Friday Update on Promised Love 2nd April 2021

Friday Update on Promised Love 2nd April 2021


Shayra remembers seeing a Tawiz near accident spot. They track his phone location and come near temple. Gazala sees blood on road. Shayra gets worried. They look around and find him lying on the ground, injured and unconscious. Shayra says yesterday, she hit someone with her car and she thinks it’s Alaadin. Gazala says had they found him on time, he might have survived. Shayra takes out her phone to call police. Gazala asks has she gone mad? She’s going to get married. Shayra says, law is equal for everyone. If she did this accident, then she is ready for punishment.

Gazala says there is no one behind Alaadin, but if she gets jailed, then their reputation will be ruined. They will keep this secret between them two. They must hide this from everyone including Azaan. Shayra says she can’t hide this from Azaan. Just then she gets call from him. Gazala tells her not to tell him anything.

He asks what she thought that he won’t come to know anything? She gets worried. He says he knows she is angry with him, but that means she won’t do any of his work? He asked for a file and she didn’t give him. He asks where she is. Before she says anything, Gazala cuts the call. Mashuka tells Shayra has gone out with Gazala. He wonders where Shayra went with Gazala and that too without telling him

Gazala asks Shayra what she thinks that Azaan will let her go to jail? He will go to jail instead and everything will be ruined. Gazala convinces Shayra that it was just an accident, she didn’t do it purposely. Gazala asks her to wait there for her and not to call anyone. She comes back and starts digging a hole. Azaan is driving. He sees Shayra’s car and calls her asking where she is. She quickly runs outside forest and says she came with Gazala. Before she says anything more, Gazala acts of falling down. Azaan asks will anyone tell what they are doing there? Gazala says she wanted fresh air, so she told Shayra to bring her there. Azaan says they could have gone some other place. Gazala acts of forgetting something and quickly puts Alaadin’s body in the hole. They leave from there.

In night, Shayra comes outside her room and imagines Alaadin there and blaming her for his death. She runs to have water. Someone turns on the lights and she gets scared. Razia asks why she looks so scared and what she’s doing there that late? Shayra says she came to drink water. Mashuka says since Alaadin has disappeared.. Shayra starts coughing. Razia asks her is she okay? She says she’s going to sleep.

Shayra is sitting tensed in her room. Azaan comes to her. She gets scared. He says he knows she’s tensed. She says she just can’t forget about the accident. He says there was nothing, they checked it. There was no accident. She asks what if there was one. He says if there was, then he will all the blame on him. He won’t let anything happen to her. Shayra recalls Gazala’s words and says she can’t tell him nor hide from him. What should she do?


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