Friday Update on My Identity 2nd July 2021

Friday Update on My Identity 2nd July 2021

Vidyut saying I have a surprise for you. He gets jewellery sets and says all these are for you. She spreads the pills. She goes to pray. Avni says pray to Maa that we must live together. She sees the diya and keeps the pils. Vidyut says this is our kitchen where we will cook together. Avni keeps pills near the stove. He asks her to see their bedroom. She says Neil will learn I m not coming back, he will come here. Vidyut says we look a perfect couple, I know why you are worrying, don’t worry for Neil, help me show him his right place, I m sorry, your wounds are fresh, its fine, it happens. Neil says why am I restless.

Vidyut makes Avni wear the necklace. He says you look a fairy, who came just for me, this is my ancestral jewellery, give me your hand, do you know, I have stolen my mum’s jewels for you, isn’t it good, see this chunri. She stops him. He asks why, its suhaagan’s chunri. She says I will wear this, this is given to me by Neela. He throws the red chunri. He says of course, it was gifted by Neela, you should wear this, you will forget your old life as well as Neil. She says I m not a trophy, this is not any competition. He says of course, you are my love, which won in front of Neil’s love, you are the proof of my victory, you are standing here as my bride. She sees the time and thinks Neil will realize I m here. She says fine, your love won, I have accepted it, what are you waiting for, come we will get married. He asks marriage…. yes come on, sure.

Neil gets Avni’s phone and sees Vidyut’s call. He recalls her words. He says since his call, Avni is missing. Vidyut asks pandit to skip the rituals. Neil says Avni was disturbed because of Vidyut’s call. Ali says right. Bebe says Mishti is also with Avni. Neil calls and says I want backup outside Vidyut’s house right away. Someone rings the bell. Neil goes and finds a DVD. He says its a DVD from Avni’s name.

Avni says Neela gifted me this chunri, this is my shield, this will save me from all dangers, just like Neela. Neil plays the DVD. Avni’s video plays. She says I didn’t know this day will come when I will have to express how much I love you all, I led my life in order to keep my hatred alive, I didn’t know the strength of love, it teaches us sacrifice, Ali you have always supported me, I want you to support Neil, you are my best friend and will always be. Bebe says why is she talking like this. Avni says Bebe, you made me understand that every Dadi is not Dayavanti, you have won me by your love, the values you taught me, I will always remember it, but if I have done anything wrong, please forgive me. Shweta says what is she saying. Avni tells Shweta that her love has ended their bitterness, she is like her mum. Shweta says I m not angry on you. Avni gets her pendant and kisses it.

Avni tells Prakash that she didn’t feel a father’s support in her life, but he made her realize a father’s presence. She says you have loved me as my father, everyone should be blessed with a dad like you, I know you can never let me get hurt, I will always love and respect you. Avni wears the pendant. Neil asks what is she saying. Avni asks Neil to listen. She says I was a criminal when I met you, but you have reformed me, you shouldn’t have sent me to jail, even that turned out good, I realized how much you love me.

Avni gets a gun from her bag. Avni says you have done many things for me, I haven’t seen Ashish do that for Aisha or Neela, Ashish used to say his love is true, but your love is true, your love gave me courage, forgive me, I m going against your principles, trust me, its for everyone’s good, you gave me a family, because not all sinners reform, a few need to be punished, Vidyut is such a sinner, I will stop him forever, only then our family can be at peace. Avni comes and says I want to spend some time with my would be husband. Vidyut smiles. He sends the pandit.

Vidyut asks what happened. She signs towards mangalsutra. He says I m such foolish. He makes her wear chain/ mangalsutra and sees her wearing one already. Avni says Neil, your mangalsutra will always be there in my neck. Vidyut checks Avni’s sindoor and gets shocked. Avni says your love will always stay in my heart, your name sindoor will be in my maang, promise me, whenever you recall me, you will smile, now I will bid farewell as a suhaagan. Neil thinks is something tragic going to happen, I have to stop her. Avni’s video ends. They all worry.

Bebe getting unwell. Shweta makes her sit. Vidyut asks why are you wearing Neil’s mangalsutra. She says I won’t marry you, I have a solution, kill me. He says no, you have to marry me, I love you and you love me. She says I just love Neil, we are not similar, you have given hatred and misused power, you didn’t understand love and humanity, you don’t love me, you want to defeat Neil as he is a nice man, you can’t marry me, you are not a man enough. He says this isn’t good, you are giving me hatred. She says you are not loyal to your mum, you can’t love anyone.

He says just shut up and pushes her. Fire catches up in the mandap. She falls down. Vidyut shouts Avni and tries to jump in. He throws his stole to her. He shouts Avnvi and tries to reach. He rushes out and asks someone to save Avni. He sees Neil and says Avni is inside, please save her, I beg you, please save her. Neil pushes her. Fire blows out. They both fall down.

Neil gets up and runs. Vidyut says my Avni is inside, someone save her. DD and staff comes. Vidyut says DD, save Avni, she is inside. DD stops Neil. Neil says leave me DD and punches him. Staff stop Neil. Neil sees Avni shouting for help. He cries. Neil pushes everyone and runs inside. Aye dil hai mushkil….plays…. Neil shouts where are you Avni. A pillar falls on him. Vidyut says Avni can’t go away, you can’t snatch my Avni, you have no right. Neil holds his leg and cries in pain. He shouts Avni. He sees Avni shouting Neil and asking him to save her. DD comes and takes Neil out.

Shweta calls Neil. Ali says DD is not answering, Neil has Avni’s phone, he is also not answering. Bebe says I feel restless. Shweta says everything will be wrong. She sees Neela’s pic and says you wanted to see children happy, save them. DD calls them. Ali drops the phone. Shweta asks DD what happened. DD says a fire broke out at Vidyut’s house, Avni and Mishti were inside, Neil went in to save them. Doctor treats Neil. Neil gets up and says move, Avni is still inside. He runs inside. Neil gets Avni’s mangalsutra. A official says there are two dead bodies, it seems its of some woman and a little girl. Neil gets shocked and gets Avni’s pendant there.

He shouts no, there is some misunderstanding, she is not Avni. He shouts on DD. He says go and inform those people’s families, Avni can’t go anything, go and call forensic for test. Vidyut stops them and says Avni this is a cheat, you can’t do this. Neil slaps him and says don’t dare to take her name. Vidyut says she agrees to you, I beg you, ask her to come back. Neil says she will come back, but to me. DD says we have to seal this house. Neil says I m sure Avni will come back, she promised me, I touched that dead body, that is not Avni, you go, I will stay here and wait for her, till reports come, I can’t believe its Avni and Mishti. He sits there and cries.

Neil sees her mangalsutra and cries. Doctor comes and asks them to go home, it will take some time to get results. Neil asks him to just do his work. Bebe comes. Neil says that’s not Avni, listen to me, DD go and find out about reports. They cry. Pandit starts Shraddh rituals. Some lady holds the puja plate. Doctor checks the burnt victims report and signs. He says I have to give this to Neil. Pandit says we have to pray for deceased soul peace. Neil gets report and sees Bebe praying. He prays that they shouldn’t be Avni and Mishti. Neil checks the reports and breaks down. He thinks of Avni. Shweta and Ali check reports and get shocked. They all cry.