Friday Update on My Desire 15th July 2022


Friday Update on My Desire 15th July 2022

Mishka saying sorry, I disturbed the love birds. Prisha says no, I was just teaching Rudraksh to wipe the floor. She picks the tray. She tells a story to Saransh. He sees her hurt and gets first aid box. She says its a little cut. He says I m doctor’s son, I know more. He does the aid. Rudra comes and asks him to sleep. Saransh says her hand got a cut, show it to Rudra. Rudra says yes, show me. He sees her hand. He starts joking. He says its a big emergency, we have to do the surgery. Saransh asks will anything happen to you. Prisha says no, he is joking. Rudra says you are so intelligent, this is not a cut, but a good scratch, it will get fine, didn’t you see my face, I was controlling my laugh. He tickles Saransh. Pyaar ka ye bandhan…plays…. They laugh. Prisha and Saransh tickle Rudra. Rudra leaves. Prisha makes Saransh sleep. She goes and wakes up Rudra,

Rudraksh says I will do the work tomorrow, let me sleep, are you leaving the house. She says my patient has high fever, I m going, look after Saransh, he has online workshop tomorrow, wake him up. He says fine. She asks him to sleep in Saransh’s room. Rudraksh goes. Prisha comes home and talks to the nurse on call. She goes to see Saransh. She sees Rudraksh sleeping. She thinks where is Saransh. She wakes up Rudraksh by throwing water. Rudraksh shouts rain and gets up. He asks what’s this bad behavior. She asks where is Saransh, he had online workshop. He says I was sleeping. She says I should have not trusted you. He says I will see him and come. He gets a note. He says Saransh has written this. Prisha reads, I m going on a drive with Niketan, I will come soon. She gets a call and says Saransh had urgent work, so he couldn’t attend the workshop, so sorry, listen to me… The call ends. Prisha says Saransh is removed from the workshop, because of you. Rudra says he can join anything else. She gets Saransh’s message. He says even I got a message.

She says not again. He reads, how much do you fight, you both will get punished. Rudraksh says maybe he came back and saw us fighting. She says yes, if he does anything to himself in anger. He says shut up, we shall find him. They ask Maa about him. Maa says you don’t think of him when you fight all day. Prisha says we won’t fight now, where is he. Maa says he won’t come until you both end fights. Rudra says fine, we are friends. Prisha says yes. Maa says no need of the drama, he won’t agree until you give proof of your friendship. She shows Saransh’s video. Saransh says I m upset, you don’t listen to me, I told you many times, don’t fight, you fight more, you have to spend time together, share at least five secret personal things, this is your punishment, tell me then I will come out, else I will hide at the place, just Dadi knows it. Rudra says he is watching many movies. Maa says he is trying to stop this war, have some shame, he is explaining you. Prisha says you have seen how Rudra fights. Rudra shouts on her. They fight. Maa stops them. They ask for Saransh. Maa says I won’t tell you. Prisha and Rudraksh think we can’t share personal things, its a torture, please help God.

Rudra clicks his pic and likes it. Prisha blames him. Rudraksh records her. She asks him to stop it and tell the five things. He says sorry, you say it first. She says I will call Maa. He says fine, I will say, I m a big rockstar, I m handsome, girls are ready to die for me, I have many fans, I m successful, done. She says everyone knows it. He says why shall I share my personal things. She says yes, but we have to do it for Saransh. Mishka gets ready. Ahana finishes a call. She compliments Mishka. She asks Mishka to make sure that the necklace is seen well in the school’s video. Mishka asks what’s the link between the necklace and video. Ahana says we have to make Prisha’s life hell. They go.

Rudra calls Prisha. He says I decided to tell you everything, write that you won’t tell this to anyone except Saransh, if you do, then I will file a case on you, write and sign. She asks don’t you trust me. He says no, whatever you did with Rajeev. She says I m not here to hear this. He says then go. She says I can tolerate you and write this for Saransh’s sake. She writes and throws the paper on his face. She says we can do this soon, I like green colour, since you won’t start saying. Vasu prepares the food. Saransh gets Ahana’s video in Saransh’s school group. She says I can also start online classes, kids can learn music. Vasu sees Mishka wearing the necklace. Prisha asks whom do you hate the most. Rudra says you. She says say something new. He says I hate lizards and cockroach.

