Friday Update on Cost of Love 30th July 2021


Friday Update on Cost of Love 30th July 2021

Aparna scolding Anita for having a cheap thinking. Anita says its practical thinking, you won’t understand this, I don’t act great like you, I just do what’s right for me and my daughters, you control your son first, he just ruins himself every time, I just want my daughter’s security, relations are made between two families, if you are not accepting me, how will you accept my daughter, I was a heroine before, I didn’t do wrong, like you all behaved with me, I got to know your good thoughts for me, relations can’t be made on such thoughts, just deals can be cracked, we all know this, I m not dual faced like you all, since JD left, you all are taking me light, you stay in someone else’s house, you are living on someone else’s money, you are showing me my status. Aparna says enough now, if you want Ahaan and Pankti’s marriage to happen, you won’t come in this house again, you will never change, you will be the same woman, who sells daughters.

Anita tears the papers and throws. She says now there won’t be any agreement, Ahaan and Pankti’s relation won’t be formed. They all get shocked. Pankti asks what are you saying. Anita says shut up. She tells Aparna that she won’t change her decision. She shows the ghungroos. She says yes, I m such a woman, who sells daughters, Ahaan and Pankti’s relation is cancelled now. They get shocked. Anita says I will sell Pankti or get her married in a richer house. She throws ghungroos. She asks Pankti to come. Manav says Pankti won’t go, we can sit and talk. Ahaan says you can’t go anywhere. Pankti says don’t do this. Anita scolds Ahaan. Anita takes Pankti with her.

Pankti and Ahaan cry. Anita gets Pankti and Poorva home. She angrily drinks wine. Pankti says I will just marry Ahaan, I sacrificed a lot for your greed, my dreams, childhood, self-respect…. Anita says all the love ended. The lights flicker. Ahaan goes upstairs and thinks of Anita’s words. He stumbles. Aparna rushes to him. Anita says love doesn’t exist, world runs on status, they are rich people, we are poor, Aparna told this, she will not forget that you are a mistress, can you tolerate this, I tried to become good, but I got insulted. Pankti cries and says world is not such as you think, you are greedy, you can just see money, relations and love also exist, you don’t get hurt in breaking relations, you did mistake, you will rectify it, you will talk to Ahaan’s family.

Aparna asks are you fine. Ahaan says I always fight with hope, I wanted to get Pankti, JD came in between, I stayed strong, nothing got fine, I earned ten crores, we got engaged and it finished too, the big villain of our love story JD died, then he came back as Reyansh, I fought with him, I sent JD to jail and thought everything will get fine, I felt all problems ended, but our love story stops before beginning, there are just problems. Aparna consoles him. He says I m tired. Everyone feels bad. Manav says we crossed limit this time, you should have not slapped Anita, till we accept her, she will consider herself an outsider. Aparna cries. Ahaan says enough, I m going to talk to Anita. He goes. Anita says I didn’t go wrong, I won’t talk to them, you won’t get married now, you will just be sold, remember you are not my daughter, but my asset. Pankti cries.

Anita saying relations work on money. Pankti says no, relations work on love, I will talk to Ahaan’s family, if you don’t do, I will apologize to them. Anita says stop, if you move out, it won’t be good. She threatens to cut her wrist. Pankti says JD has done this many times with me. She breaks a bottle and says I will give my life, how will you sell me. Poorva says mum is saying right, no one will support us, just money is the truth of this world, not love.

Rangoli is on the way. She says I m so good. She stops on the way and sees some guys. She calls a guy to her car. The guy holds her. She says my games, my rules, don’t try to cross limit. Driver plays a song. She hears Tere liye….. She asks driver to play that song again. Ahaan comes to meet Pankti. She hugs him and cries. He says I have come, everything will get fine. Anita says I don’t want to talk, your mum has slapped me. He says my mum did wrong, but getting money in between everything isn’t right. She says you don’t teach me value of money, you are born in a rich house, if you had no money, you would have not met Pankti, forget this love. He says I know wrong happened with you, give me a chance. She asks for what, do you want to say sorry. Ahaan goes to touch her feet and apologizes. He asks can we talk about Pankti and my marriage.

Anita asks what future will you make, your brother ruined your future. Ahaan says I promise I won’t let Pankti face any problem, this is the power of love. Anita jokes on him. She asks him to fulfill Pankti’s big dream, buy a house for her, if Vikram kicks you out of the house, she can have a roof on her head. Ahaan reminds that he earned ten crores in ten days for Pankti, he can buy a house for her. He accepts her challenge. She says fine, the day you do this, I will get you two married, else you will forget Pankti forever. He goes to hold Pankti. Anita says good night…. Ahaan goes. Pankti angrily scolds Anita. She says Ahaan will fulfill this challenge, I trust him, if you are thinking to sell me, forget me, Ahaan got me free, I will live by becoming of Ahaan. Anita says we shall leave. Poorva thinks Vikram is behind all this.

Vikram comes to his room. Richa says I will meet doctor tomorrow, else our life will stop here. He says my life didn’t stop, I have no time to handle this, sorry I didn’t mean this. She says its okay, I will handle this alone. He gets Poorva’s call. He wears earphones and answers the call. Poorva wishes him good night and gives a kiss. He gets angry.

Pankti and Ahaan get ready. Ahaan recalls Anita’s words. Ahaan calls her. She says I wish the day comes soon when I don’t need phone to wish you morning. He says it will come soon. She says I m going to meet studio managers to get singing contracs. He says I m meeting a broker to find a house, we will get money, we will write our new fate by our love. She says yes, all the best. Pankti says I m going for singing audition. Anita asks her to come home soon. Pankti sees Jasmin and goes. Anita says Pankti will come back home, my web is stronger than their love, you can see it in evening, I have to find a client for Pankti.

Pankti goes to ask for singing projects. The man asks her to leave sample, he will listen to her voice later. She gives the pendrive. The man puts it in drawer. She goes to another studio and sings Tere liye…..A man says this girl is JD’s mistress. She gets shocked. She says that was my past, judge me on my singing. The man says sorry, this will bring loss for our company image, you can leave.

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