Friday Update on Emperor Ashoka 13th May 2022


Friday Update on Emperor Ashoka 13th May 2022

Kaurvaki says hey Mahadev, why am I not able to meet Ashoka if I am supposed to meet him. Why isn’t my wait coming to an end? Show me some way so I can trust that my devotion has not been wrong. I will have faith that I will meet him eventually and we will be together for forever. It is becoming impossible for me to live without him. Give some sign. She looks at the swans in the pond. She thanks God. It is said that swans never meet anytime even after being in front of each other. You have shown me a pair hinting that Ashoka and Kaurvaki will meet. Ashoka might be anywhere but he will have

Ashoka says I had to take this decision knowing that Ma and Vit will be safe there. Garud stops. He wants to go in some other direction puzzling Ashoka. Ashoka says I also follow my mood. You are free to do it as well. Go any way but the destination will be same.

Bindu brings Dharma and Vit to Patliputra. No one looks happy about it from the family members. All the people have gathered around to welcome them home in a grand manner. One lady says Rajkumar Vit looks just the way Rajkumar Ashoka looked in this age. He looks exactly calm and sweet like Rajkumar Ashoka. Acharya’s mull over the fact whether Rajkumar Ashoka will become the Samrat in future or not. Another says we don’t know what will happen but a change has come in Patliputra now. This will remain and continue.

Vit tells his mother that he is missing his brother. You too, right? She nods. He tells her not to worry. Bhaiya will come home as soon as he will calm down. If that doesn’t happen then I will do it. Bindu happily takes Dharma and Vit from the cart by holding them close to him. Dharma stops at the entrance of the palace. She recalls Bindu’s hurting words said to her 10 years ago but then goes inside with Bindu and Vit. All the other family members follow them.

Soldiers inform Sushim that Ashoka went towards jungle. Sushim says the game that was incomplete in wrestling ring can be completed in jungle. Charu advises him to take decision as per the situation. You cannot go out right now. Sushim says if I cannot go out right now then someone else will. He will make sure Ashoka wont step in Patliputra again.

Garud brings Ashoka near the same pond. Ashoka asks Garud to drink water but Garud does not even move. Ashoka is getting impatient. Why did you come here diverting our path if you dint need water? We are getting late. He hears some sound and takes out his dagger. Kaurvaki looks at him from behind the bushes. He has his back to her. Ashoka turns to look in that direction but she hides. He walks towards her. She takes out her dagger as well.

A guy is standing there looking at Ashoka. Rajkumar Sushim gave me a task 10 years ago which was left incomplete. He gave me gold coins. I will pay its debt today. Ashoka and Kaurvaki shoot their daggers at him at the same time. He dies. Kaurvaki picks up his dagger. Ashoka comes there. He is surprised to see Kaurvaki and recognizes her. He does not say her name loud.

Kaurvaki says you will lose your life if you will walk with closed eyes. Where were you lost? Who was he? Why did he want to kill you? He thinks of his dream and of their childhood while she keeps talking. She asks him if he cannot hear or talk. He is lost in memories while she asks him again. he says sorry. Did you say something me. She asks about the guy. Why did he want to kill you? Ashoka recognizes him to be the same guy who pushed him and his family from the cliff. Sushim must have sent him. He lies to Kaurvaki that he might be trying to stop someone from entering in his state. Don’t worry. I have killed many such people. She calls it his illusion. He died by my dagger. You would have been lying in his place if I dint throw dagger in time. He smiles. She is still the same. She asks him what he said. He covers up.

My dagger only killed him and gives her logic. She realises he is right. Forgive me are you trying to teach me? I don’t need it. I have learnt using weapon from the best teacher in world. He is undefeatable. He asks for his name. She is about to say it but then does not. You don’t know him. She turns to go when he asks her her name. What are you doing here alone in jungle? Are you married? She replies that she isn’t supposed to answer him. I don’t want to waste my time talking to people like you. I will answer your one question. I am married. He is the best fighter of this world. There is no one like him. he is so pitiful, patient and self made but when he gets angry then he does not take time in turning Chand. Ashoka smiles hearing her answer. She walks away. He was about to shout her name but stops himself. He sweetly says Kaurvaki! This was the reason why you brought me here Garud. Garud neighs. Ashoka says she loves me in the same manner today too.

Siamak says we are all caught up. If Ashoka comes then we will lose everything. Helena brings water for all of them. She has covered her face with a shawl so no one can recognize her. they go quiet and take glass from the tray. Sushim was about to pick the glass when she throws water at Sushim’s face and points a dagger at his neck. I was helpless to do it. I came to warn you before you die. I wanted to shake you out of your sleep. She begins to cough. Simaka asks her what she is doing here. Mahamatya closes the door. Why did you take such a risk of coming here? Charu says what if someone sees you. Dharma is here. She will not take time in figuring it out. Helena replies that they are so worried to see her here. You would have done something if you were equally scared seeing Dharma coming home. Did you forget how you told everything to her 10 years ago like Raja Harishchandra?

What if this truth comes out before BIndu? Siamak says why father will trust her. Helena reminds her that Bindu loves her more than anyone else. She taunts Charu. Dharma is his biggest weakness and strength. You saw how his anger calmed down seeing her. He forgot everything that Ashoka did 10 years back or his punishment, everything. He had left Dharma. He thought of them as culprits till yesterday but thought of himself as Dharma and Vit’s culprit as soon as he saw them. His heart changed in a moment. How much time will it take to change his mentality? Imagine the union after 10 years. What if Dharma tells him about Chanakya’s killing now? What will happen to you all? Siamak asks for a solution to stop Dharma. Helena laughs. Vit is there to keep her quiet. Control him. She will automatically come in your control. Sushim makes an evil face.

