Friday Update on love or Poison 21st May 2021

Friday Update on love or Poison 21st May 2021

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Vrinda tells Albeli to give Sitara some time. She has Kuldeep’s upbringing. Sitara walks in with Samrat shocking all of them. Sitara panics seeing Vrinda’s body on ice and runs to her. Devi Ma returned my mother to me after so many prayers but I couldn’t spent time with her. This royal family stole my only happiness from me! Chabeeli says we understand your pain. Why did you bring Samrat here? Sitara replies that she brought him to seek revenge for her mother’s death. I will not spare any member of the royal family!

Her eyes turn blue. She chains Samrat; pushes him high in air and then makes him fall down thereby hurting him. I will punish the culprits of my mother just like she was held captive by the royal family! I wont give them an easy death. I will turn every moment of their life poisonous. Their life will be worse than death. Our poison wont let them live and I wont let them die. Entire royal family will feel the pain that I have gone through! She walks out from there.

Aryan is unable to find Samrat anywhere. His phone is also switched off. Yamini is also searching for him. Everyone is searching in different corners of the palace. Yamini blames Ratan and Rajguru for being irresponsible. Our family is being targeted intentionally. The enmity is with someone else while someone else is getting targeted. Rani Sa tries to calm her but in vain. Rajguru asks Kuldeep what happened but Aryan tells him everything in details. He disappeared in a second! Yamini cries. What if something has happened to him? Ratan asks Kuldeep to check every corner. Kuldeep leaves with the guards.

Ratan tells Rajguru to look at the right place. Rajguru heads to the Vishloka but is unable to open the mystery door. Vishkanya’s smile. Vrinda wakes Samrat using her powers. He wonders where he is and why he has been caught in chains. He shouts for help when Surili tells him to be quiet. He demands to know who they are. Why have you tied me? Free me. You don’t know me! He shouts for help again. Vrinda says I have waited for this moment since years. His screams are giving me peace today. Let him shout as much as he wants to. Let him beg for his life. Samrat again tells them to let him go. You wont be spared. Vrinda magically shows him the scene on the other side of the door.

Samrat calls out to Rajguru for help. Who are these people? They have tied me here. Help me please. Rajguru hears his voice and deduces that Samrat is indeed kept inside. Rajguru tries again but fails in opening the door. How can it be? Vrinda says I have put a shield of my powers over your shield. Now you cannot enter inside Vishloka as you please. I have changed the entrances. From today onwards, only those who I want to come here will come in. Samrat begs for help from Rajguru. Vrinda warns him to not shout again or only his dead body will go outside.

Guards ask Sitara if she has seen Samrat. Sitara replies that she is the bodyguard of only one prince and not everyone’s. Kuldeep overhears it and calls out to her. She makes a fist out of her hand. He asks her how she was talking to the guard. He was only doing his duty. She tells him to only wipe the tears of strangers. You wont see the pain your loved ones are in. She walks away. He wonders why she is changing so much lately. What could be the reason?

Vrinda tells Rajguru that his pawn went quiet so easily. It is time to repay you for the pain you have given us over 20 years. Entire royal family will come here one by one very soon. You kept us tied here in chains for 20 years. Now the royal family will spend their life here in these very chains! This is my promise to you! Samrat begs Rajguru for help who assures him he will get him out safely. He fails in his attempt yet again though. Vishkanya’s tell him to try as much as he wants to but he wont be able to stop this storm this time. Rajguru heads to inform Ratan. Samrat panics seeing him leave.

Viraj cannot understand what’s happening in the palace lately. Seems like someone is targeting our entire family! If I find out who it is, I wont spare him! Sitara pours orange juice in a glass and adds a drop of her poison in it. I have only caught Samrat in Vishloka but I will surely kill you! I will take revenge for the way you have cheated me in our friendship. Viraj is still confused as to how Samrat disappeared. Sitara tells him that everything will be fine. Wrongdoers always get punished and innocent people are always saved. Have this juice. You haven’t eaten anything since morning! He takes the glass from her and is about to take a sip when he hears a lady shouting to let go. They both go outside to see. The lady is shouting to be set free. I dint do anything.

Guards show an ornament to them which belongs to Samrat. Sitara is worried thinking if it is Albeli. The girl lifts her veil and kneels down in front of Viraj. I dint do anything. I found it while cleaning Samrat’s room. One of the guards is about to slap her but Viraj warns him not to misbehave with a woman. She should be questioned properly even if she is at fault. Leave her hand and take her to Kuldeep ji. Guards apologize to him and take her with them. Sitara wonders if he is a saint or a devil. Viraj extends his hand to hold the glass but she drops it intentionally and leaves. Viraj is baffled by her reaction.

Sitara walks towards the south gate recalling the words of Vishkanya’s. She is still bothered by Viraj’s words. How can the guy who respects women so much hurt my mother? How to find out the difference between truth and lie? Kuldeep blocks her path. I can see that you are disturbed since some days. Are Vishkanya’s responsible for it? Have you met them even when I told you against it? He gives her his swear. Have you met them?

Kuldeep keeps Sitara’s hand on his head. Tell me honestly. Did you have a word with Vishkanya’s? She lies to him. He apologizes to her. I forgot that my Sitara can never break her Baba’s trust. You have never lied to me and I hope you will never lie to me in future. She says I wish I could say that for you too. He says I am sure and proud of the fact that my daughter wont do anything which can make me look down in everyone’s eyes. He hugs her.

