Friday Update on Strange Love 3rd September 2021


Friday Update on Strange Love 3rd September 2021

Ankush saying your dad is not at home. Kalindi and Ajju are shocked. Astha says give phone to Aai. Kalindi takes the call and Ankush says he did not tell anything, as he has no plans to keep relation with her. Kalindi says yes Asthu. Ankush laughs. Astha asks who was it. Kalindi says workers at home. Astha says I want to talk to dad about land. Kalindi says he did not come from office, I will talk later. Astha says lets go driver. Ankush says you lied to clean, even lie detector won’t get you, if you make mistake, then nothing, if I make mistake, you give me lectures. He leaves.

Kalindi says when Astha and her family knows then? She prays that this does not affect Astha. Ajju asks her to trust Bappa. Astha waits for the driver as the car broke down and says she will inform Shlok that she is stuck here, as he also came for seeing the land. She tries taking lift. Shlok comes there and is shocked seeing Astha. He asks what is she doing here, is she mad. She says I came to see land and you. He says I also came to see land and was going back. He says you should have got someone with you. She says she can take care of herself.

Shlok says then fine take care. She stops him holding his hand and says I will go with you. He says request me, say please. She says please. He says with love. She says ok and keeps her arms around his neck and asks him to take her with him. He says Nautanki, come. She sits in the car and kisses on his cheek. He says whats this. She says its after seeing you, what else I can do. They leave. She asks him to switch off the AC as she is feeling cold. He does not. She insists. He gets down the car and gives her towel to dry her hair. She dries her hair. Khuda……………….plays……………….. He looks at her. They have an eyelock.

Sojal asks Anjali to come and have food. Anjali says no and is worried for Astha. Sojal asks her to call and see. Anjali says she taught me video calling. Sojal says yes, lets try, Varad also taught me. Anjali holds her hand. Astha gets the call. They sit in the car. Astha is glad that Anjali did video calling. Anjali asks when is she coming. Astha says she is fine and is with handsome guy, in his car. Anjali and Sojal get tensed and are happy seeing its Shlok. Astha asks how is the guy. Shlok takes the phone and ends the call. Astha covers herself as she is feeling cold.

He asks her to drink wine. She says wow, great suggestion, if I don’t like you drinking, why will I drink. He says then shiver. Its night, Ankush thinks about Astha and gets an idea. He says he will use Astha and scare Kalindi. He brings a gift and Kalindi asks for whom is it. Ankush says I got into family drama by being here in this house, this gift is for dear sister Astu. Kalindi is shocked.

Ankush says why is she tensed when he is doing something good, I m going to Astu’s house to give her a grand surprise. I m sure she will be very happy knowing she has a long lost brother. Kalindi says you won’t go. He says he has to go, don’t waste my time, I have to get ready. He leaves. Kalindi goes after him. Anjali tells Sojal that she is relieved seeing Astha with Shlok. Sojal says Shlok is lucky to have Astha as his wife, he has love in his eyes. Niranjan hears them talking. Kalindi tells Ankush that he won’t go anywhere and won’t tell Astha.

He asks why is she worried by this, don’t follow me, I feel some black shadow is following me. She says you won’t go. He says if you want me not to do this, then give my property back, stay happily ever after. She says don’t blackmail me taking my daughter’s name, I won’t be afraid, till you fulfill your condition, I won’t give property. Ankush says you should be ashamed, you are the foundation of this lie building, if you are good, give me my property back. He says see what I do, and if you don’t agree, then I will tell her everything. He gives her the empty gift box and leaves. Kalindi thinks she will change him.

Shlok and Astha’s car stops and its plenty of water on the roads. Shlok checks his car. He gets Niranjan’s car and says my car broke down, we are stuck here, there is no mechanic here, its good I came here, I got Astha here. Niranjan says but…… Astha says its such a good weather , we are at right place. Niranjan hears this and says its presentation tomorrow, its important day. Shlok says I know, I will try to come soon. Astha asks Shlok to end call and come here. Niranjan ends the call in anger. Astha calls Shlok and shouts. He comes to her.

