Friday Update on Promised love 23rd April 2021


Friday Update on Promised love 23rd April 2021

READ= Thursday Update on Promised love 22nd April 2021

Shayra hitting Azaan’s mouth with a heavy vase. Azaan spits blood and is unconscious. Noor breaks the door and rushes to Azaan. Razia and others come there. Razia slaps Shayra and asks Noor to call the doctor. Adil presses remote. Shayra looks at the chip which fell out with blood. It is on the ground. Adil sees the chip on ground and blasts it, but everyone gets saved. Azaan gains consciousness and calls shayra. Razia asks where is Shayra? She says this cheap thing is done by you, you came here to kill me and my son. She asks why you are sitting like a coward and asks her to come infront of her.

Razia says you trusted her a lot and tells that she came to kill us. Shayra is outside with Adil and tells him that he can’t blackmail her now. Adil says it is not needed now. He makes her smell chloroform and takes her to the captive room. Inspector comes to Begum Mahal. Adil says Police came and it will be interesting. He calls someone and puts it on loudspeaker. Inspector tells that there is only one connection of the blast here and tells Azaan that his wife is innocent. Noor is happy. Inspector says real culprit is someone else. The inspector is corrupt and signs lady constable to handcuff Noor. The lady constable handcuffs Noor to their shock. Adil says Noor is arrested. Shayra asks why Noor is arrested. Inspector says Noor qureshi is the real criminal.

Azaan asks how can you say this? Noor asks what did I do? Razia asks why is he blaming her. Inspector asks did someone make you unconscious and asks when you gain consciousness, where was you? razia says in noor’s room. Inspector shows the note and asks Azaan did you find Razia there. Azaan says I got Ammi’s call when I reached there. Inspector says it was a conspiracy. He shows chloroform bottle which he found in Noor’s room and handkerchief in Servant’s quarters. He asks Noor if she tried to kidnap Razia. Azaan asks her to say that she is innocent and someone wants to trap her. Inspector says I am talking to her. Noor says I kidnapped Ammi so that you can go to Adil’s house and meet Shayra once. She tells that Shayra was there. Inspector asks if Shayra is guilty. Noor says Adil is guilty and not Shayra.

Inspector says you have conspired kidnapping. He plays the recording in which Shayra is blaming Noor and telling Azaan that whatever she did was on Noor’s insistence. She tells that everything was done by Noor as she wants to get Azaan, and if anything happens to me then Noor will be responsible. Adil blackmails Shayra to record the statement. Noor tells that it is a lie. She tells that Adil is trapping her and tells that she is fighting for Shayra’s rights. Shayra asks Adil why did he make her do this. Adil says did you realize now? Shayra says I didn’t see worst man like you. Adil says you will not see. He tells that it was Noor’s idea, once she fooled me wearing your clothes, but I saw her face, she was herself fooled. He says as you are thinking that you will win, but you will not as I am not habitual to lose. Shayra says I am sorry Noor.

Noor tells that she had not done any crime and will not apologize. Dilruba tells that Noor is with them to unite Shayra and Azaan. Razia asks them to be quiet and tells that Noor sent Azaan there so that Azaan sees Shayra with Adil. Noor swears on Allah that she is not lying. Razia says you wanted to marry Azaan as you love him. She says I thought you wanted to take revenge on Shayra and that’s why married him. Razia says it was my mistake that I didn’t trust you and gave shelter to a snake in sleeve. Inspector asks do you want to file case against her. Razia says yes. Adil gets happy and says Shayra…asks her to react. He asks do you want to know how I am knowing this? He tells that Inspector J M Singh is his man. He says he is actually Inspector Jhoot and Makaar Singh.

He tells that Inspector is his man and will do his work. Inspector shows the report in which begum Shayra has confirmed the charges on Noor. Noor says it can’t be possible. Adil must have made her do this. Razia slaps Noor.

Razia slapping Noor and asks her not to say anymore. Inspector asks her to sign on the papers. Razia signs on it. Adil tells Shayra that he is not happy for Noor’s arrest, but happy for Azaan and Razia’s destruction. He tells that it is actually begum mahal and company papers, and not FIR. He says it is all mine now. Shayra asks how dare you? Adil says this is nothing, I have to do so much. He says Inspector will bring Noor here, as your friendship is strong, I thought to send you both up. Noor thinks Adil must have made Shayra do this. She snatches fake Inspector’s gun and asks them to back off. She tells Azaan that she has not done any mistake. She runs out. The fake Inspector asks Azaan to be at home for safety reasons, till he catches Noor. Noor sits in car.

Adil asks fake Inspector to catch her. He calls Noor and asks her to come there for Shayra’s safety. Noor says I am coming there. Shayra tells Adil why is he getting blinded and doing wrong with Azaan and Razia. She says Azaan didn’t get fatherly love and Razia didn’t get her husband’s love. Adil says I didn’t get rights on the business which is mine. Shayra tells that Razia has set up this business and you have no right on it. Adil laughs and says I have to do something to kill you, laughs…

Razia says don’t know on whom we shall believe or not. Azaan says we doubted on our Shayra and couldn’t understand her. Razia asks him to call Shayra. He calls her, and tells that her number is off. Azaan asks him to call Inspector and says he must have any update about her. Azaan calls him and says it is switched off. He tells that he will go to Adil’s house and clear all the misunderstandings. Razia says I will not let you put your life in danger and asks him to wait at home. Dilruba tells Azaan that courier guy sent this on Shayra’s name. Azaan checks the paper and says it is gynaec report. He says Shayra is pregnant, I am going to be Abbu. Razia sees the report and gets happy. Azaan says where is Shayra? I want to talk to her. He calls her again.

Noor reaches Adil’s house holding gun in her hand. Azaan looks at Shayra and his marriage pic. Noor breaks the door and comes inside calling Shayra. She sees someone standing wearing Adil’s jacket. Adil tells from the hideout, that she came. Noor asks where is Shayra? Adil asks her to search her. Shayra is tied and made to stand wearing Adil’s jacket. Adil aims gun at Shayra. He provokes Noor and says you will be jailed in Shayra’s murder. He says Azaan will lose and Adil will win. Noor says this will not happen until I am alive. Azaan hugs the photo frame. Adil says I played a good game, Azaan will not get Shayra and Noor. He appreciates himself and asks Noor to shoot. Noor looks here and there. She shoots at the chandelier and asks Shayra to run. They both hide. Adil asks them to come out and says I know you both are here. He calls them. Shayra and Noor come out and hit him. Adil falls down. They come near him holding their hands and beat him. Noor takes the chair’s wood and beat him.

Noor tells that they shall go home and tell everything to badi ammi and azaan. Shayra says lets go. Just then Adil sprays gas and keeps gun on Shayra’s head. He says I am not hero, but villain. I had planned to make you both kill by each other hands, but seems like I have to kill you both. Noor comes and keeps gun at his head. She asks him to throw the gun down. Adil kicks the gas cylinder and shoot at Shayra. Azaan senses something and is shocked.