Vit enjoys ladoos and makes the Daasi’s eat as well. Ma says it is good to share things with everyone. It makes you happier only. Daasi’s compliment him. You are just like Rajkumar Ashoka. He also never differentiated between ordinary people and rich. He asks about a room and gets to know that it is of his brother. They share that no one is allowed to go inside except Samrat. Only he comes here at times. He gets excited and opens the room. They are tensed but he assures them that his brother said that whatever is his is mine as well. I want to rest in Bhaiya’s room for some time. They nod and leave.

Vit looks around at the things in his brother’s room. He looks at the gleaming sword kept there. I am sure Bhaiya must be missing it all. It was yours and was snatched from you. You will get it back now. Come here asap. Nothing seems good or makes me happy without you. He suddenly notices Sushim’s reflection in the sword. He looks towards and door and finds Sushim looking at him.

Kaurvaki is walking the jungle. She stands under a tree from which flowers are falling down. She swirls to enjoy them pouring down at her. Ashoka smiles looking at her from far. Romantic music plays. Kaurvaki is all smiles and holds some flowers in her hands. Ashoka peeks at her. She walks ahead. Ashoka follows her at a distance. Suddenly a sword is pointed at his back startling him.

Vit is walking in the corridor (maybe hypnotised by Sushim). Sushim, Mahamatya, Siamak and Charu look on from far. Vit is near the balcony. Sushim says come. Move ahead slowly. At times, it isn’t the end of risk when you stop fearing. It increases risk all the more. One more step! Vit is at the edge of the balcony. Dharma shouts his name just in time. He turns and is about to fall but she holds him in time. Siamak, Sushim and Charu look upset. Dharma hugs Vit. Are you fine? He is confused. How did I come here? I was in Bhaiya’s room.

Sushim says your death brought you here, younger brother. Charu adds that Dharma saved you this time. She has to do what we say if she wants to see you alive. Dharma tells them to stop. End of fear is scarier than fear. This is what has happened with me. If you think it is the same Dharma before you who was there 10 years ago, helpless and weak then you are mistaken. It will be your second mistake. You all have accepted all of your crimes against Magadh and of killing Acharya Chanakya before me thereby making your one mistake. I was that woman till yesterday whose son was banished from Magadh. Today I am the woman who has been brought back in Patliputra by her husband with love and happiness. It is because you dint look after him like I used to 10 years ago. I am not just Dharma today but Rani Dharma. Ashoka and Vit are my sons. They are the prince’s of Magadh. If anything happens to my son then Samrat wont doubt even a bit that whatever I will tell him will be true. I kept quiet all these years. My son bore the punishments of the crime he dint commit because of I chose to keep quiet but not anymore! I am not that same Rani Dharma anymore. Remember it well! It will be good for all of you. She leaves with Vit. Sushim asks Charu to stop Dharma or he will have to do something. Charu goes after Dharma.

Kaurvaki asks Ashoka who he is. Why are you following me? He says you are mistaken. I asked about marriage as I worried about you. She questions him on his right. He holds her while she attacks him. He suggests her to kill him if she doubts him. She gives him his sword. I don’t attack someone who does not have any weapon. Face me if you are brave enough. They engage in sword fight. He says it isn’t needed. I don’t want to hurt you. She says you don’t want to hurt me or you don’t want to tell me. He is mesmerised looking at her as they fight. She finds it hard to tackle his attack so he pushes her while playing with the sword and says Jai Janani. She gets alert. Who are you? Ashoka calls himself a well wisher and begins to walk away. She gets thinking. If he is Ashoka then he will be wearing that necklace. She stops him and tries to see the necklace but he holds her hand. They stumble and fall down together. Romantic music plays.

Ashoka is holding her shoulders to keep her safe while she is holding back so as to avoid holding him. They get up feeling awkward.

Charu stands in Dharma’s way. What’s the proof against us? How will Samrat believe you without any proof? Dharma reasons that she is his Dharma-wife. She completes him. I am Vamangi. I sit on the side where his heart is. One does not need proof but feelings to convey something to someone. My husband understands my feelings too well. I know how to make him understand something. An ideal wife has the power to make her husband believe her. I have this quality since day 1. You could never become it.

Charu looks hurt. Dharma says you wont understand it as love means nothing to you. You would have understood the relation of love if you had loved someone. You would understand how love stays put even after staying together. I was once away from him for 14 years and now for 10 years but nothing changed. Separation has only increased love. You would have seen how his anger turned into tears seeing a glimpse of me. His arms flung open to hug me. This proves that you could never fill the emptiness in his life. You never understood how important a wife is in a husband’s life. She is the epitome of sacrifice and selflessness but you are completely opposite. Forget about being an ideal wife, you couldn’t become a woman properly too. You have become tough like an idol of mirror which has no life in it. She walks away with Vit.

Sushim questions his mother why she is quiet. I will do something if you cannot do anything. She tells him to seek her permission before taking any step further. He smiles. I am not Ashoka to seek my mother’s permission before doing anything. My mother never stops me. She supports me instead. Charu tells him to go. Dharma says seems like you have understood it. I don’t want to hurt Samrat by telling him your truth. You have forced me to do this. If anything happens to my son or you dare think of it then I will tell everything to Samrat. You have two options – either make a deal or let me tell him everything! Charu tells her she can take her son and go. Everyone looks at her in shock. Sushim wonders where Ashoka went leaving his mother here.

Ashoka asks Kaurvaki where she is headed to. She says Patliputra. He offers to drop her till there personally. It is the easiest way to reach there. Kaurvaki feels it is Ashoka only. I will find out today.

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