She says you are scared. He says no, do you shake hands with them. She says no, but I can hold them in hands, I have done dissection of lizard. She scares him of lizard. He runs. She laughs. Maa looks on and laughs. Prisha says I just joked, you are a big rockstar and scared of lizard. Vasu says its my necklace, how did Mishka wear it. Saransh watches tv. Maa calls Saransh and says Rudra and Prisha were laughing, your idea is working. He asks shall I come. She says no, they won’t become friends if you come. He says you also don’t stay there. Ahana says all the parents will see the video. Mishka asks how would we know that Vasu has seen it. Ahana says wait and watch, Vasu will think why are you wearing her necklace. Mishka asks how did I get it. Ahana says patience, let the secret be. They laugh.

Rudraksh and Prisha arguing. She says I like to watch horror movies. He says so you are so scary, you do such things, theft and murder. She says don’t misuse personal things. He asks her to remember the count. She says you count other’s mistakes. He says I was saying about maths, my maths is weak. She asks seriously. He says yes, many kids are weak in maths. She says my dad made me work hard, he was strict about studies. Rudraksh recalls Balraj’s anger. He says dad always wanted me to become a singer, I used to get beaten up if I missed singing class for studies, I got everything, but didn’t live childhood, its just dad’s dreams in me, I m just going as he wants. She goes to hold him. Maa comes and asks what happened, are you fighting again. Prisha says no, we were just talking. Maa asks them to have food, how many things did they know by now. They count and say two. Maa asks just two, Saransh would be worried, think of him. She goes smiling.

Vasu calls Gopal. She sees the necklace missing. She says how did Mishka wear the necklace. She gets bill of jewellery purchase. She calls the jeweller and asks is Gopal there. He says no, why. She says I got a receipt worth 5 lakhs. He says he had mortgaged some jewellery, maybe he needed money, I have kept the jewellery safe. She says fine, I will talk later. She says why did Gopal do this, he didn’t tell me anything. Prisha asks are you still upset. Rudraksh says no. She asks why are you sad. He says I m not sad. She says then smile. He asks why. She says for spoiling my mood. He says I can smile for this. He smiles and asks her to tell the next thing. She says I have to tell something, its troubling me since some time, I didn’t call Yuvraj in Bunty’s marriage. He says I don’t want to know. She says you have to listen to me, I don’t know how Yuvraj came there, and mum’s necklace.. I didn’t give it to him. He asks how did he get it. She says I don’t know, I swear. He says fine. She says you are still angry. He asks shall I laugh or thank you for saying the truth, give me time to digest it.

Jeweller calls Ahana and says we have to return Vasu’s necklace if she returns money and asks for the jewellery. Ahana says yes, its safe with me. She gets happy. She says my plan got successful, finally. Prisha says tell me something good, not hatred or weakness, tell me something that gives you happiness. He says I like to compose music. She says wow, then sing some composition. He says no. She asks did you sing it for someone. He says Rajeev used to hear it and encourage me. She says I can understand the pain, my sister…. She thinks to not tell him about Mahima. She says I miss her a lot. He says your turn now. She thinks thank God, he didn’t ask about Mahima.

Ahana says Prisha’s mum has seen the video and identified her necklace, jeweller called and said Vasu called him, its confirmed, she must be going mad. Mishka asks how did you get her jewellery. Ahana says I m a genius, I told the jeweller to tell me if he gets traditional design, he had sent this design to me, I asked him to sell, he refused, I said why, he said its Vasu’s necklace, its mortgaged, can you believe it, its so middle class, I thought its perfect opportunity to show her status, I asked him to send it home for trial and then… Mishka says Vasu has seen it in my neck. Ahana says yes, she has lost it.

Rudraksh says we have shared five things, we shall go to Saransh. Prisha says I have to tell something else. He says five things are over, come. She says its imp, none knows it except me and Saransh, if he asks you, if you don’t tell him, he will think I didn’t share anything. He says fine, tell me. She locks the door. He asks why are you locking the door. She says I have to show something. He asks what do you mean, what are you doing. She shows the belly button piercing. He asks when did you do this, you are bahenji types. She says it was a college bet. He touches it. She moves him away. He says you are daring, s*xy, I like it. She says but you won’t say anyone. He smiles. She says you promised. He says I don’t need this paper now, if you tell my personal things, then you know what I will do. She says we will go to Saransh now. Pyaar ka yeh bandhan…..plays… He asks her to come.

Saransh asks are they fighting again. He goes to see. The red saree lady comes and catches him. Maa asks did you share five things about each other. Prisha says yes. Rudraksh says she shared one more thing. Prisha says take us to Saransh. Maa asks them to come. Prisha stamps Rudraksh’s foot. They take them to her room. She says Saransh is there since morning. Rudraksh asks what, this is cheating, you scared us. Maa says stop fighting, learn to stay with love. They don’t see Saransh. They look for him and call him out. Prisha says where would he go. Maa worries. They shout for Saransh. Prisha cries. Rudraksh consoles her.

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