He says do you think this is romantic, I m in tension how will we spend night here. She says when did I say this. How did you hear it. She touches him and says are you getting romantic. They look at each other. Kalindi is tensed. Avdhoot asks her to come and sleep, its 12 now, when Ankush comes, I will open the door. Ankush rings the bell. She says you won’t open the door. He says move, he came. Ankush rings the bell and asks her to open the door. He says Maate, see your Raavan has come. Avdhoot asks Kalindi to move. Kalindi is adamant and says no. She looks at him through the window.

Avdhoot says its so cold outside, he might feel cold. She says yes, is this time to come back home, he is drunk. Ankush says bandit queen, open the door else I will break it, then don’t say I did not warn. Kalindi says she won’t open the door, stay out all night, good guys from good families don’t come late. He says good joke, my mum is not a good woman, she run away leaving my dad, so how can I be good. He says open the door else I will create issue in society. She says she won’t open door, do anything. Avdhoot says whats his madness, open the door. She says she will keep him out whole night.

Ankush says you don’t know me, I can do your loss. Kalindi says fine, do what you want. Ankush starts banging. Niranjan says Astha will try to make up to Shlok, which I don’t want, I separated them, this closeness is not good. I can’t lose to Astha. I have to do something that Shlok can’t even bear Astha.

Ankush knocking on the door asking Kalindi to open the door. He pushes the door and comes in. Avdhoot tells Kalindi that he asked her to open to door. Ankush is in drunkard state and praises Avdhoot for bearing Kalindi. Avdhoot takes Ankush to his room. Kalindi looks on tensed.

Astha and Shlok are standing on the road. Shlok calls Anand and asks him to book a cab. Shlok asks him about the nearby hotel. Astha says, it is so boring and asks him to bring tent from his car. Shlok gives an angry look and goes to bring tent. He brings and places it. He asks Astha to sleep in the car and he will sleep inside the tent. Astha insists to sleep inside the tent and says she wishes to sleep inside. Shlok is surprised. He says, your wish is like you. He lifts her and takes her to the car. He asks her to sleep there. Astha gets angry at him. She calls him Khadoos. She starts shouting saying snake is inside. Shlok takes her out and looks for snake. Shlok tells her that snake was not there. Astha says she is saying truth and asks him to come. Shlok calls her nautanki. They sit in the tent.

Shlok takes out brandy and asks her to drink it. Astha refuses and says she don’t drink wine. Shlok says, it is not wine, but brandy. He starts drinking. Astha thinks Shlok doesn’t care for her and feels cold. She takes a bottle and drinks it. She says it is like a medicine, very bitter. She insists to drink some more, feels relieved.

Astha looks at Shlok as she feels drowsy. She comes close to him and says you are ignoring a beautiful wife. She asks how can you ignore me? Shlok removes his shoes. Astha says, I am still feeling cold. She drinks more brandy. Shlok takes the bottle from her hand and says you have really gone mad. Astha laughs. She comes out and throws bottle cap on Shlok. She starts dancing on the song Maine Hooton Se Lagayi Toh Hungama Hogaya……………………………..She takes Shlok’s hand and dance with him. The dance sequence is funny.

Shlok lifts her in his arms and gets inside the tent. Astha starts laughing. Shlok asks her to sleep. Astha holds his hand and gets closer. Saiyaave Plays………………Shlok gets lost in her eyes. He gets romantic and kisses her. They get closer. Astha sees snake and shouts. Shlok asks, where is it? Astha says, it is outside. Shlok looks around and says, there is nothing there. Astha hugs him and asks him to hold her tightly. They sleep in the tent.

Anjali is restless and waits eagerly for Astha. She gets worried. Sojal brings shawl and asks Anjali not to worry as Shlok is with her. Anjali tells her that she is worried for both of them. Sojal asks her to sleep.

Astha is sleeping on Shlok’s chest. She opens her eyes and sees snake on Shlok’s leg. She gets scared. Shlok wakes up and sees the snake moving on his leg. Astha holds the snake and runs out. She throws it. Shlok comes out and says it is gone. Astha shouts. She says, I saw it before too. It was on your leg. She gets scared and hugs him. Shlok tells her that it will not come back. Shlok asks, you said that you gets scared of snake then why did you hold it. Astha says, my fears are not more than your life. I would have died if anything happens to you. Shlok gets moved by her heart touching words.