Friday Update on love or Poison 14th May 2021


Friday Update on love or Poison 14th May 2021

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Viraj wishes Sitara Happy Birthday with a bouquet. I hope you liked my small surprise. She thanks him for the surprise. I cannot believe you know my birthday. He says I surely do but I must say that you are looking amazing in my gifts (while holding her hand). She realises that he has been planning all this since morning and smiles. He points at the cake. He claps sweetly as she cuts the cake and feeds him. He asks for a dance with the birthday girl. She nods happily. Sitara and Viraj dance on Ek Ladki ko Dekha song. They are distracted the sound of a clap and notice Nethra clapping for them. She looks at the decorations. The musicians leave.

Nethra asks Viraj if this was the meeting that he was talking about. I can see that it is going wonderful. He offers to explain but she points her hand at him to stop. She blames Sitara for being a low girl. How dare you come here with Viraj and do all this? Viraj tells her to listen to him. Sitara isn’t at fault here. Nethra says it is your fault after all. You are my fiancé but instead of spending time with me, you lied to me and are spending time with her! Is this servant more important than me for you? You have lied enough for this downmarket girl! Viraj tells her it is enough.

Vrinda has raised the bowl in air and is chanting some mantras. The bracelet around Sitara’s hand lights up. She gets distracted.

Viraj tells Nethra she has no right to talk to Sitara like this but she asks him what he expects from her after seeing Sitara steal her rights.

Vrinda asks Sitara to come to her.

Sitara starts walking out from there in trance.

Vrinda tells Sitara to listen to her and come to her. Sitara walks outside. She walks in the middle of the road and is guided by Vrinda’s voice. Passerbys ask her if she wishes to die but Sitara cannot hear or see anything.

Viraj gives up on Nethra. He looks around for Sitara but Nethra does not care. He gets unhappy with her for upsetting Sitara. He steps outside to look for Sitara. Nethra shouts his name but in vain.

Outside, Viraj is unable to find Sitara. He runs in opposite direction wondering where she might have gone to.

Sitara is near the south gate of the palace. Vrinda guides her to keep coming. Surili holds Sitara’s hand gladly and takes her towards the south gate.

Viraj heads to the palace.

Surili and Sitara disappear in the no entry zone. Kuldeep enters in the corridor just then but misses seeing them. Viraj asks him about Sitara and tells him everything that happened. They both get thinking.

Vrinda tells Sitara to come to her. Surili is happily walking towards the mystery door with Sitara. The doors open automatically. Surili brings Sitara inside the Vishloka. Vrinda gets emotional seeing her daughter. Vrinda drops the bowl because of which the connection with the bracelet is broken. Sitara comes back to her senses and looks around in confusion. Where am I? Who are you guys? Vrinda steps forward. She cups Sitara’s face emotionally.

My daughter is here! Vrinda’s sisters smile seeing them together. Vrinda says my 20 year long wait is over today. My Sitara is with me now. She hugs Sitara. Sitara is thoroughly confused. She looks at Vrinda’s eyes and recalls the eyes that she had drawn that day on the canvas. These eyes? They are suddenly pushed away from each other by some magical power. Sitara falls down unconscious while Vrinda steps back as well. She looks at Sitara worriedly.

Rajguru creates a shield of mantras around Vrinda and her sisters. Vrinda’s sisters try to challenge his powers but in vain. Rajguru proves out to be powerful than them. He lifts Sitara. Vrinda attacks them using her powers. Rajguru and Sitara are thrown out of the mystery door. Rajguru somehow manages to close the mystery door. Vrinda shouts after him to open the door and return her daughter to her. If you wont do that then I promise that you will die by my hands! Return me my Sitara. She cries thinking about Sitara.

Rajguru tries to erase Sitara’s memory just like he had done with Viraj in the past but fails. He tells Kuldeep that Sitara is growing stronger day by day which is why it is becoming difficult to erase her memory. My doubt was right. Vishkanya’s are trying to lure her towards themselves. Kuldeep wonders what he will tell Sitara about Vrinda and her sisters when she will wake up. Don’t know what Vrinda might have told her. I don’t want her to know the truth.

Kuldeep wonders what he will tell Sitara about Vrinda and her sisters when she will wake up. Don’t know what Vrinda might have told her. I don’t want her to know the truth. Rajguru says I understand your concern but we cannot do anything till the time Sitara gains conscious. Just take care of her. He leaves. Kuldeep looks at Sitara. I don’t want you to know the truth.

Vrinda cries. I just touched my daughter when she was pulled away. I couldn’t even look at her for long. Her sisters request her not to cry. Vrinda vows that no one can stop her from meeting her daughter now. Albeli asks her how it is possible. Even Surili has returned to Vishloka now. Chabeeli adds that they have no source because of which they can see Sitara anymore. Surili shares that she tied a thread around Sitara’s wrist. We might be able to see her. Vrinda asks her to show it right away.