Sitara comes to the house temple and apologizes to Devi Ma for lying to her Baba for the first time in her life. Somewhere he is responsible for that too. He has only lied to me till date. Why did he do this to me? I would have lived this life my entire life if I had not met my mother. I might not have come to know the truth ever! Albeli pats at her shoulder.

Ratan is shocked to hear that Samrat is in Vishloka. Why aren’t you trying to save him? Rajguru shares that Vrinda has changed the mantras guarding those 7 gates. I cannot do anything till the time I am able to crack them. The royal family will be in danger till then.

Albeli tells Sitara she can understand her pain. I free you from your mother’s promise. You wont be able to fulfil it. Sitara ask sher why she is saying so. Albeli replies that she wont be able to fight with her loved ones. You cannot go against them or harm them. Maybe you love them more than you love your mother. I can understand your weakness. There is no point doing something which your heart does not say yes to. Didi could not shower her love on you which is why you don’t know its meaning but she has loved us very much. Her sisters will seek revenge on her behalf! You should drop it. Sitara tells her she cannot say this. I will fulfil my mother’s revenge. It is the mission of my life to respect her last wish. Albeli smiles that this anger and hatred will make her work easier. This is the only way to punish the Rajvanshi’s.

Ratan suggests entering in Vishloka with Sitara’s help. We have to be careful. She must not know that she is a Vishkanya. Rajguru agrees with him. The doors open magically whenever she goes to Vishloka. She can help us free Samrat. Kuldeep is worried about Vrinda but Rajguru does not want to put the royal family in risk. You have some duty towards the royal family. Kuldeep replies that he is also a father. I am concerned.

Rajguru comes to Sitara to seek ehr help. I have found out that Samrat has been captured by Vishkanya’s. We have to stop them before they do any further harm. Sitara thinks only one member of the royal family has been caught till now. I will send each and every family member to Vishloka real soon. She asks him how she can help him in this. He asks her to take her to the Vishloka so as to free Samrat. Sitara knows he is unable to open the doors himself and probes him on it. He repeats that she has a strong kundli. No one can harm you. You will help us. She asks him how he is sure that Samrat is there only. Rajguru replies that he has heard Samrat’s voice.

Vrinda told me that he is indeed there. Sitara is puzzled hearing Vrinda’s name. Rajguru shares that she is a cunning Vishkanya. She knows how to use people to her advantage. She only told me that she has kept Samrat there as her captive. Sitara asks him if he is sure it was Vrinda. Rajguru nods. I know her very well. Why are you asking me so many questions? Just do as I say. She agrees to go with him.

Sitara takes Rajguru with her to Vishloka. The doors open automatically. Rajguru calls out to Samrat who begs him to take him with him. Rajguru tries to inch closer but Surili threatens to kill him. Rajguru asks for Vrinda. Where is she? She has a habit of backstabbing us! Call her. They step aside and show Vrinda’s dead body kept on ice. Rajguru asks her what this new drama is. You think I will fall for this? I have waited so many years to see this but I know it isn’t true! A low woman like you wont die so easily! Get up and answer my questions. Your game is up! You don’t have to fall so low. Sitara makes fists out of her hand. Rajguru gives last chance to Vrinda but she does not react. Rajguru is about to attack Vrinda when Sitara (in her Vishkanya avatar) tells him to stop.

Samrat and Rajguru are shocked to see her thus. She captures Rajguru as well. You thought I will fall for your every lie like a fool? He reasons that the Vishkanya’s are fooling her. It is in their blood. Trust me. I am not lying. She makes him fall down on the floor and ties him in chains as well. You wont utter another lie now! My mother was right. Every single member of the royal family is an animal! No one knows humanity at all. Rajguru insists that Vrinda is alive. She cannot die like this. Sitara refuses to listen to him. She breathed her last in my arms. Now you will remain tied here your entire life! Rajguru shouts at her to listen to him but she walks out of Vishloka without paying any heed to his words.

Vrinda sits up the moment Sitara steps out of Vishloka. I told you Gyanendra that your countdown has started. This was my move, my weapon, my daughter Sitara! You thought you will come here with her help and free Samrat? You cannot use her to your advantage now as she knows everything now. She chose to support me in the end. The girl you chose to be your saviour will become the destroyer now and kill the entire royal family! She will kill Viraj right in front of your eyes. You will just look on helplessly. Rajguru thinks his fears turned out to be true. Vrinda has fooled Sitara successfully. She has played her cards so well that Sitara cannot see the truth at all!

Sitara is in house temple again. I am tired with all the lies and truths. I cannot figure out who is honest and who is lying. On one hand, my heart is telling me that Viraj is a nice human being who cannot kill or disrespect a woman. On the other hand, I wonder why my mother would lie to me. I cannot come to any decision. Now you only have to help me. She pulls her hair and creates a snake out of it. If Viraj is honest then this snake wont bite him. If he is a culprit then the poison inside this snake wont spare him. The snake heads towards Viraj’s room. Sitara requests Ma to help her find out the truth. I have to know if Viraj is my mother’s murderer or not.

The snake reaches Viraj’s room and inches closer to Viraj who is sleeping peacefully. Sitara stands by the door.