Friday Update on Cost of Love 3rd September 2021


Friday Update on Cost of Love 3rd September 2021

Rangoli calling dad to Randhir and asks him to say. He says dad and says her mood is changed. She asks him to tell which lipstick is in her hand because of which Ahaan will love her more and says if you give the wrong answer then I will cut my hand with this knife. He says game is interesting. He says pink. Rangoli shows the lipstick and says it is baby pink. She acts as cutting her hand. He stops her and asks what is the drama? She asks him to tell what thing is her hand because of which Ahaan and her family accept her.

Randhir says mangalsutra. Rangoli says Ahaan’s video footage and tries to cut her hand. He stops her and says you will get just sympathy with this. Rangoli says wow, you talk smart sometimes by mistake and I need you. She says I always forgive you, now it is your chance to rectify your mistake. She keeps knife on his neck and asks him to do just as she says. Pankti recalls Ahaan’s promise that he will always love her and will become a good husband than a boyfriend. She gets tears in her eyes.

Aparna comes and asks if she has given up. Pankti says time started for my luxuries, rich, high status etc. Aparna asks why are you crying then? Pankti says why will she cry? She has everything now and asks her not to interfere in her life. She shows her door.

Randhir tells the guests to respect their new guest. He says he has bought her and she is her new rakhni. Pankti comes downstairs. Randhir asks her to show her jalwa? Guests in the party gossip. Ahaan comes and says wow, party is going on in the house. Randhir says old lovers have come. Ahaan says party happens in our house, and says there is a reason which calls for the party. He asks shall I join? Randhir says you are most welcome. Aparna says this is our house and not a bar. Randhir asks waiter to make him drink wine. Manav looks on. Randhir calls her baby doll and asks her to dance. Pankti sings raat bakhi…Ahaan also sings the song. Randhir comes between them and sings the song. Randhir asks Ahaan to give bed room tips. Ahaan asks don’t you feel shame to talk such cheaply. He grabs his collar. Randhir takes off the gun and aims at Ahaan.

Aparna is shocked and tried to stop Randhir. Randhir asks her to stop there. Ahaan asks him to shoot on his forehead. Aparna says no. Ahaan asks him to shoot him. Randhir asks shall I shoot? Pankti says when Rakhni is at the house, the house will become bar. She tells Ahaan that Rakhni is a public property and asks Randhir to leave him. She asks Ahaan to thank him. Randhir says everyone don’t get to see the jalwa of 25 crores Rakhni. Ahaan is angry and is about to walk off. Pankti says he can’t bear to see his love becoming someone else Rakhni.

Purva tells Monty that Pankti can’t be someone rakhni again and she might be helpless. When she didn’t bend down infront of JD then why she will infront of Randhir. Monty says matter is something else. Purva says if Randhir has any relation with Rangoli. Rangoli comes there and asks Vikram, how he can do this with her? Vikram says what did I do? Rangoli says you made Pankti as the face of the company. Randhir says it is me who made her face of the company. Rangoli says you thought me wrong always, but Pankti was wrong from the beginning, shook hands with Randhir and got everything now, house, company and Randhir. Ahaan asks if this is true? Aparna asks her to say…Pankti says yes. Rangoli smiles. Richa says you have shown your value. Pankti fires back and asks her to see her value.

Pankti tells Ahaan that he has wasted much time and asks him to see where he is and where she is. She says today I have replaced Rangoli and will become a big singer and will make a big name for myself, will get so much respect which you can’t achieve, never. Ahaan says I know what you have to do, and says the difference is that, I can’t stoop to that level. I wanted to give you a life of respect, but you will not understand this as you are a rakh…and stops, couldn’t tell rakhni. He tries to drink wine, but bottle is empty. Pankti gives him wine bottle and asks him to drink, as he can’t drink with his money. Randhir says it is worth 50000. Pankti says Randhir is very philanthropist. Aparna slaps her. Randhir asks how dare is she to slap her. Pankti stops Randhir and asks him not to make his hands dirty.

Randhir telling that he will make the business grand and asks where is Desi angrez and asks Vikram to come to his office, it is new business and I need advice from experienced people. Ahaan says Bhai. Vikram thinks for a while and says I am ready. Randhir tells Pankti that the combination is perfect and he will take JMD to heights. Pankti says yes and now no loser can come in between our way. Randhir asks Pankti to come. Pankti holds his hand and goes inside. Ahaan goes to his room angrily and breaks the things in the room.

Rangoli comes and says this is what Pankti wants, a reason to leave you and she is happy to see you this. She got JMD and now wants to see you fail, but I want to see you as a star because I love you. Ahaan says stop it, and says just because Pankti is doing this, that doesn’t mean you can take her place. He asks her to be in limits. Rangoli thinks she will take Pankti’s place. Richa tells Vikram that he did and asks him to be careful. He says yes. Richa says you can get back everything which you lost. Vikram says I have to take Randhir in my confidence to get back everything. Kiara says how can Vikram do this.

Aparna says we have to be careful. Manav says we need each other support. Rangoli comes and says we need to take care of Ahaan and tells that Pankti hurt him badly today. Kiara says not only Pankti, many people have hurt him. Rangoli says whatever I have done is because I love him, but Pankti does this for money. She tells Aparna that you had asked me that my nails doesn’t have Ahaan’s skin or hairs, as I wanted to lose the case. She says Pankti is with the man who has brought him in the house.

Randhir tries to get closer to Pankti. Pankti stops him and says she is going to refresh. Randhir asks if JD was patient to wait for her. Pankti praises him fakely and tells that he used to drink a lot. Randhir says JD will make him lose his 25 crores and sleeps on bed. Pankti smiles and goes to washroom. Ahaan is hurt and is sitting out. Pankti looks at him from the balcony. Rangoli says she will take care of Ahaan and his music will heal his pain. Pankti comes to room and talks to her self. She asks herself what she is making the house. Pankti says she wants to save someone. Purva tells Monty that Pankti can’t see them separated, they have to act to be separated to unite Ahaan and Pankti. Ahaan tries to write something on the papers and tears it. He plays music on his guitar. Pankti sleeps in the balcony while listening to the music. In the morning, Pankti wakes up and hears Ahaan singing song and playing music….He sings Ishq bewafa.. Pankti thinks if you will move on in life and get success because of my hatred then I will give you hatred. He looks at her and continues singing…

He calls his friend and asks how was the song? His friend says it is good and asks how he made the song. Ahaan says when he came out of someone’s fake love, he has composed a good song. His friend gets happy and says Ahaan is back.

Purva comes to Anita’s house with her stuff. Anita asks what happened? Purva says she fought with Monty as he was badmouthing about Pankti. She says she will not go back. Anita says he is your husband, you made him forcibly. Anita asks if she will not go if he comes to convince there. Purva says no. Anita asks how did you come inside and makes her go out. She brings oil and puts on the door side. Purva smiles looking at Monty outside the house. Anita calls her Lakshmi no. 2 and asks her to come inside.

Ahaan sings the song. Kiara shows Ahaan’s singing in the teaser. Aparna says how Ahaan must have done this. Manav says this poetry came from broken heart and it will be hit. Randhir taunts him. Ahaan says it will be hit. Rangoli says I talked to someone about our album and asks him to give her a chance to rectify her mistake. Pankti says until my song releases, no loser’s song shall release. Ahaan gets angry and agrees to collaborate with Rangoli. Rangoli gets happy. Pankti asks him to start bending down infront of Randhir if he wants to stay in the house. Randhir says my house door is open to get out. Ahaan tells that he can’t stay here anymore and asks Rangoli to come, says Uday is going to come.