In her unconscious state, the last memory plays in her mind. She wakes up shouting Ma. Vrinda takes Sitara’s name worriedly. I am right here. Sitara shouts that she wants to go to find her Ma. I have heard her voice. She is around us only. Kuldeep says she is no more. Sitara asks her why that woman called her daughter then. What is my relation with Vishkanya’s? Why did they feel so familiar? What are you hiding from me? Kuldeep replies that they have nothing to do with Vishkanya’s. Did you forget that they have attacked us in the past? Vishkanya’s are very smart. They can fool us and hurt us! Don’t go back to them ever! Don’t try to find them ever again! Sitara wonders if it is his concern or if he is trying to hide truth from her.

Vrinda and her sisters watch them too. Kuldeep must not forget that Sitara is a Vishkanya too. No one can separate us now.

Rani Sa tells Viraj and Nethra that their wedding will happen after 7 days. Viraj objects but she reasons that Nethra has been staying at their house before marriage. We should get you both married before people start gossiping. I will speak to her parents. Yamini seconds Rani Sa. It is a very auspicious day. Nethra seeks Rani Sa’s blessings. Yamini asks Viraj if he has any objection with the wedding. Rani Sa also asks Viraj but he replies in negative. Nethra smiles at Yamini.

Rajguru says I understood that the day isn’t far when Sitara would ask questions about her mother. We have to make sure this isn’t repeated in future. We have to also make sure that Sitara does not go out looking for answers herself.

Vrinda asks Surili to tell her everything about Sitara. I have to know what kind of a person she is, how she behaves. Surili smiles as she starts talking about Sitara. She is very adorable and talks too much but you wont feel like telling her to stop. She lights up the place. She misses her mother very much. She keeps asking Kuldeep about her mother but he never gives her any answer. Don’t worry. Your motherly love will bring her here. Vrinda is teary eyed.

Sitara is walking absentmindedly. Her meeting with Vrinda keeps playing in her head. She hurts her foot and falls down. She shouts Ma. Vrinda hears her voice and tells her to be careful. I feel she called out to me. Sitara is in a fix. Shall I listen to what Baba said or should I believe what I experienced? All my answers are behind that gate. I will have to go there to find those answers. Viraj comes there looking for her. He notices her wound and dirty clothes and takes her with him.

Viraj nurses Sitara’s wound. I am really sorry that your birthday got spoiled. Nethra said so much to you. You must be feeling bad. Why did you leave without telling anything? He finds her distracted and shakes her out of her reverie. He is curious to know what she is thinking. She shares that she is in a fix. He offers to help her. Do you think I don’t deserve to know your problems? She requests him not to say so. She tells him about her meeting with Vrinda. He is shocked. No one has told me anything ever! Sitara tells Viraj that Baba has told her that Vishkanya’s have been captivated at kept in south gate. They are dangerous for the royal palace. He asks her if she believes in all this. It is nothing. I will talk to Dad and Rajguru. She tries to explain but he tells her it is inhuman to keep anyone like this. Nethra overhears their conversation.

Ratan tells Viraj to stay out of this matter. They had attacked us and have been kept there as our captive. Viraj calls it illegal. It is a crime. They should be handed over to police instead. Ratan says they are dangerous. Viraj repeats that they should be arrested by police or set free. We don’t have a right to keep them like that. Rajguru seconds Viraj.

Nethra tells Yamini everything. Yamini smiles thinking that they found an ace card. If Vishkanya’s do exist then we need to reach them before everyone else.

Rajguru and Ratan tell

Vrinda congratulates her sisters. We will be benefitted from Viraj’s wedding. She shares that our powers become double on Koja Giri Purnima. We will get a chance to escape from here on that night. We have to find a way to open these mysterious doors after which we will be free!

Viraj walks out of Ratan’s room. He is sure that they might end up shifting the ladies somewhere else while pretending to free them. I will have to go there tonight itself to find out the truth.

Yamini says if the Vishkanya’s exist then we will have to meet those asap and find out the reason behind their enmity with Ratan. We will use it to our advantage then. Nethra decides to take their help and finish Sitara’s chapter once and for all.

Viraj tells Sitara that he spoke to Dad and Rajguru. They have agreed to set the captives (Vishkanya’s) free tomorrow but I doubt they will do it. We will go there ourselves and find out what’s happening. Will you come with me? Sitara smiles and nods.

Vrinda is glad that her daughter is coming to her herself. Chabeeli says she isn’t coming alone. She is coming with Viraj. Albeli says we will kill two birds with one stone. It is good news if Viraj is coming with her.

Viraj and Sitara are on their way to south gate. He hides with her behind a pillar seeing his mother in the corridor. She tries to say something but he keeps his finger over her lips. She looks at him in surprise. He realises it, withdraws his finger and then heads towards the south gate holding her hand.

Surili remarks that their freedom is inching closer to them.