Friday Update on My Identity 7th May 2021


Friday Update on My Identity 7th May 2021

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Neil sprinkling water on Avni. Avni gets conscious. She cries and says there…. They see someone. DD takes Avni to the car and gives water. Ballu looks on. DD goes after him. Ballu goes. Neil takes the wallet and checks Ali’s id. Avni says they killed my Ali. Juhi recalls Ali and cries. She cleans the blood from her face. Dayaben comes there. She asks her not to get scared, she doesn’t like cowards, how will she get Avni in her place.

Avni cries. Neil asks her how did she reach here. Avni says I have checked Ali’s video and saw a temple behind, I passed by that temple, he came in front of my car, I applied brakes but he….. FB shows someone falling over the car front. Avni stops the car and sees him. She says Ali and shouts. FB ends. Neil says I promise we will reach this case’s roots. Neil tells DD that there is some connection with this case, Ali got to know something, so they took Ali’s life, I m sure Raghu pandit is behind this, send body for post mortem, I want report fast.

Neil checks the belongings and thinks. Doctor says we will need his DNA sample like comb, toothbrush or dental report, we will start investigation. Neil cries and thinks I promise you Ali, I will get your culprits punished. Bebe says I don’t feel like doing visarjan. Avni says we have to do it, Ali always wanted to do visarjan. She recalls childhood moment. Ali says I want to do visarjan every year, promise me you won’t leave from this colony. FB ends. Avni says we have to do visarjan well, I feel like Ali will come and everything will be like before. They all cry.

Juhi comes to clean the floor. She says our plan worked, Dayaben thinks I m with her and I will be handing over Avni to her for my freedom. She sees Ali. She says I will not let anything happen to Avni, I will alert her. Ali says you have much courage, I felt like I got someone known, I will always remember this, thanks Meher.

Neil and Avni do visarjan. Neil thinks I know Avni is in pain, I can’t see you like this. Dayaben says you will get Avni, you have to think how and where. Juhi says I will meet her at dargah, there will be much crowd, none will know where she disappeared. Dayaben praises her. Avni recalls Ali. DD comes and says sorry, I didn’t open the handcuffs, it was Neil’s order.

Avni says its not your mistake, I got late to save Avni, where is Neil. He says he was around. She goes to see. Neil sees Avni and his pic and recalls Avni. He thinks I felt I lost you, life has no guarantee, life ends in a moment, we keep thinking to say our feelings or not. He says no, you will do it right now, no meaning to wait, you have to tell me what you feel for me, it may get late, I have to tell you a lot. Avni looks for Neil. Shweta sees Juhi’s pic and says I wish you were in Neil’s life. Avni comes and says I came to see Neil. Shweta stops her. She scolds her for coming in Neil’s life as bad luck. Neil gets a ring from box and says I lost much time, I got this ring for you Avni, I thought to give this to you when you share feelings with me, I will make you wear this ring, whatever I feel about you, I want to share everything.

Shweta says Juhi is still in Neil’s heart. She goes. Avni cries. Photo flies to her. She gets shocked seeing Neil and Juhi’s pic. She says Meher….Neil smiles seeing ring. Avni recalls Meher.

Avni saying Juhi is alive, what will I tell Neil, if he knows Juhi is alive, what will be my place in his life. Neil calls her. She sees his call and says what shall I tell him. DD says everything is related to Dayaben. Avni comes to him.

Shweta comes to Ali’s cafe and asks Neil why did he call her here. He hugs her and asks her to sit, he has to say something, Ali is not in this world, but he wants his cafe to be alive as Ali’s memory, this will be a gift for Avni. Shweta asks what’s in your heart. Neil says Ali left suddenly, it was a message for me, life is uncertain, do everything today, none knows what happens, its better to share things. She says you want to share things with me. He says yes I want to tell Avni that I love her a lot, Avni is with me since many days, but I didn’t tell her what I feel for her, now I want to tell her that I want to spend my life with her, so I called you here to talk.

DD says whatever happened with Ali… Avni says I came to ask about Juhi’s death, calm your mind, tell me what happened that night. DD gets tensed. FB shows Juhi talking to Neil on call and hiring a rickshaw. DD is fallen there and sees her. She picks her purse. He sees the car coming towards her and signs. She gets hit. FB ends. Avni asks him to recall more. She says I know you used to take drugs. He says yes, I didn’t stay in senses. She asks him to calm down.

He says sorry, why do you want to know this. She thinks shall I tell DD that Juhi is alive, who will believe me that Juhi is alive. She says there is something strange, it can’t be a coincidence, Juhi’s death by road accident and Ali’s accident, blast in dahi handi and attack on Neil, my kidnapping, Ali’s video message, like its all connected, remember I m trusting you, you won’t let Neil know this.

Neil says after Juhi left, I felt my life got darkness, then you held my hand, I felt I will start my life again, I got courage as you were with me, you used to say move on in life, you will get happiness, so I got happy, now I have moved on finally, now I love Avni a lot, she is my life, can’t you accept her for my sake, just try once. Shweta cries. He says don’t put me in a situation that I have to choose either of you two. She asks what are you saying. He says I don’t want to choose one of you, I want you and Avni, Avni wants our family to stay united. Shweta says I won’t lie, I hate that girl, I know she got bad luck, if you saying this, I will accept her for my son’s sake. Neil hugs her. DD asks how did you get this pic, she is Juhi.

Avni says I know her as Meher, I came to make her sketch, she is Juhi. He says she died in front of me. FB shows Neil holding Juhi and crying. DD says post mortem reports were also there. Avni says reports can be changed, what proof do we have of Juhi and Ali’s death, we don’t have solid proof, its connected, a girl met me at Ganpati stall, she came to my house, I have seen pain in her eyes when she was not able to buy Ganpati idol. DD says Juhi loved Neil, so he joined police, if she is alive, she could have met Neil and took helpless. She says I have to find out truth, Neil will also like to know, he has right to know about Juhi, I can’t tell this to him now, I know he loves Juhi, I will say when I get sure that Meher is Neil’s Juhi, look at me and say you will help me. He nods.

Neil calls Avni and says why is she not answering. Shweta makes food to do Juhi’s pind daan, then he can live with Avni, I will surely try as I promised. Neil thanks her. He messages Avni to ask where is she. A man asks him to select new furnitures pics. Avni replies Ali’s cafe. Neil thinks why is she asking, if anything happens to her….

Dayaben says see how I fooled your friend, I have sent video recording and knew Avni will find something in video to know about this, I got some dead body wear your clothes. He says you are an animal. She says I m devil’s enemy and lessen sinners on earth, you don’t want to know why I did this, I knew friendship is her weakness, she will try to find your murderers, we will show her way to come here, so that she comes here and gets trapped, I will do her Shraddh, she will be here in this Rangmahal. He asks her to get scared of Lord’s anger. She says I have Lord’s blessing. She calls Meher. She says Meher is helping me to get free, the price is Avni, call Avni. She shuts Ali’s mouth. Meher calls Avni. Dayaben says put it on speaker, so what I can also hear it. Avni and DD are on the way. Avni says I know where Ballu lives.

She answers Meher’s call and gets shocked. DD asks Avni to put call on speaker. Avni asks who gave you my number. Dayaben says tell her husband is police officer. Meher says the same. She says I want to talk about your friend. Avni asks what do you know about Ali. Meher asks her to meet at dargah. Avni says fine, I will come. Dayaben says great, you will get freedom. She removes tape and asks Ali to shout. Ali says you are doing wrong.