get her identity back, she has bear a lot and its time that she gets only happiness. She prays that Anjali gets her children’s love and Niranjan should respect her. Niranjan says its time to take a big step, and bring my respect, and status back in this house, else everything