Friday Update on Cost of Love 26th March 2021


Friday Update on Cost of Love 26th March 2021

Ahaan arguing with JD. Ahaan promises Pankti that he will free her. JD says fine, your time starts now, Pankti’s love story is starting when she is getting a price, her price didn’t fall. He instigates Pankti. He says Ahaan is also buying you. Ahaan asks her not to listen to him. JD says its a deal, I promise, you will never complete the deal conditions, ten days…. you will be in my feet, you will lose courage and love too. Pankti asks Ahaan to understand, JD wants to make him a slave. Ahaan says don’t worry.

She says you don’t know he is a…. JD says mean man… I knew Pankti will identify me well. Ahaan says what will happen,I will work hard, I promise I will free you from this cage. Pankti and Ahaan go out. She argues with him. She says I m happy to get sold at a good price. He holds her and asks what are you saying. She says you can’t touch me, you didn’t pay for me, this was written in contract right, you have also priced me. She cries. She says JD has bought me from my mum, and you are buying me from JD, you want to apply sold tag on me, no, actually, its re-sold tag. Ahaan tries to explain.

She says enough…I m not any thing or toy, I m a person, I don’t like this, I don’t want to get sold to the person I love. He says I m not buying you, I m freeing you, there was no other way, you are my responsibility. She says he is framing you, I told you to stay away from me, I told you not to love me, I knew you have to tolerate all this. He says love has happened, I can’t go back. She asks him to cancel the deal. He says I didn’t move back when you told me the truth, I will not step back now, you know I m stubborn, you can ask my dad. She says fine, so you won’t cancel this deal. He says no. She says then I m not with you in this fight. He says its fine, I will wait for you till the fight ends, your freedom is more imp to me. They go either ways.

JD asks Anita does she think anyone will give ten crores to Ahaan. Pankti comes and asks who will love this mistress, who will take her home, you used to say this before, you will get answers of all these questions, just wait for ten days, Ahaan will get ten crores and give you, this is my promise to you. JD jokes on her promise. He says even if Ahaan gives him ten crores, she will be of Ahaan, but she will still be a property. She says this is your sale agreement, you are disputed property now, I will welcome you home after ten days. She says Ahaan is freeing me, he is not buying me. He says its same thing.

Pankti says if you knew this difference, you and Ahaan won’t have this difference. She scolds JD. She says Ahaan will pay you my price. She leaves. Anita says Ahaan can tell everyone about you and Pankti, many people can get against. JD says he tried this and fell down, he can’t try this again, about laws…. I will buy it when time comes. Anita asks will you buy laws too. JD smiles and says smart… enjoy Ahaan’s struggle right now. He leaves.

JD comes home. He acts good to Manav. He offers a big position to Manav. Manav asks which position. JD says position of a partner. Manav gets surprised. JD says I spoke to board of directors, your name has come on the papers as partner, its Deep Raichand’s company, he is my friend, I wish you the very best of luck. Manav asks why all this of a sudden. JD says I was waiting for this chance, when this company is formed, how would I lose this chance. Manav thanks him. JD hugs him and smiles. Manav goes. JD calls Jagdish and says I controlled Manav, you keep an eye on Ahaan. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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