Friday Update on Emperor Ashoka 27th May 2022


Friday Update on Emperor Ashoka 27th May 2022

Sushim says I will destroy myself by destroying you. I have never felt this way before. I understood your signals but I had no idea how to react or revert. It was all new for me. I was unaware of it but now I am telling you this now. I feel the same pull that you feel toward me. I had come to realise that we are destined to be together. When I first looked into your eyes, I felt the same way, even though we were strangers to each other. I dint doubt it for a second that you gave me that poison. How can someone who is dear to you kill you? He holds Kaurvaki forcibly. She tries to break free and finds Ashoka at the door. She looks at him worriedly.

Sushim lets go of Kaurvaki. Are you scared of this fool? He notices tears in Kaurvaki’s eyes. Oh, women have the normal attitude of being shy. i have no idea of all this as I have fallen in love for the first time but Ashoka is experienced. he fell in love in childhood only when he was merely 14 years old. He had a girlfriend. Her name was Kaurvaki. Ashoka and Kaurvaki look at each other. Ashoka replies that he does not recall anything. Kaurvaki is hurt. Sushim tells Kaurvaki it isn’t Ashoka’s fault. It is the mistake of his blood. It is polluted. It is so thin that he has no power to understand anyone’s feelings or any relation. He cannot hold anyone’s love. Leave now. Kaurvaki runs away from there teary eyed.

Sushim and Ashoka stare angrily at each other. Sushim walks up to him. You tried to kill me. Ashoka replies that he wouldn’t have been alive had he wanted this really. Sushim holds his neck angrily. I want to fight with you openly, to close your chapter. Ashoka advises him to think before wishing and no one knows when he can turn his wish into reality. He holds his neck as well but then they both let go of each other. Sushim finally leaves.

Kaurvaki cries in her room.

Ashoka realises his mistake. What did I do? Did I send Kaurvaki near Sushim in an attempt to distance her from me? I wont let it happen to Kaurvaki. I wont let her life be destroyed. I will have to tell her the truth.

Kaurvaki regrets hiding her truth from Ashoka. I made a very big mistake by doing this. I should have told him everything back then only. I have become impure today because of the same stubbornness. Instead of purifying my body with a bath I will have to purify my soul. I will have to tell Ashoka I am his Kaurvaki who he loves. She recalls the convo just now between Ashoka and Sushim. Can it be that he never loved me or he never felt that ways towards me? May be this is why he dint recognize me. What’s the point of telling truth to him if that is true? She thinks of how he saved her when she was about to fall in deep waters. If he dint love me then why did he risk his life for me? If that isn’t so then why did I notice jealousy in his eyes? I feel the same jealousy when I see Ashoka with Anindini. Why do I see the same feelings, love in his eyes that I want to see? Is it that Ashoka lied to me? Is it that he knows, recognizes me but isn’t saying anything? I have to meet Ashoka right away. I have to know the truth.

Ashoka and Kaurvaki are headed towards each other’s room. They think of the childhood times spent together. They come face to face halfway in the corridor and look at each other. She begins to walk towards him when she sees Nayak there. Nayak informs Ashoka that an emergency meeting is called by Samrat wherein he must be present. Ashoka nods. Nayak leaves. Ashoka heads towards the courtroom without saying anything to Kaurvaki. She thinks I will never become an obstacle in his missions. Never!

Nayak brings the people in court who are responsible for food ingredients. Samrat orders to put them in jail. They beg for mercy. Bindu says princesses from different states have come here for a swayamvar when one of the prince’s is given poison. You have to bear the brunt of your mistake. Be thankful that you are only getting imprisoned and not death penalty. They are taken away by the soldiers.

Mahamatya says they should be punished if they are indeed guilty but they were not near the cooking area on the day of incident. Bindu tells him to be precise and clear. Sushim says you
Ashoka reminds him that the one who he is blaming for discrimination actually banned him from Magadh 10 years ago. You cannot doubt him. Everyone knows I don’t attack from the back, neither do I plot. I love the dish that had poison in it. I feel I was the target here, not you. Even after knowing I will be blamed for your untimely death, why will I risk my life? I am not a fool. Sushim refuses to believe him. Ashoka repeats that he is innocent. I was supposed to taste it first. Sushim argues that he was the one who tasted it first. Ashoka points out that he forcibly took it first. Ashoka casts a doubt on him too but Siamak says how I came in between.

Ashoka says those who wanted to see you on throne are no more so you will try yourself. It could serve all your purposes. He turns to Bindu. Maybe Sushim did it himself to blame me. Sushim and Ashoka argue over it. Ashoka hints that he might have acted after adding poison to the dish, knowing well it wont kill you but will only lower your pulse. I have a doubt on you too. Siamak says we should enquire Rani Padmavati. She cooked that dish so she must know. Ashoka says she shouldn’t be involved in it but Siamak counter questions it. Do you doubt her intentions? Sushim speaks in Padmavati (Kaurvaki’s) favour. She cannot do it. I can personally vouch for her. Bindu says I don’t care about your assurance. It isn’t a father investigating something here but Magadh’s Samrat who wants to know who tried to kill one of the prospective Samrats. If there is danger on Magadh’s sons then the future will not be secure. No one will be out of doubt. He asks for Rajkumari Padmavati to be presented in the court.

Dharma thinks I always thought Padmavati likes Ashoka, but seeing Sushim taking her side, I feel there might be something else.

Kaurvaki comes in the courtroom.

