Friday Update on Emperor Ashoka 13th August 2021


Friday Update on Emperor Ashoka 13th August 2021

Scene 1
Acharaya comes to soldier who is involved with Helena, acharaya ask him about some person, soldier is tensed seeing Acharaya, Radhagupt shows him stamp paper through which anyone can enter Patliputra, acharaya ask how did you give it to someone not loyal?
Sushim comes to stable, he puts his ring in Ashok’s things, he says now i will bring soldier here so they will catch Ashok and then Bindu will not send him to school.
Guru Amakyaokar puts letter in Acharayas things in which it is written that Acharaya is planning with Kalinga to kill Bindu.
Sushim says to soldier that i doubht Ashok have stolen my ring, come with me and check his things.

Justin comes in stable, he puts sample of herbal roots in Ashok’s luggage. he hides, a soldier comes there with Sushim and find roots in Ashok’s things, he tell this to Sushim, Sushim smirks. soldier says maybe Ashok is involved in all this, i will inform Bindu. they leave, Justin says as per plan first attacker will attack Bindu then Bindu should get to know that Ashok have same herbal roots which was used to manipulate water.

Helena is with Bindu, she thinks that now the step is to attack Bindu, the attacker will tell Bindu that Acharaya sent him to kill him but where is attacker? Soldier says to Bindu that we have got roots in Ashok’s things. Bindu is stunned to know that herbal roots were found in Ashok’s things, Helena thinks how this step came first in plan? she thinks Justin must have done some mistake, Soldier says to Bindu that Sushim took me to check Ashok’s things and we found this, Helena thinks that fool Sushim made our plan to change, Bindu says Ashok cant be part of such bug conspiracy, Helena says to Bindu that cant you see that its Acharaya and AShok’s plan.

Acharaya taking Ashok’s side in everything, this shows that he want to make Ashok the new Samrat, Bindu says nothing like that, soldei comes and informs that Prime minister have sent letter saying that Nicator have no clue about attack and he has no plans to attack Patliputra, Acharaya’s news was wrong, he leaves, Helena says it was all Acharaya’s plan to first involve you in this water problem then send force to fight with Unanis and then snatch throne from you, i have an idea, we should search Acharaya’s room, it will be seen if he has some other plans or not, Bindu says i trust Acharaya completely but for you, i will ask soldier to search his room.

Scene 3
In court, A letter is presented in court, soldier says i found this letter from Acharaya’s room, it is written in letter that Samrat will be killed and Kalinga’s force will attack Patliputra to control and acharaya has hatched this plan alongwith Kalinga’s forces, Bindu ask Ashok do you anything about this conspiracy? Ashok looks on, he says i dont know anything, what is going on here, i dont know how that root came in my things, Helena says why you are asking him, call his master Acharaya, he brought this kid here, we found roots with Ashok and letter of conspiracy against you in Acharaya’s things, call him, Acharaya comes there.

Bindu says we have got a letter from your room, Acharaya says i know that it was written in letter that i am making plan alongwith Ashok to make him new Samrat and taking help from Kalinga, he says if we are finding proofs then there must be some conspiracy, Acharaya says that you got evidence against Ashok and me in this conspiracy so easily, this only means that conspiracy is much more bigger than the evidence presented to us, Helena says when fingers are pointing at him then he is calling proofs as conspiracy and about getting proofs, it was our soldiers’ hard work that we got proofs, Acharaya says yes you are right but the one who planned this conspiracy did a mistake in it, first the plan was to create chaos in Magdh that is why water was manipulated but it was not their aim to create chaos, their aim was to divert my attention because they knew i would definitely find about this water problem so they made me find the Unanis attack letter, i knew it was all planned, i came to you and asked you to fight with Unanis, i knew that conspirators will get to know about it and they will think that their plan is going solid and it was their mistake, i am hurt that you sent soldiers in my room to search proofs against me but i know it was important to find truth, the way you listened to me and trusted me, flashback shows how Acharaya said to Bindu that there is some conspiracy going on, i have asked you to send forces to border but i want you to send small piece of force which will check if Uananis have intention to attack or not. fb ends, Acharaya says in court that it was proved that Unani’s didnt want to attack us, Bindu says then what was this conspiracy is about?

Acharaya says i have to find out that why all this happened and for what? soon i will find out, culprit always do some mistake in process which will help me to investigate, like i got a loophole, flashback shows how Acharaya made the soldier of Helena afraid and asked him to tell truth, soldier says i got order to make stamp papers so some peopel can enter Patliputra, Acharaya ask who ordered you? fb ends. Bindu ask tell me who ordered that soldier? i will punish him severely. Justin tensely looks at Helena, Acharaya says it was Amakyaokersen, Bindu says why would he do that? Acahraya says only he can answer that and only he can answer that why Ashok was framed in all this, Justin points to his soldier, his soldier leaves, Bindu orders to bring Amakya here, and relieve Ashok, this is definitely a conspiracy but Ashok is not involved in it, AShok is freed.

Scene 4
Amakya says to himself in room that Acharaya you are great political leader but now i will take your place, Justin’s soldier from behind and attacks him with dagger, Amakya falls on ground and dies, soldier runs from there/
Bindu’s soldier comes there and is shocked to see Amakya dead. in court, soldier informs Bindu that Amakya is being killed, all are shocked, Justin and helena smirks, Acharaya says we took his name and he got killed, this proves that whoever is culprit, he is running two step ahead of us but culprit should know that its not difficult for us to jump two step, soon i will reach to them and i will get to know whats their next plan is.

Helena comes in her room, she breaks things, she says where did that Attacker go? why he didnt come to attack Bindu, Justin ask to speak slowly, that Acharaya has big ears, Helena says why that attacker didnt come.
in jail,attacker is tortured by soldier in presence of Acharaya, soldier ask him to tell who sent you to kill Bindu, Radh ask Acharaya how you got to know that Bind will be attacked? Acharaya says nothing is more important than Samrat for a state and i knew that this conspiracy will be to kill him so i alerted my soldiers. flashback shows how attacker came in palace, he was about to go in Bindu’s room but Acahraya’s soldier catch him from behind, fb ends.

Radha says if you caught attacker then why you didnt present him in court, Acharaya says Bindu would have ordered to put this attacker in jal and then like Amakya, this attacker would have been killed, i want to reach the depth of matter, he says Helena is involved in it and she is getting help from outside as that herbal roots was not of Patliputra, i want to know from this attacker that for what reason he came here, Acharaya leaves.

Scene 4
Ashok is with his friends, he says its our problem that we sit idle and dont think our duty, soldier ask what can we do in this conspiracy? Ashok says you bring food, medicine for family but thats not all, you spend time with your family too, like wise we can help our country, if we keep between us, if we do our work nicely then Samrat can focus on border wars, if we become one then no enemy can manipulate water, if we remain divided then enemy will us, bindu and Acharaya comes there, Bindu says your thoughts are good but you should also know to use these good thoughts, tell me Samrat Vanraj that how can people help Samrat, Ashok says when people have feeling that they are important for king, when people will feel that king care for them, then people will help their king, the kingdom in which people will trust king, there no problem will remain,

Bindu says your thoughts are great, you are not a common kid so i have taken decision to enroll you in Royal school, Ashok says i in royal school? Bindu says why not, you are great kid, i want to polish your skills, i want you to become great person and can serve country, also i am forgiving your the tax which you had to pay so that you can concentrate on your studies, Ashok smiles, Bindu blesses him, Ashoka hai Ashoka plays, Ashok friends chants that Samrat Vanraj is great, Acharaya smiles seeing next Samrat.