Friday Update on Promised love 30th April 2021


Friday Update on Promised love 30th April 2021

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A man insulting Azaan in the bar and asks him to just entertain the customers. He says it is not fun to watch you and asks him to send his wife. Azaan gets angry and hits him. Noor asks Razia to get up and says you had enough of rest, just wake up and see what happened to this Palace. She says Azaan lied to you, he thinks that you can’t bear the truth, but we can’t change it. She says the Palace which was your pride and Bhopal’s honor…she says I will tell you the truth and asks her to come with her. She makes Razia sit and says we will start from your room. She says you think that this room and walls are same like before, but the world outside this room is ruined.

You have to see it. Rubina sees that and thinks what is she doing? Noor makes Razia sit on the wheelchair and says I am doing this for you and this house. The manager stops Azaan. Azaan tells him that the guy was talking badly about Shayra. He says I have a problem if anyone misbehaves with any girl. Manager says I tried to make you understand yesterday also. The guy says you didn’t know whom you have troubled. Azaan gets a call and leaves.

Rubina calls Khalid. Khalid asks if your Ammi died? Rubina says Noor is troubling badi ammi and you are cursing my mother. They see Noor bringing Razia out.

Khalid asks Noor not to do wrong with Razia. Dilruba and Mashuqa request Noor not to switch on the lights. Noor says she will do, what she wants to. She switches on the lights and asks Razia to see begum mahal and its truth. Mashuqa says you are very bad. Noor says I am bad girl of Bhopal, but not liar like you. She says all the hall is empty. Khalid says it is empty as it is cleaned up. Noor says everything is sold out. He says all the mahal is empty, your home has become poor. She says this is Khalid and the girl with him is his wife.

She says people are burning idol of you and Azaan, as Adil took a hefty amount of loan on your name which made them in debt. She says this house was about to get sold too. She says your son has become fakeer now. Razia hears her. Noor says your respect, pride and prestige are over, just this life is remaining with bahu begum’s precious Pasa. She makes her wear it and says in this poor palace, only this last thing is left. She calls her yesterday’s bahu begum and today beggar. Khalid shouts Noor. Dilruba asks her not to say this. Noor says Razia and her son are beggars and they don’t have the shelter of their own. She tells that their house is bought by the Servant’s daughter.

She says your Palace is mine now, says you have burdened by my favors, I have bought this house by giving 1500 crores. He says even now Azaan is in debt, he neither works or sleep. He watches videos day and night and is drowned in the past. She says I forgot to tell you one thing, tells that he lies to you about Shayra. She says everything is lie, whatever he says. Rubina calls Azaan, but he doesn’t pick the call. Noor says everything was recorded calls, tells that Shayra doesn’t stay here anymore.

Noor tells that Shayra left 5 years back and will never return to this haveli. Azaan comes there and shouts Noor. He holds her hand and asks how dare you? Noor asks how dare you to hide this truth from your Ammi. Azaan says if the truth is bitter then shall be hidden. Noor says truth is like sun, if it is hidden then it is night. She says you have given 5 years night to your Ammi in gift. She holds him responsible for Razia’s condition, for Shayra’s absence in the house.Azaan is shocked.

Noor saying bad about Azaan and calls him worst son and bad husband. Azaan shouts Noor and holds her neck. Khalid asks him to leave Noor. Rubina stops him and says I will become the rani of the house. Noor says first you suffocated Shayra and now me. Dilruba says Noor will die and asks Razia to stop him. Razia says Azaan and has movement in her body. She is about to fall. Azaan rushes to her and calls her Ammi. Khalid asks him to take her to room. Noor holds the Pasa which fell down from Razia’s head. Doctor checks Razia and says something big might have happen which made her reacted. They ask if Razia will become fine.

Doctor says he hopes so and goes. Mashuqa and Dilruba go to make food for her. The doctor tells Azaan that he never asked him for fees before and tells that he has spent 10 lakhs for her treatment. Azaan says I appreciate that and asks him to give sometime to give the money. Doctor says ok and goes. Noor says sorry to Razia for her drama and says everything will be fine. She says this Pasa is yours and will always be yours. Someone hears them. Noor comes to the doctor and asks him to take his fees. Doctor is hesitant. Noor asks him to please take it and gives the cheque in his hand. He takes it and goes.

Noor picks the property papers and says you might be very angry and wanted to beat me with chappal, but you know that I am doing this for Azaan and badi ammi. She says if something happens to badi ammi then I can’t see everything shattering. Mashuqa and Dilruba ask if everything was drama. Noor asks which drama? Mashuqa asks her not to act more. Dilruba says we had understood that you have done drama with us too.

Noor gets emotional and apologizes to them for calling her motu/patlu. Mashuqa apologizes to her for calling her by bad names. They hug Noor. Khalid comes there and says we all are with you in this war. Noor says this war is not easy, we have to make bade ammi fine and make her bahu begum again. We have to bring back the Azaan who is lost and have to bring back the prestige of bahu begum. She says we can do this. Khalid says yes, surely. They say Ameen, Summa Ameen.

Azaan tells Razia that he is very happy to hear his name from her mouth. He says I am very happy. He sleeps sitting on her bed. Noor comes there and says good night bade ammi. She says I will make everything fine, this is Noor’s promise to you both. She sees Razia’s medicine and takes it with her. She calls someone and tells that bade ammi responded today. She says Azaan tried to suffocate me today, and asks the person on call to relax and says she will make everything fine.

Dilruba asks Azaan if he wants tea. Khalid says one thing is good, bade ammi reacted yesterday. Azaan calls Doctor, but he doesn’t pick the call. Rubina comes and blames Noor. Azaan says Ammi’s medicines are missing and that’s why I was calling Doctor to bring the medicine. He asks Dilruba to bring the phone. Noor comes and says he will not come. Azaan asks what do you mean? Noor says he will not come, I have cleared his fees and now he will not come. Azaan asks who asked you to do this? Rubina says if bade ammi dies.

Khalid scolds her. Azaan asks Noor not to interfere in their lives. He says I don’t know why you have enmity with me, but Ammi needs treatment. Just then door bell rings, Mashuqa opens the door. Doctor comes inside. Noor says he is doctor for your ammi. Azaan says he will not get his mother treated by any random doctor. Noor says that doctor was asking much money, so she called this doctor. She asks why to pay more money. Khalid says we shall let him check bade ammi. She tells Azaan that he might tell her sorry and thank you.

Doctor asks Azaan since when her treatment is going on? Azaan says since 5 years. He says medicine was missing today and that’s why he couldn’t give. Doctor shows the medicine and asks if it is this? Noor says I gave him this medicine. Azaan scolds her. Doctor asks him to listen first and tells that the medicine which he was giving Razia is wrong. He says she was in trauma and should have recovered in few months, but she is in coma since 5 years.

Doctor says it is good that Noor gave me this medicine and I got it tested else don’t know until when you would have given this poison to Razia.
Azaan is shocked.