Friday Update on The Frontliners 24th September 2021


Friday Update on The Frontliners 24th September 2021

Sanjivani 6th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on
The Episode starts with Sid talking to Rahil about the evidence. Rahil says maybe Neil can help us in opening that disk. Sid says I will meet you at the hospital. He leaves. Roshni says Sid, you should know about Shashank, you are his son, this is happening because the person is taking revenge on Dr. Shashank, you should know this matter. Ishani stops the car and asks Neeti to get in for a talk. Neeti gets in.

Ishani asks why are you doing this, we have a relation with the patient, when the patient gets ill, he needs emotional support. She says your younger brothers make online video, I saw you in that video and came here, Sid is like your brother, even then you did this, he may be going to jail, would you do this with your real brother. Neeti says I m helpless to say this, that man is dangerous. Ishani says I know who he is, Vardaan, listen to me, come with me and tell the truth, we need you, Sid and I will ensure that nothing happens with you. Neeti says no, let me go.

Ishani says Shashank is coming tomorrow…. Juhi gets the cabin cleaned. She says Shashank is coming back, I can’t believe it, come back soon, I m waiting for you. She smiles. Anjali gets Shashank’s message. She reads… I m getting a saree for you, hope you like it. She says I don’t want anything, just come back soon, we will always have issues, what is imp is I m your daughter, you will get much stress here, I m with you, just come dad…..

Vardaan says finally, your revenge will get completed Didi. Roshni says Shashank is coming, Sid’s dad, when Sid learns this, how will he feel. She thinks Sid should know why is this happening with him. Sid says how would Shashank react knowing this, he treated me like a son always, he used to hug me happily on my successful surgery, I wish he hugs me. Ishani says when he knows you are innocent, he will hug you. Vardaan thinks Shashank will come and get ruined. Roshni says I have to talk to Shashank and tell him about his relation with Sid, I have to get courage to face him. Vardaan and Sid collide. Vardaan taunts him to be careful. Sid says Shashank will not let you win in your cheap plans, once Shashank comes, then we will see. He goes. Vardaan says yes, we will see, you can try, I have the control in my hand. Roshni comes to the hospital and says I have to talk to Shashank.

Neil says Sid helps everyone, who is framing Sid. Rahil says Sid will be proved innocent. Vardaan, Juhi and Anjali wait for Shashank. Everyone waits near the door. Vardaan says just come Shashank. Roshni comes there. Sid asks why did you come. She says sorry. He says no need to say sorry, I m your son. She thinks I have to tell truth to Shashank and then you. She says I have come to meet Shashank. Sid says why, suddenly, fine come with me. They sit. Sid asks what’s the reason. Roshni says no, you are in problem because of me, I can’t see you hurt, I want to tell you something, Shashank…..

Juhi asks what are you saying… She goes and plays the tv. They see an accident news of bridge collapse near the international airport. Anjali says Shashank was coming b that route. She calls Shashank. Juhi asks her not to worry, Shashank would be fine. Roshni prays. Vardaan says no Shashank, you have to live, my revenge is still incomplete. Rahil says my friend said its a terrible accident, there are many casualties. Neil says I asked my reporter friend about Shashank’s car, she said many people are involved, she can’t say anything. Juhi says we shall not be negative. They see an ambulance coming. Rahil says maybe they are bringing patients here. They rush and check the patients. Anjali says where are you dad…. Sid says Shashank and his driver’s numbers are unreachable. They see Shambu injured. Shambu cries and says Anjali madam, Sir… Anjali asks what happened. Shambu says Sir is no more. They all get shocked.

Sid taking care of Roshni. Anjali recalls Shashank’s words. She thinks dad didn’t say that he is going forever. She asks why are they crying, everyone to get to work, things are fine. They all cry. Sid asks what did this happen, Shashank is very imp for me, I wanted to talk to him. Roshni asks how shall I say what you have lost. Rahil says we got a call that casualties are being brought here and… Neil says and Shashank’s body also. Everyone cries. Vardaan angrily ruins his cabin and shouts how can you die, how will I take revenge, you have to live, everyone is lying. He cries seeing his sister’s pic. He says I did a lot for your revenge, Shashank is dead, no … Shashank should be alive so that I ruin him.

Sid says Shashank was my mentor, I was an intern here, he took care of me, I feel like I lost someone’s blessings. Roshni thinks to tell him the truth. She says Shashank is your…. Juhi falls down. Everyone runs to her. Anjali says I think she got a panic attack. Sid asks the nurse to take Juhi. Ishani says more patients are coming, we have to go in emergency ward. Sid sees the patients. Sid and Ishani cry and hug. He says I was missing Shashank a lot. Juhi thinks of Shashank. Anjali asks her why is she stressed, how can she believe this, is love such, nothing happened to dad. Anjali goes to see other patients. Juhi is treated.

Sid asks Lord why did he snatch Shashank from his life. Ishani says I can’t believe this. Sid says he wasn’t less than a dad for me. The staff does their work and cry for Shashank. Everyone thinks of Shashank and misses him. Sid shouts I want an answer, why did this happen. She asks him to calm down. Sid says I want an answer. Roshni thinks I have to tell Sid that Shashank is his dad. Everyone goes out and sees Shashank’s dead body. Sid asks Shashank to open eyes. He says brain doesn’t become dead many times, you would have heard about reviving the body, like Juhi revived Ishani by CPR, we can revive Shashank, he will listen to me.

Ishani shouts Sid, leave him, he is no more. Sid says ask him to get up. Sid says no…. Dr. Shashank get up. He hugs Shashank’s body and cries. Juhi recalls Shashank’s words. She gets up and says I have to go. Philo stops her. Anjali sees the dead body and cries. She says dad….. get up, talk to me, who will feel proud of my achievements, who will scold me on my mistakes, get up and talk to me. She asks Sid to tell him to get up. Juhi comes there. She says no…. Everyone cries for Shashank. Vardaan comes downstairs. He sees the dead body. He sees everyone crying. He asks why Dr. Shashank, you left us this way, why, so much is left incomplete. Ishani looks at him.