Kaurvaki comes in the courtroom. She greets Bindu. He asks her if she has any clue as to who added poison in the food cooked by her. Tell us if you know anything. The result can be against you if you try to hide something. I hope you understand the gravity of the situation. Culprit will be punished! Sushim asks Kaurvaki if Ashoka came in her kitchen. Kaurvaki recalls that scene. Food wasn’t ready when he came in my kitchen. It isn’t possible that he might have added the poison. Rajkumar Sushim, Rani Charu and Rani Dharma had also come there. Charu tells her to remember her limits. You mean to say that I will try to kill my own son? Kaurvaki explains that I mean I have no clue who did this. I wasn’t alone. People kept coming and going all the time.

Bindu says how is it possible that you know nothing about you came and added poison in your food. How will you handle the duties of a Rani tomorrow if you cannot handle her kitchen? Devi says not Rajkumari Padmavati (Kaurvaki) but I have made a mistake. Everyone looks at her in surprise as she walks in. Devi adds that Kaurvaki was unwell so she offered to help her in cooking. She said no but I dint want to lose out the competition because of the small thing. I made her understand. I was hiding there only. I saw someone coming in the kitchen but could not see his face. Siamak calls it a story. She has understood that she is going to be blamed. She is lying to divert us. Dharma takes Devi’s side. She can never lie. I know her well. The girl who cannot kill a mouse cannot try to kill a prince. Kaurvaki looks thankfully at Devi.

Acharya RG seeks permission of Samrat to tell him something important. The poison in the kheer was special and unusual. It isn’t easy for anyone to obtain it. both the prince’s knew that you will kill the other if one dies. They wouldn’t do it. I am sure some third person is behind this as he very well knows it will make way for attack, and Magadh will end up becoming weak without two of his sons. Bindu realises that Gondna can be behind it. If it can hang the dead body then it can also dare to enter inside the palace to add poison in the food. He has crossed all his limits this time. Did Nirankush say anything about Gondna? Ashoka denies. It will happen soon I am sure.

A flashback is shown. Nirankush cries in fear as he water is poured down at him through a pot hung above his head. He shouts that he knows nothing about Ashoka. Ashoka and RG look on. Flashback ends.

Bindu announces that in case Nirankush does not say anything in 2 days time then he will be given death penalty openly. Gondna should realise. Gondna should get this message that we will not let him and his supporters live. I feel Rajkumari Padmavati (Kaurvaki) and Devi have nothing to do with the incident. But you have cheated in the competition. Dharma stops him from punishing Kaurvaki. She accepted her mistake before so many people here, stood before us and faced our questions and dint even blame Devi. It shows her dedication. Sushim seconds Dharma. Bindu says I trust Dharma more than you son. I free Devi and Padmavati (Kaurvaki) from any sort of punishment. Charu thinks she is the one who does (black) magic on others but this Padmavati has cast a spell on my son. Kaurvaki folds her hands before Bindu. We are thankful to you for forgiving us and are also sorry to have taken a shortcut in the competition.

Anindini says I asked a mannat for Ashoka to offer this Prasad to Lord if Ashoka is free from the blame. Ashoka tries to go in the different direction so as to avoid her when he collides with Kaurvaki. She falls in his arms. He says I have to say something to you. They stand apart. He advises her to be careful a little more. you will fall if you lose focus. She replies that those who fear something can lose focus. You think about yourself. He says seems like you are happy with your choice (Sushim). She asks him if he is upset by her choice. Anindini comes to Ashoka. I brought Prasad for you. he takes it from her. she suggests talking at a private place to talk further. Acharya RG calls Ashoka just then so he leaves. Anindini turns to Kaurvaki. You were saved today luckily but you lost the competition. I won the cooking competition. Rani Dharma said so. We are equal now. I excel at acting. Kaurvaki replies that it is obvious. I have already seen it all but Ashoka is not going to fall in the trap of someone like you who is selfish. She goes from there.

Ashoka’s words echo in Kaurvaki’s head. why do I feel like Ashoka was warning me of some impending danger? Or was he just saying it for the sake of it? Does he recognize me? I have so many questions but no answers. I will get my answers right away. She heads back.

Ashoka says Gondna missed his aim. He wanted to kill me but failed. Nirankush is our only medium to reach Gondna. We have to be careful. They go inside a secret place.

Sushim meets Helena. She points out that it can be a risk if anyone gets to know about their meeting. My secret can come out. He says there are many risks. I know you added poison in the food. You tried to make use of Samrat’s vow. She accepts it eventually. I dint recall that promise though. Ashoka looted our treasure so I reacted in anger. It was my foolishness. You are also doing the same mistake. Trust me. I only wanted to kill Ashoka. I should have thought well but I made a mistake. It wont happen again. This isn’t the time to fight amongst ourselves right now. we have to save Nirankush first of all. He will speak truth before Ashoka to save himself.

Kaurvaki is looking for Ashoka. She is in the same corridor. He disappeared from the same place last time as well. She finds the cloth which was under the Prasad given by Anindini. I am sure there is some secret passage here but where it is. She rests her hand on the same showpiece which opens the way to secret passage. Dharma pats at her shoulder just then. How do I find you at all the unusual places all the time? Why do I feel you are hiding something from me? Ashoka doubted your arrival. I trust his doubt now. Do you like Sushim? Why do you follow Ashoka in that case? Tell me your truth today. What are you hiding? Kaurvaki cries hugging her. Dharma comforts her. Forgive me. I dint mean to hurt you. I know you belong to a good family. why do I feel that there is something which I am unaware of, a truth that I cannot see? Tell me if there is something like that. Kaurvaki says trust me. I would have told you firstly if I could. Dharma says no problem. I have a solution to your problem. She takes Kaurvaki with her.

At night, Sushim walks stealthily in the palace corridor avoiding the eyes of all the soldiers and reaches the secret passage but ends up finding Ashoka there only.